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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jul 28, 2019 - 04:43
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The Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg is a weekly league for New Zealand based coaches. Coaches from elsewhere able to commit to NZ prime time (7pm - 9pm nzt) are also welcome.

Season 17 has just kicked off. One week into what will be another great season, wizards and all.

Three divisions of 7 teams each. Weekly full round robin. Top 2 of each pool will progress to fight for the main prize - The Placeholder - in the "Tickling Playoffs". Next best 8 teams play in a straight knockout for the "Participation Plate" (for it's the taking part that counts). And the last 7 play for the "Wobbly Boot"

PM your opponents to organise your games. And post in this forum as much fluff as you like.

Fenrir Wolfgar Division
Image Argonian Maids - Nebula753 Image
Image Blackwater Glee Club - Foad Image
Image Dimensional Shamblers - Atari Image
Image Dirty Rotten Filthy Scum - mushoomy Image
Image Karaz-a-Karak Krakens - Bojoaph Image
Image pdarbs wild host - pdarbs Image
Image Styx and Warpstones - JPM Image

Chop Division
Image At the Mercy of Chaos Dibbl- Trickey Image
Image Back Alley Burglars - DustBunny Image
Image Black Rock bad guys - ibanana63 Image
Image Bonesfield Bakers - PlantingLemur Image
Image Deserted Isle Buccaneers - Happy_Amateur Image
Image DIBBL Kids - tussock Image
Image Double Happys - ramchop Image

Flame Princess Division
Image Brains Trust - Foad Image
Image Crouching Saurus Hidden Skink - bigbullies Image
Image Da Sexy Buggerz - Felix17 Image
Image Jank, Jank, Splat! - blackcaps Image
Image Old 'Murican Gods - Klazam Image
Image Pink 'n Scabby - Sharper Image
Image Slaan Francisco 69ers - barberfett Image

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jul 28, 2019 - 10:33
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

Three pools this season. We'll start with an important one. The one with the Shield! Sadly in a pool packed with foreigners and Wellingtonians, there may only be one Shield challenge this season.

Flame Princess Division
Named after DIBBL's 3rd Legend (and loveliest by far)

ImageCrouching Saurus Hidden Skink (bigbullies)
TV 2330k. After a break from DIBBL, bigbullies's lizards are well rested and ready to bully! They are carrying a few injuries, but these old stalwarts of DIBBL (Season 1 originals!) will certainly crack a few heads.
Player to watch: Superstar stephensii made it to Legend last time he played in the Leeg, he also passed 100 games. 100 Cas is a while away, but he'll make quite a few steps in that direction.
Prediction: 1st in pool, exit semifinal

ImagePink 'n Scabby (Sharper)
TV 1780k. More lizards. Not as big, but twice as pretty. They put on weight in S16 and that'll be enough to see them make the top tier playoff
Player to watch: Nothing beats an Ag4 skink. Eztletalpalli II will be one of the biggest pests in the league, and this time his teammates will support him to greater things.
Prediction: 2nd in pool, exit first round of playoffs

ImageJank, Jank, Splat! (blackcaps)
TW 1980k. These guys had a great S16, topping their division. However, Wood Elves don't deserve to be this big, and their low armour and niggles will ensure they get smaller. More Splat and less Jank this season.
Player to watch: Team top scorer, Don't hurt me will get hurt, and will do so in splatacular fashion.
Prediction: 3rd

ImageSlaan Francisco 69ers (barberfett)
TW 2240k. They still have the Shield and will keep it for another season if they can avoid losing to Crouching Saurus. About time that the Shield moved on.
Player to watch: Pink Visual continues to brutalise the unwary. Not many unwary left in this division though, they'll be ready for him.
Prediction: 4th

ImageOld 'Murican Gods (Klazam)
TV 1920k. They were bigger at the start of last season. Has that glass begun to crack?
Player to watch: The big, the mighty, Rock Johnson one of the only ones left standing.
Prediction: 5th

Image Da Sexy Buggerz (Felix17)
New coach, new team, these orcs are an unknown. But they're orcs! Will get one or two wins and challenge for the Wobbly Boot. Maybe, it's a tough division.
Player to watch: Onto the steroids already Zak Efrork will smack a few.
Prediction: 6th

ImageBrains Trust (Foad)
TV 1530k. OGRES! Thanks Foad for stepping in to fill a gap. I hope you enjoy playing for the Boot (again).
Player to watch: +Ag and +St?? Boris is aiming to be both Chop and Murgatroid at the same time.
Prediction: Last in pool

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Aug 01, 2019 - 11:35
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

Fenrir Wolfgar Division
Named after an early DIBBL Legend, a werewolf, a precious pixel - we must try harder to kill these things

Image Dirty Rotten Filthy Scum (mushoomy)
TV 2070k. Nurgle thrive when they get big, and though they're not massive just yet, they are the biggest and most disgusting team in this pool
Player to watch: I don't know why the leading scorer in this team has wrestle, somebody please take down June
Prediction: 1st in pool, beaten finalist

ImageBlackwater Glee Club (Foad)
TV 1940k. Shocking failures last season, not even scraping into the Plate play offs. However, they're bigger and nastier now and are here to make you cry. Aiming to be the first team to win titles on both sides of the Tazman.
Player to watch: An absolute monster, at least Legend Andrew "Starships" Cornell doesn't have piling on anymore
Prediction: 2nd in pool, Champion

Image Karaz-a-Karak Krakens (bojoaph)
TV 1670. In such a bashy group you want your team to be tough. Dorfs are tough, and as they showed in their first DIBBL season when they made the grand final the Kraken are tough dorfs. But not tough enough to make the next step, nor even to take home another chocolate fish.
Player to watch: Die Die DIE! Orin Onyxheart
Prediction: 3rd in pool

ImageStyx and Warpstones (JPM)
TW 1720k. Their namesakes in the Southern Wastes made Prem, the first UW team to ever do so. Styx had a fine season 16 in DIBBL. This one will be more painful.
Player to watch: Volos appears a few times in the SWL record books and will be gunning for some prettier DIBBL loot.
Prediction: 4th in pool

ImageArgonian Maids (Nebula753)
TV 1740k. Will this be the season that coach figures out how to smash things and score heaps in DIBBL? No.
Player to watch: Bark may be worse than its bite, but that's one scary bark! Kandy
Prediction: 5th in pool

Imagepdarbs wild host (pdarbs)
TV 1940k. Last season played second fiddle to the other Underworld. History repeats.
Player to watch: banjo show tony is no Volos, but tell that to the many he'll hurt this season.
Prediction: 6th in pool

ImageDimensional Shamblers (Atari)
TV 1480k. Elves! Paper beats rock. But not when there is so much rock.
Player to watch: Bemo 'Black Hole' Finn, Ag5! Wow! What raw natural talent. Pity he'll die, or get poached by a rich Nurgle team (or both!)
Prediction: Last in pool

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Aug 01, 2019 - 22:17
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

Chop Division
Named after DIBBL's second Legend, and its biggest star. Gunning for the biggest FUMBBL Ogre star ever: Chop

ImageBonesfield Bakers (PlantingLemur)
TV 1890k. Tomb Guardians are slow. And these guys have been slowly but surely improving every season. Debuted in the Tickling Playoffs last season, and they'll make it there again.
Player to watch: Massa Sovada is eyeing up legendhood, he won't get there this season, but is headed in the right direction
Prediction: 1st in pool, beaten semifinalist

ImageBack Alley Burglars (DustBunny)
TV 2320k. OGRES! While they have absolutely no business keeping the Leeg's darling frogs out of the Cup playoffs, sadly that's just what they'll do. Will monster almost everything in the pool, and then go "Duh" in the playoffs.
Player to watch: The Burglars boast 3 Legends. But Chop towers above all, Ag3 M7 TD rushing machine. 365spp!
Prediction: 2nd in pool, exit first round of playoffs

ImageDouble Happys (ramchop)
TV 1560k. These wondrous creature will bamboozle the new coaches with their crazy antics. They are carrying injuries and the big two teams in the pool will smash'em.
Player to watch: The catchers may score the most, but blitzer Killer Bee will lead to the most furious keyboard damage.
Prediction: 3rd

ImageDIBBL Kids (tussock)
TV 1990k. He's back! DIBBL's Otago original coach might be a bit rusty after nearly a year away, but things will click and he'll be smashing Plates in no time.
Player to watch: Ag4 is golden on a norse team, ddamage will do great things
Prediction: 4th

Image Deserted Isle Buccaneers (Happy_Amateur)
TV 1480k. The Wairarapa debut in DIBBL. And they'll even do better than their rugby team. However, Nurgle takes a little while to get going, maybe next season.
Player to watch: +Ag, +Ma, dodge, Mash Kharnn will eventually get Block if the stats stop rolling in.
Prediction: 5th

Image Black Rock bad guys (ibanana63)
TV ~1500k. New to FUMBBL, new to Blood Bowl, this coach has no right to avoid the spoon. Even so, they'll do better than the last chorfs to step onto the field here (the woeful LavaBulls).
Player to watch: Big Bull will thrive, once the coach learns to stop giving MVP to hobgoblins
Prediction: 6th in pool

ImageAt the Mercy of Chaos Dibbl (Trickey)
TV 1500k. Two new coaches in this pool, is now the time for Trickey to lift his team from the basement? Why mess with tradition?
Player to watch: This is one agile rat Albino Chipolta, will sadly die early.
Prediction: Spoon

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Aug 19, 2019 - 08:32
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Rakhak's Hoof (aka "The Hoof", "The Rakhak")


The votes are in (and have been for a while).

Current player list:

ImageThe Mark: Andrew "Starships" Cornell. mushoomy knows how to hold a grudge, so of course nominated one of Foad's players. Starships is a horror, over 80 cas, a SWL legend. He used to be worse, until SWL admin castrated him of his piling on skill.

Image The Rush: Chop. He's back! What a Legend! All time biggest DIBBL star, record rusher! The biggest Ogre star [L]eague has ever seen. Chop is guaranteed to be the Ogre with the ball, and I just dare you to stand in his way. (5 votes)

Image The Overstayer: Orin Onyxheart. This loathsome creature dares show his face on the Deserted Isles! After what he did to Lorax. Somebody kill him! Kill him twice! (4 votes)

Image The Rock: Rock Johnson. Finally this freak of nature gets the nod. Stronger than Chop, as fast as Chop, less agile than Chop. He's not here to pick up the ball (3 votes)

Kill one of these lovely creatures and you can proudly display the Hoof trophy on your player bio, team bio, coach bio... wherever you see fit. Until someone takes it from you by killing another nominee.

The horseshoe, however is permanent, and may remain on your player's bio forever:


Image Brian "The Bagman" Berlusconi killed Image Blue Suede Shoes Season 14

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Aug 28, 2019 - 09:07
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Due to an overabundance of Foreigners and Wellingtonians in the Leeg, we sadly only have one Shield match this season. Waikato's mighty Skink return! Well, the mighty Saurus return anyway. Two Ag4 skinks went down in the game before this one, I suspect foul play.


Joined: Oct 10, 2018

Post   Posted: Sep 20, 2019 - 09:16 Reply with quote Back to top

"At the Mercy of Chaos have had a good season don't you think Chalky they have to be favorites for the boot after coming second last time."

"Listen to me buster that's a crock and you know it."

"But Chalky their passing games been off the hook this year the best we have seen from them and a win and an epic draw against the Bakers"

"Their passing game there passing game you have seen the tape you know there was only one player ever with a passing game for them!"

"3 games and 2 refusals to pass to Chipolata is hardly....."

"RIGHT thats it let me tell you something buster. Yeh they might roll into to a final if they are lucky but the lot of them will be liquidized by Starships if they get there! Mark my words!!"

"Sorry listeners that concludes our interview with retired At the Mercy Quarterback he has stormed out the studio.Next up how to pot your favourite plant with Pus VinBittle frothing Orc Lunatic and talisman of At the Mercy of Chaos."

Joined: Oct 10, 2018

Post   Posted: Sep 24, 2019 - 05:55 Reply with quote Back to top

At The Mercy of Chaos second season sum up........

Season 17 comes to a stalling halt in the first round of the Wobbly boot. At the Mercy of Chaos somehow implode when faced by the Dimesional Shamblers a team of Elves that had all but hung up there boots, before going on one last quest for Wobbly glory. 1-0 with time on the clock and elves off the field. The Mercy decide to force the play with there quick play tossing Goran up the field (Chalky Dirkmeisters laughs from the commentary box still echo around the stadium). The Elves recover the ball to score again 2-0 at the half. The Elves run in a further two TD's to put all hopes of putting Starships to bed in the final. What lessons have the Mercy learned heading into season 18? Who knows.....
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