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Post   Posted: Jan 21, 2020 - 11:34 Reply with quote Back to top

"Ok Danny so her we are folks the big one! Well the Small fry really. Firstly before we start up just a big apology to everyone for your roving reporters not making the Sword final. Unfortunately our vessel was held up by a Stormfel Chum Picket line".

"So before the Live Coverage of the Mullet lets look over that replay Danny.What do you make of the 2 teams Danny?"

Danny: "Well of course every one new these were the two stand out teams this year the Griffons have been near flawless in the Performance and Laskarina Bouboulina was quoted as saying we have got these boys by the Ghoulies pre game."

Snake: "A misquote I am sure Danny"

Danny Ndelko: "Everyone remembers that first game for the Kings this year when they got a hell of a fright against Southpaw then stuttered through the season they took to the feild as an under dog."

Snake: "The first half was a cagey affair".

Danny: "Indeed like two prize plague hounds they sniffed each other out thoroughly. A Score for the Kings didn't rock the Griffons though I can't remember them being down all season.But late in the first half hot on Attack suddenly the Kings defence fired clearing a number of the Maidens."

Snake: "Yes Vârcolac was on some form but it was a mysterious figure also taking the plaudits."

Danny: "None of my contacts can confirm where the Rouge Zombie came from but he left his mark all right! Apparently Elven Royality are demanding an inquest from Silky, how could he not only get on the pitch but take Boudica out the final and later kill the first lady of Osbbl Laskarina Bouboulina"

Snake: "Will there ever be one like her again".

Danny: "We all know the risks, me more than most. What was more fatal for the Griffons though was Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko failure to score early in the second half. She has hardly made a name for herself this season but she will be a household name now."

Snake: "From that point the Kings controlled the game and walked out 2-0 winners despite some shots from the Griffons. Any way back to today Danny"

"The Mullet has a circus like Atmosphere doesn't it Danny".

"Yes snake there are certianily a few clowns here!!"

Snake: "These two teams always entertain don't they."

Danny:"Entertain is one word! The Squigs were a circus act and I think they should go back to it. Technically this is there most successful season with a draw against the Araby Sheikh it off. Where as the Vagabonds have slowly been building."

"Lots of ooo and ahhhs and OMG's Later"

Snake:"What a spectacle danny."

Danny "Well you got your admission with that one the Extra time lasted a Whole half!! Vagabonds deseverd that and the crowd got to see what five aside looked like!"

What are the odds these two will meet in the Sucker cup!!

Well that is a wrap for now. We will see you at Silky's Black tie Award show soon............
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