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Joined: Jan 29, 2016

Post   Posted: May 09, 2020 - 22:41 Reply with quote Back to top

NBFL Dead and Wounded Update

Week 10 107 spp worth of frog's blood

Cincinnati Hydras Joe Mixon 17 spp witch
Titannesse Kraken's Nick Unfairley 59 spp bloater
Titannesse Kraken's Bo Scaife 8 spp rotter
Jakesonville Jortles Jake R Reed rookie lineman
Meame Phrophins Markese Mucus 48 spp catcher
Meame Phrophins Klokworkk [KAR, SEA] 59 spp lineman
Las Vegas Sinners Kircanec Lauletta 45 spp blitzer
New York Genocides Red Zan [KAR] 32 spp pit fighter
Atlatl Flechettes William Moore rookie Saurus
Atlatl Flechettes Michael Jenkins rookie skink
Chicago Coronablights Kijal Forsys 16 spp gutter
Chicago Coronablights Val Hoffmann 6 spp linerat

Injured Stars
Witchington Paleskins Zabron the Merciless 84 spp blitzer - AV
Destroit Lynels Chris Spielman 86 spp chorf -AV


Joined: Jan 29, 2016

Post   Posted: May 15, 2020 - 01:43 Reply with quote Back to top

NBFL Dead and Wounded Update

Week 11 SayOw says ow and gets block?

Indianapolis Hippies Lumax Rumlar rookie thrall
Jakesonville Jortles Jake R Reed II rookie lineman
San Dogo Chompers Tre Boston Terrier 77 spp blitzer
Phull-o-s'elfia Egos Le'Shawn Mc'Koi 53 spp catcher
New York Genocides Patrick Vahe [TEX] 18 spp pit fighter
Green Baynana Grabbers JK Scott rookie bonobo

Injured Stars
Jakesonville Jortles Colson Yankoff "Your Pants" [UDUB] 53 spp lineman -AG
New York Wrecks Darrelle Clawvis 56 spp beastman -MA
Meame Phrophins Trey SayOw [KAR] 76 spp blitzer
Denver Brontos Vernon "The Vice" Davis (Maryland) 84 spp Saurus - MA
Hot Arizona Sticky Guy Chamberdrool 59 spp bloater niggled
Chicago Coronablights Guillre Meyer [ITBA] 97 spp blitzer -AV


Joined: Jan 29, 2016

Post   Posted: May 23, 2020 - 02:27 Reply with quote Back to top

NBFL Dead and Wounded Update

Week 12 a bad week to be a rookie

Jakesonville Jortles Jake Hance II rookie lineman
Cincinnati Hydras Grant Maximillion rookie lineman
Titannesse Kraken's Jimm Stillwagon 56 spp rotspawn
Olde Reikland Paid Rioters D. Rivers 6 spp lineman
Hot Arizona Sticky Jerimiah Jongeouler rookie rotter
Phull-o-s'elfia Egos Hirsch'el Walker rookie catcher
Dallas Crowbar Antwaun Woods 6 spp blocker
Chicago Coronablights Cliff Wood rookie lineman
Decay Bay Bloateneers Len Forge rookie rotter
Manglesota Vile Kings Garrett Bradbury rookie lineman

Injured Stars
Houston T-Rexans Benardrick McKinney 54 spp Saurus niggled
Buffaelo Khills Beyond The Veil [DET] 80 spp Herald -AG
San Dogo Chompers Jason Voof It 80 spp catcher niggled
Meame PhrophinsEasy Jones 54 spp catcher -MA
Los Angeles Glams Blas de Lezo 115 spp blitzer niggled
C'attle C'haos Cliff Levis [DUKE] 57 spp beastman -ST
Atlatl Flechettes Maxwell "Silver" Hammer [BAL] 52 spp Saurus -ag(is this really an inury?


Joined: Jan 05, 2016

Post   Posted: May 23, 2020 - 22:51 Reply with quote Back to top

Nah, its not even a scratch.

Joined: Jan 29, 2016

Post   Posted: May 30, 2020 - 02:18 Reply with quote Back to top

NBFL Dead and Wounded Update

Week 13 Lizards Eliminated in multiple ways


Houston T-Rexans Ross Blacklock rookie Saurus
Houston T-Rexans Udom Umoh [VAMP] 60 spp skink
Indianapolis Hippies Corey Feldman rookie thrall
Denver Brontos Big D Reeves 79 spp Saurus
Denver Brontos John Braziliam Merganser Storm [O] 238 spp skink
New York Genocides Bo Scarem Thorough 75 spp bloodletter
Manglesota Vile Kings Mean Green rookie lineman

Injured Stars
Fan Foulcisco Fakes Long Legs [CIN] 83 spp goblin -AG
Hot Arizona Sticky Davie "Kroxkiller" Goldberg 135 spp rotter niggled


Joined: Jan 29, 2016

Post   Posted: Jun 05, 2020 - 02:17 Reply with quote Back to top

NBFL Dead and Wounded Update

Week 14 Rhys won't be in the playoffs this year

Jakesonville Jortles Rhys Llyod [MIN] 350 spp Catcher
Jakesonville Jortles Jakewaan Taylor 31 spp lineman
Las Vegas Sinners Rarvirzut Travis rookie lineman
Las Vegas Sinners Andre Inardir 16 spp lineman
New York Genocides Snell ya Later [UK] 119 spp bloodletter
Phull-o-s'elfia Egos Fred'ee Mit'chell 63 spp catcher
Phull-o-s'elfia Egos Neratom Cell rookie lineman
Hot Arizona Sticky Travis Frederick 52 spp rotspawn
Nawlins Lost Saints Eisenhooth [Howl] 64 spp lineman
Chicago Coronablights Jimmy Smitty 9 spp lineman

Injured Stars

Cleaved Land Bedlam Garrett Hughesss [CAL] 123 spp chosen blocker -ag
Cincinnati Hydras Chad Henne [JAX] 85 spp blitzer - ma
Fan Foulcisco Fakes Jerome Long [SDSU] 52 spp goblin -ma
Atlatl Flechettes Cornelius Bennett [BUF] 64 spp Saurus - ag..so nothing be he and friend will miss playoff game 1


Joined: Jun 28, 2005

Post   Posted: Jun 07, 2020 - 19:38 Reply with quote Back to top

Ex-con's Season 24 NBFL Playoff Preview

Yes, it is once again time to make my predictions about how our playoffs will unfold. As most of you know, I have yet to correctly predict the winner in my numerous attempts, leading most to believe that the team I select to win is actually cursed. Whether or not I actively try to jinx someone now is probably not important; what is important is letting all of you know how the playoffs will likely (not) unfold!

NFC Playoffs

1. C'attle C'haos (10-3-0)
2. Destroit Lynels (10-3-1)
3. Witchington Paleskins (6-6-1)
4. Atlatl Flechettes (7-3-4)
5. Los Angeles Glams (7-4-3)
6. Decay Bay Bloateneers (7-2-5)

The NFC saw two dominant teams rule over the conference this season, as C'attle' and Destroit had ten wins each and a single loss between the two. Rounding out the rest of the field are four very solid teams with at least six wins each, with several veteran NBFL coaches who know how to handle the pressure of the playoffs.

Wildcard Round

(3) Witchington Paleskins vs (6) Decay Bay Bloateneers

This might be the best matchup on opening weekend, as both Garc and FRSHMN are no strangers to the playoffs and have very solid teams. Witchington has a very good and healthy team that only lost once this season, though they did settle for quite a few ties along the way. With five guard and four MB skills surrounding the talented Stomping Tom Collins [ND], these elves won't be bullied around very easily. But they find themselves in a matchup with nurgle from Decay Bay, who are naturally built to lockdown teams and smother them. With four sets of tentacles, along with various diving tackle and prehensile tails sprinkled in, it is very difficult to escape the grasp of the Bloateneers.

Prediction: Witchington 2 - 1 Decay Bay (OT)

This game could really go either way, as both teams are almost the exact same TV, well coached, deep, and talented. But Witchington has proved to be tough to beat all season, while Decay Bay's stout defense has cracked a few times. Somehow, someway, the elves will wiggle out of the grasp of the tentacles and friends, and find a way to win the game.

(4) Atlatl Flechettes vs (5) Los Angeles Glams

The Flechettes have had an awesome inaugural season, surpassing everyone's expectations to win the South with seven wins out of the gate. Led by stud expansion pick Buta Chris [DET] and a few other key players, the ATL fought and clawed every game to get to this point. However, they are still young and overall very reliant on 'hero ball,' and their wildcard matchup against the Glams would have been extremely difficult already...but then they went and got two saurii SI'ed in the season finale. Los Angeles, coached by Stimme and the defending Super Bowl champions, certainly won't overlook a lizard team with 800 inducements, but almost anyone would be shocked to not see them take care of business.

Prediction: Atlatl 2 - 3 Los Angeles
The massive amount of inducements give the stat skinks an opportunity to keep Atlatl in the game, but eventually the high elves are too much and win the game late.

Divisional Round

(1) C'attle C'haos vs (5) Los Angeles Glams

Uh oh. Despite having the best record in the league, a phat chaos roster, and just enough ball handling to complement their heavy removal, this is NOT the team that C'attle wanted to see after their bye. Los Angeles has historically given coach Meno nightmares, especially in high-pressure games (season finales, for example). Can their five claw+mightyblow and four dirty players remove elves fast enough to keep Meno sane? Or will the idea of getting 'elfed' by Stimme yet again keep gnawing at the edges of his sanity until he finally snaps?

Prediction: C'attle 2 - 1 Los Angeles

Fortunately, his team is able to keep the metaphorical daemons at bay and handle the elves, despite Stimme's best efforts. Luckily, they won't have to see anymore elves the rest of the playoffs...right?

(2) Destroit Lynels vs (3) Witchington Paleskins

Destroit barely missed out on the post-season last year, as they went 6-6-2 and lost some obscure tiebreaker for the 6th seed. They came back with a vengeance this season, and kicked almost everyone's ass in the process. The Lynels are a lean, mean, efficient machine that will foul and punch a path for star bull Big Ben the 3rd to do the scoring. With a whopping eight mighty blow players, a dirty player and often getting access to a bribe or two, this is a team that few can play with for a full game.

Prediction: Destroit 1 - 2 Witchington

Despite all of that, they face another team that only has one loss on the year, and Witchington will not be fazed by the Lynels after getting through Decay Bay. It won't be easy, and it could come down to some pure elf-bullshit, but Garc and the Paleskins get the job done yet again.

NFC Championship Game

(1) C'attle C'haos vs (3) Witchington Paleskins

Oh noes! C'attle was promised to not have to deal with any more elves after managing to get by dreaded Los Angeles, yet another squad of pointy-eared bastards arrive to greet them for the championship game! However, they surely can't be much of a threat after getting beaten up by both Decay Bay and Destroit, can they?

Prediction: C'attle 2 - 0 Witchington

Coach Meno can literally feel the pressure weighing down on his shoulders late in the game, when all the stakes are on the line. He plays very passively, moving the cage forward one square a turn, despite having a 11:0 player advantage. Surely there are more leaping elves hiding in the shadows, the stands, or in the locker room, just waiting to steal the game from him!


AFC Playoffs

1. Jakesonville Jortles (8-4-2)
2. Denver Brontos (8-4-2)
3. New York Wrecks (7-5-2)
4. Cincinnati Hydras (7-4-3)
5. Cleaved Land Bedlam (6-5-3)
6. Las Vegas Sinners (5-7-2)

Wildcard Round

(3) New York Wrecks vs (6) Las Vegas Sinners

This might be the other best matchup on opening weekend, as two excellent teams have the misfortune of playing each other first. While both teams are solid across the board, it could come down to the play of the stat freaks: Broadway Joe Bryant [HAW] and Austin Clawferian-Deadkins for New York vs Ndamukong Suh [MIA] and Jeremy Maclin [KC] for Las Vegas. (Apparently the key to being good in this league is nailing your draft picks!)

Prediction: New York 2 - 1 Las Vegas

Another game that you can see going either way, this one could be decided by the player that isn't going to be there: sack-specialist Cameron Turley [NCBB] , who would have been an excellent counter to the Joe-centric offense of New York...except that they got SI'ed in the season finale.

(4) Cincinnati Hydras vs (5) Cleaved Land Bedlam

Well now, surprise, surprise! Two first year teams from the AFC North find themselves in the playoffs after very fine campaigns, and they'll face off for the third time this year. We could go on for a bit about the two teams, but the Hydras had three important positionals get SI'ed in their season finale (a continuing theme, apparently), making their task much more difficult.

Prediction: Cincinnati 0 - 1 Cleaved Land

Despite the likely appearance of a wizard, the Hydras won't be able to overcome the loss of three of their better players. Bedlam will grind their way to a win, and get their own SI'ed chaos warrior back for the next round (apparently playing your final regular season game is dangerous).

Divisional Round

(1) Jakesonville Jortles vs (5) Cleaved Land Bedlam

Ok, this is just getting ridiculous. The Jortles are yet another team that got punished in their season finale, in what was a perfect example of a pyrrhic victory. Their quest for a fourth straight Super Bowl appearance took a massive hit, though they are still not to be counted out.

Prediction: Jakesonville 2 - 1 Cleaved Land

Somehow, someway the Jortles will keep on "doing the damn thing" that they usually find a way to do. Malkor's chaos team is still pretty young, and Mrt still has some tools to use despite the recent player losses.

(2) Denver Brontos vs (3) New York Wrecks

The Brontos very quietly had an excellent season with only two losses, securing a first-round bye in the process. Despite losing a saurus late in the season, the team is pretty healthy and can be a problem for most teams to trade blocks with, thanks to their two +ST rolls and three blodge saurii.

Prediction: Denver 1 - 2 New York (OT)

But the Wrecks are a team that can, and will, trade blocks effectively with Denver. They have the strength, the tackle, the claw, and/or the horns to keep the lizards on their butts for much of the game. The Brontos will likely have some inducements to help out, but eventually they will fall in overtime.

AFC Championship Game

(1) Jakesonville Jortles vs (3) New York Wrecks

Both of these franchises have been AFC powerhouses since they got into the conference; in fact, at least one of these two teams has played in the AFC title game for the last four seasons. And while the Jortles look to be at a disadvantage, they are on a mission to make history.

Prediction: Jakesonville 2 - 1 New York

I don't know how they will do it, as New York just has a very, very complete team. But mrt as an underdog cannot be underestimated, and he'll find a way to win yet another game that he shouldn't.


Super Bowl XXIV

C'attle C'haos vs Jakesonville Jortles

Well, this is just ridiculous. The Jortles find themselves in a fourth straight Super Bowl, hoping to avoid becoming the NBFL version of the Buffalo Bills. Meanwhile, C'attle has to face their third straight elf team in a row during these playoffs, and coach Meno's psyche will be tested to the extreme by the antics of coach mrt.

C'attle has the far superior team at this point, but the Jortles are playing with house money and every daring move and -2d block that works chips away at what's left of meno's sanity. On turn 16, he finally loses it, timing himself out in a tie game because he couldn't figure out which of the three elves left was laughing at him behind his back.

Now in overtime, a Blitz kickoff result gives the beleaguered elves a chance to avoid eternal infamy, and a 5+ pickup works out (of course), leaving the fate of the universe in the hands of a 4+ pass for the Jortles...except that the otherwise useless minotaur intercepts the pass! Then, because meno has abandoned all reasonable thinking at this point, the minotaur proceeds to make seven straight 4+ wild animal rolls and walks into the endzone on the final turn, becoming the hero we needed, but not the one we deserved...or something.


With the loss, mrt infamously loses four straight super bowls, but pledges to return next season and try to lose another one.

With the win, meno finally wins a super bowl...but at what cost? Facing three straight elven teams, especially ones coached by Stimme, Garc, and mrt, can break a man...and by the end of the journey, nothing remained of his sanity. Despite having his roster still in tact, meno vows to never get elfed again...so he switches to wood elves in the offseason! After all, no one can out-elf a wood-elf...even another elf!


Hopefully you enjoyed the latest edition of my playoff preview; best of luck to all the teams as they attempt to make this a reality!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Post   Posted: Jun 07, 2020 - 22:26 Reply with quote Back to top

It is easy to underestimate Denver.

My prediction is they will make it to the superbowl this year.

however, NBFL is afraid of ML's chaos. Through shear intimidation, they will win it all.

Hail to Manowar! The latest charioteer to DIE for bloodbowl! - Slain, by Ghor Oggaz

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Post   Posted: Jun 10, 2020 - 04:05 Reply with quote Back to top

Ha, thanks Arktoris. We'll see...

So far, excons predictions are 100% accurate, he bet on the correct 4 wild card winners. Surprised

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Post   Posted: Jun 15, 2020 - 05:15 Reply with quote Back to top


Hail to Manowar! The latest charioteer to DIE for bloodbowl! - Slain, by Ghor Oggaz
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