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Joined: Jan 02, 2020

Post   Posted: Nov 02, 2020 - 07:27 Reply with quote Back to top

Fresno State Raiders

WAP Score: 0.550
Previous Position/Score: 9th (0.669)

If fluff was wins Fresno would still be in the top 10. Still some time to make a bowl game.

Gallaudet Deaf Bulls

WAP Score: 0.551
Previous Position/Score: 7th (0.712)

Also joining Fresno out of the top 10. Gallaudet is another 3-1-3 team that probably can't make the finals but can play for some bowl game glory.

Ohio Wesleyan Battling Benders

WAP Score: 0.553
Previous Position/Score: 20th (0.559)

Ohio is looking even more beatup but they're breaking pretty even this season.

UC San Dogo Krytens

WAP Score: 0.569
Previous Position/Score: 17th (0.580)

UCSD went undefeated last season but this time they will be lucky to finish with a positive record.

Washington Huskarls

WAP Score: 0.585
Previous Position/Score: 6th (0.740)

Another big top 10 drop off after going 3-0-0 to start the season. Potential to have a solid finish but also need to beat Hawaii and UNAM in their final 2 games.

Ball State Crimson Birds

WAP Score: 0.585
Previous Position/Score: 22nd (0.550)

With only 1 loss Ball State is having a good season but will they be another team tying their way out of a bowl?

Bro-hio State Buckeyes

WAP Score: 0.589
Previous Position/Score: 23rd (0.543)

Bro-Hio could have a big end of season finish. They are only 5 games in and have a 3-0-2 record. They would be the underdog but 8-0-2 would probably put them in a semi-final.

Kansas Red Leg Raiders

WAP Score: 0.590
Previous Position/Score: 14th (0.585)

Another 4-1-2 Norse team. If neither pulls off 3 more wins and misses a semi final is this a mirror bowl in the making?

TCU Horned Rats

WAP Score: 0.594
Previous Position/Score: 19th (0.561)

TCU did slightly better than the WAP predicted but still not the season they needed to regain their glory.

Florida Rotting Gators

WAP Score: 0.617
Previous Position/Score: 18th (0.579)

The veteran Nurgle team. Florida has gone undefeated this season but still short of a bowl game with 3 games remaining. They were definitely a big road block in TCU and Charlottes way.

[NCBB] FlaSt Delfinoles

WAP Score: 0.669
Previous Position/Score: 2nd (0.829)

The Delfinoles came in 2nd and are technically undefeated this season. However, after a 7 perm game against Airforce there may not even be a team any more...

SMU Mousestangs

WAP Score: 0.670
Previous Position/Score: 4th (0.776)

Like Bro-Hio the Mousestangs may be a surprise semi-finalist this season. With only 4 games played and a 3-0-1 record they may be bouncing one of many respectable teams with a 2 loss season out of contention.

Hawaii Warrielves

WAP Score: 0.671
Previous Position/Score: 11th (0.625)

The modest Hawaii missed the top 10 again by 1 spot. The only thing holding them back is their career records but records are made to be broken. Unless it's Zach's (RIP)

Texas AM Les Agriculteurs

WAP Score: 0.674
Previous Position/Score: 5th (0.776)

Opening the top 10 is a team that hasn't even qualified for a bowl yet!? Who designed this algorithm? They are undefeated, they have a great career record, they are a top 10 team. However, can they at least win some of their next couple games and give this predictor some credibility!

California Golden Lizards

WAP Score: 0.676
Previous Position/Score: 21st (0.551)

One of the biggest gains this season has been California. From 21st to 9th! The win over Fayetteville definitely was a highlight. Their strength of schedule for the final 3 games will give them a huge boost to getting a finals position.

Saint Louis Billikens

WAP Score: 0.680
Previous Position/Score: 8th (0.686)

Another 5-1-1 team battling it out for a finals position. St Louis doesn't have any huge standout freaks on the team, just good ole fashioned high elf tomfoolery and a handful of blowout matches this season.

Fayetteville Bronchospasms

WAP Score: 0.686
Previous Position/Score: 45th (#DIV/0!)

Now that we have a sample size Fayetteville secures their obvious top 10 spot. But with 6 games to go and 2 losses already they aren't looking to keep it.

Oregon Waterfoul

WAP Score: 0.706
Previous Position/Score: 15th (0.583)

Oregon is another team with a great season, and like the upcoming Duke will probably see a bowl game, but ties aren't good enough against all of these 5 to 7 win teams.

Paris University DeadJokers

WAP Score: 0.708
Previous Position/Score: 26th (0.515)

A 21 position jump is huge! And they still have 4 games left! Another team who capitalized on some strength of schedule and turned their season around. Look for them to win their next 2 games and then have their chance of being in the finals decided by a tough UCSD and Ottawa.

Duke Blue-Green Devils

WAP Score: 0.715
Previous Position/Score: 10th (0.655)

Only 1 loss this season but 3 ties. They could easily go 6-3-1 to finish the season but if it all comes down to the coaches poll do you really want to be Duke?

Ottawa Bee-Bees

WAP Score: 0.743
Previous Position/Score: 13th (0.601)

From lucky 13th to top 3. Ottawa is another one of the X-1-1 teams that can easily go all the way and knock out some of the perennial contenders like Duke and Oregon. Their game against Paris to end their regular season will decide if, and how mangled, Ottawa goes into the finals.

John Molson School of Bruising

WAP Score: 0.781
Previous Position/Score: 1st (0.850)

The darlings of this season. JMSB had a good NonAq run and a great 6-1-1 first season so far. Everyone would love to see some Nurgle tentacle action in the finals but they are also playing Hawaii and our #1 team for their final two games. Can they keep the momentum going? Can they bring the plague to the 2020 finale? I couldn't think of anything more fitting.

UNAM Pumas Malditas

WAP Score: 0.853
Previous Position/Score: 3rd (0.777)

At this point the only thing standing in the way of a season 36 NCBB championship trophy is himself. Meno needs a little bit of redemption after a failed NBFL trophy run. He has no losses yet this season, but all it takes is one.

That's your 3rd quarter WAP results! The AKC rules, the Big Beast drools, and the NonAq can't get no love.

Joined: Mar 22, 2004

Post   Posted: Nov 03, 2020 - 04:48 Reply with quote Back to top

AKC program update

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — This year, the All Killer Conference has been the home of fierce competition. Blasting through the OoC schedule with a record of 11/7/3 and five undefeated teams, it was clear to everyone that the AKC teams were out to prove something. Currently with seven teams still in bowl contention, the final weeks of the season will be critical for many of them. Let's have a quick look at where these teams currently stand.

The U-Dub Elfskies and the BYU Azure Knights are in rebuild mode this year. Both teams have yet to secure a win, but U-Dub had scheduling issues in OoC so they could still sneak into a bowl if they win their make up games. BYU is officially out with their fifth loss, we wish them the best going forward.

In sixth place, we have the Northern Virginia CC Hawks with a record of 2/3/3. The Daemons of Khorne are a tough roster to manage, but Lorebass has embraced the chaos and unpredictability of the team and recently pulled an upset win against the John Molson School of Bruising. He could not repeat the performance against UNAM, but can still make a bowl game by winning out his last two games. Since he'll be facing the two teams that have struggled the most this year, it would not be so surprising to see him succeed.

Next, we have the Gallaudet Deaf Bulls coached by Sergtacos. After an undeated run last year, the Chaos Dwarves are having a bit of an off year. They are currently sitting at 3/1/3 with three games to go. Regardless of their recent misfortune, the two formidable Bulls they roster are still a force to be reckoned with. The toughest challenge for them will be the Hawaii Warrielves which they'll be facing next week. Besides that they'll face U-Dub and BYU, so securing a win and a tie to get to a bowl seems very attainable for them.

One of the two teams that started 3-0-0, the Washington Huskarls have cooled down a bit and are now at 4/1/2. A win or a tie should secure them a bowl game. They'll be facing BYU, Hawaii and UNAM. I think they'll be favored in the first two games. Although Hawaii is having a monster season, Dutchlife's squad is 7/1/1 against elves so that spells trouble for the Hawaiians. UNAM could be more of a problem, but then again Meno has had terrible luck against Norse teams recently.

The Hawaii Warrielves, lead by Apojar aka the man with the golden voice, have already secured their bowl bid with a record of 4/2/1. Normally you'd think that would put them firmly into the National Championship discussion, but they are facing an absolutely brutal schedule for their last 3 games: Gallaudet, Washington and John Molson. With the competition this year, they probably need to secure three wins to get there. Tough challenge, but at least their bowl is already locked in.

This brings us to the top of the division, the John Molson School of Bruising and the UNAM Pumas Malditas. Both newcomers to the AKC, these two teams are respectively at 6/1/1 and 7/1/0. These rival teams will be playing each other this week. A loss for John Molson could potentially knock them out of the National Championship picture, with four other teams still at 5/1/1 or better. MenonaLoco, the Austrian expat piano teacher masquerading as a crazy Mexican killer clown, has simply been unstoppable this year. He merely dropped a tie to his rival Karak University due to some unusual plays from a Troll Slayer who became an elf God for a brief moment.

The rivalry between UNAM and John Molson is a win-win for everyone. The Canadians get to travel to the beautiful destination of Riviera Maya where the game is played, honoring the Mexicans with the presence of the glorious Canadian nation.

The game is sponsored by the two countries most famous breweries who throw a wild party after the match where the beer flows abundantly. To top it off, the Molson Breweries are hiring any UNAM graduates for minimum wage jobs in their factories, a golden opportunity for their people who love providing cheap labor to other countries.

Stay tuned for more details on the scheduling of these games and don't forget to spectate the exciting match ups we've highlighted.

Recovering FUMBBL addict.

Joined: Jan 02, 2020

Post   Posted: Mar 07, 2021 - 10:45 Reply with quote Back to top

Hey College Blood Bowl fans! Time for another season of touchdowns and bloodshed at the "amateur" level. As always our Winner Averaging Predictor report brings the juicy mid-season details on who is predicted to make it to the finals this year and maybe even win it all!

Some of you fans out there know the secret formula but it all comes down to who wins, who loses, and who has a fat team of spoiled seniors!

So without further ado lets get to the losers! Erm. The most likely not to have more wins than losses this season.

Séraphins de Québec
WAP Score: 0.022

Séraphins are having another rough start to the season with no wins and not even a touchdown in 3 games. With 1 win ever in 18 games this season may signal a change in race before players reach senior status.

Air Force Warpstone Falcons
WAP Score: 0.188

After a faily decent last season Air Force had to graduate its more murdery players and now can't seem to find their groove. BB2020 may give a few buffs to Underworld so look for a season 38 comeback.

Tunxis Community Bash-Herd
WAP Score: 0.190

Tunxis is a team that has never put up a win before but have had a few decent ties. Maybe in the next 5 games they can end with more wins/ties than losses.

Grunts of ARMY
WAP Score: 0.212

Our reigning Chumpionshit team. This team needs to put up a win this season and stay out of the brown finals.

Drexel Draugrs
WAP Score: 0.214

Only .2% higher is Drexel. They have an Ag4 catcher. They have a block snow troll. But they can't get wins on the board this season.

U Pike Pain Bearers
WAP Score: 0.255

U Pike has had a lot of casualties in the past 2 seasons. They are in their senior year but only have 1 player make it all 4 seasons. At this point it's get Dusk Dancer in the top 3 throwers of all time versus win games.

Normandale Con-Unity College
WAP Score: 0.321

Big 7% jump from 41st to 40th but we're still in teams that haven't put up a win this season. Not a ton of excitement here, more like Normaldale.

Indiana Horrors
WAP Score: 0.332

With a 2-1-2 record this season Indiana doesn't really deserve to be this low but they have a dark and troubled past to leave behind and keep proving themselves.

Sham Howstan Ratz
WAP Score: 0.334

Dwarf armour, rat armour, doesn't really matter for Xeterog when the dice have been the same this season and last.

Kansas Red Leg Raiders
WAP Score: 0.341

Kansas had a strong showing last season but after a ton of injuries are 1-0-5 and needing to win 4 in a row to break even.

BYU Azure Knights
WAP Score: 0.376

Another team with a 2-1-2 record scoring low on the WAP. Hopefully the last 5 games are an upwards trajectory for the Brets in their first full season.

Poli Puerkos
WAP Score: 0.395

Poli generally runs just south of 1-1-1 but this season they are struggling to get a win up and mostly playing for ties.

Northern Virginia CC Hawks
WAP Score: 0.411

With 2030TV this is a big season for NVCC, but since it's Khorne it's hard to tell what a good team build is. I guess most of them have block so that's decent?

Florida Rotting Gators
WAP Score: 0.438

After going undefeated in last years regular season no one predicted Florida to be sitting at 0-2-2 for the midseason. 6-2-2 would be a great finish but they need a lot of stinky, rotting, putrid prayers to get there.

Ball State Crimson Birds
WAP Score: 0.439
A whole .1% higher is Ball State. With no wins on the board, and a decimated team, this mostly feels like a "building season".

OK, enough with the riff raff! Let's talk about teams with a little bit of potential. These teams mark the half way point of the season with a somewhat OK record and with a hot streak are within reach of a minor bowl game. And yes, I'm as surprised as you the first team is...

Navy Midskeletonmen
WAP Score: 0.460

Navy! After a poor showing last season 2-3-1 is definitely enough to keep them away from any Chumpionshit hoopla. Who knows, with 3 more wins they have the potential to embarass a better team in a bowl game. Punching up with poop covered hands and a gleam in their eye!

NCBB Union Support Staff
WAP Score: 0.464

The Support Staff have a solid foundation to build a great team on, they just need to stay out of the graveyard.

Louisiana Gnawin' Cajuns
WAP Score: 0.469

Louisiana is a very fast team with two 10MV gutters plus some +ST players and an AG5 gutter. At this point they have everything they need to start putting some wins up.

WAP Score: 0.473

The Elvish had a good showing in the NonAq but are having a hard time putting their big boy leotards on. It's NotReallyaShame if they take this season to build a bit and end up missing a bowl game.

Alabama Silver Tide
WAP Score: 0.480

With 2-2-1 Alabama is the team with the best record so far in the predictor and the best run they've ever had. Lots of good players and lots of bowl potential. If they don't make it this year however the grad hammer is coming.

Mz State Bull Dawgz
WAP Score: 0.496

Mz State generally wins more than they lose and tie but this season they can't seem to get the 1-0 grind in their favour.

UTEP Party Minors
WAP Score: 0.517

A 2-2-1 season is a great start for the party animals. Did they switch out their typical Bloodweiser keg stands for some rounds of JaegerBombs after acquiring a Norse graduate earlier in the season? Time will tell but they seem a bit more energetic this season.

Hawaii Warrielves
WAP Score: 0.527

For a team that throws a lot Hawaii likes to HOLD ON to players that should have been gradded a long time ago. Also with their thrower at zero completions 2 games into his debute season it might be time to switch to a running game.

Paris University DeadJokers
WAP Score: 0.545

Of all the teams full of reanimated bones, Paris was expected to be the stand out. Now they are fighting tooth and toenail to end the season on a respectable note.

Now some of these upcoming teams can probably make a bowl game this season, and some of these would be embarassed if they didn't, and some of them just want the season to be over.

SMU Mousestangs
WAP Score: 0.550

At 2-0-2 so far this season could split either way. All I know is that SMU will do whatever they can not the be the second best (and second worst) rat team.

California Golden Lizards
WAP Score: 0.555

The champ is here! The champ is here! Wait, where's the +AG skinks? The movement 9? I guess all the saurii (did I get that right Nelphine?) do have block. They were a somewhat suprise finish last season, but maybe like having two chameleon skinks, there's just nothing to see here.

BA's Austin Boarbatusks
WAP Score: 0.562

First rookie team cracking the top 20! 2-2-1 is a decent start but can an underdeveloped renegade team keep up the momentum against bigger and badder opponents.

John Molson School of Bruising
WAP Score: 0.566

JMSB was not expecting to be half way through the season with only 1 win, and with BYU/Washington/UNAM all looking to prove themselves in upcoming games it's not gonna get easier. Depending how their next game against Hawaii goes JMSB may just want this season to hurry up.

Saint Louis Billikens
WAP Score: 0.577

Fool should have no problem putting up 3 more wins for a bowl game, especially with a solid history and 2050tv worth of great players. Can you believe they have that much weight with only 2 seniors!

Cantucky Wildcats
WAP Score: 0.586

Coach Wolvezzz has really found his stride with a well armoured team who likes to hit. Long forgotten are the days of Amazons leaving the pitch in droves.

RMC She-Devils
WAP Score: 0.589

Not to be outdone is RMC which ARE making Amazons work. Only 1 guard on the team but they are making it happen, and being in a div with no dorfs or chorfs is giving them a solid fighting chance!

OK, these coaches have to make a bowl, their pride depends on it! Some may even have their sights on the championship until the coaches poll kicks them to the curb (did we ever fix that thing?).

U-Dub Elfskies
WAP Score: 0.596

U-Dub is trying to reclaim the title of the best team from Washington but are coming up a bit short. However, after this predictor was ran they did defeat the Norse so maybe it's time for the Elfskies to shine again!

Texas AM Les Agriculteurs
WAP Score: 0.629

Yes they're not the undefeated team of last season with a 2-0-2 start, however Texas is definitely shaping up to be the most annoying team to play. 4 Blodgers (3 with sidestep), 4 wrestle (all with guard), stand firmers, fenders, this team is nothing but road blocks!

Texas Tech Red Reptiles
WAP Score: 0.640

Coming out of a poor season 36 the Reptiles are trying to make a name for themselves as the best lizard team in the league. They've got the ag4 skink, they've got the scorus saurus, they got what the fans want!

Bro-hio State Buckeyes
WAP Score: 0.643

With Fayetteville's school shut down for squirrel fumigation Bro-hio picked up a lot of talent this season. They now have 3, count them, 3 +stat players. With only 1 senior on the team even if Bro-hio misses the championship this season I see big things coming for them.

TCU Horned Rats
WAP Score: 0.654

TCU weren't able to bring back the golden years last season but they are already looking good at 2-2-0 . Injuries may be the main factor keeping this team out of the finals with things like an av5 gutter. Hey that's just a snotling on roller skates, REF!!!

TOP TEN! Every one of these teams are vying for a spot in the finals. Some are here because of a strong season, some are riding on past notoriety but haven't really proved themselves yet this season. The top 4 and 2 wildcards are our predictions to go all the way!

Manitoba Bizons
WAP Score: 0.689

Rookie chaos... NEXT! OK gotta give them some air time. Manitoba has a solid 4-1-1 season but 3 of those games were against our bottom 10 teams. Their team is a bit of a spread out mishmash of situational skills with no real stand out players. Maybe I'm wrong and a swiss army team is what we need to take chaos to the finals in NCBB!

Um, G'olden Go For Its!
WAP Score: 0.720

The GFI's continue to be a team you can't underestimate. Lots of guard, lots of speed, lots of stats. Traditionally however this team ends up being a solid NBFL feeder team and not a championship team!

Pitt Panzers
WAP Score: 0.725

Dorfs at #8? Kzarik stop getting these little mens hopes up! I see two more wins coming for Pitt but their push for the finals will be decided by solid teams like Texas AM, Lousiana, and Charlotte.

Charlotte's Forty Normers
WAP Score: 0.728

I felt bad for Charlotte as I got this far and thought I left them off the list. Little did I know they are undefeated so far this season. They have A LOT of seniors, and A LOT of injuries. With all of that -av they may have a tough time going the distance, especially if they make it to OT in the finals.

Oregon Waterfoul
WAP Score: 0.746

OK wildcard #1. Oregon is always ready to go the distance every season and with a little luck they may be breaking a 11 season championship drought. Their team is running off of 6 major players and a whole lot of line fodder which could make it tough if an opponent can take out their talent.

UC San Dogo Krytens
WAP Score: 0.751

San Dogo isn't really a wild card with a 4-1-1 season and proven success in the past. Where Oregon is putting all their bets on stars their little brothers are playing a defensive game with lots of block and sidestep. Their games against Ottawa, the GFI's, and Manitoba will decide if they are finals worthy.

UNAM Pumas Malditas
WAP Score: 0.760

Sorry to say it but UNAM is wild card #2. With a 2-3-0 season they are in the top 6 on past records alone and although they are undefeated they will probably need 5 straight wins the make the finals. The pressure is on and their MV10 star wolf has been known to choke this season.

Fresno State Raiders
WAP Score: 0.802

One thing is certain, we'll probably see at least 1 if not 2 undead teams in the finals. Fresno doesn't have a huge team but they already put up big wins against St Louis and Bro-hio. However their final 4 games aren't going to be cake walks, especially with 2 ghouls out against SMU.

Washington Huskarls
WAP Score: 0.822

Ignited by a norse NBFL win the Huskarls are capitalizing on a big senior class similar to Charlotte. Traditionally though they have started strong and fizzled out closer to the end of the season. Did their 2-3 loss to UDUB after this report was ran signal the end of a good thing? If they can put up a win against their rivals NVCC and a tilted JMSB they can hopefully seal a playoffs spot.

Ottawa Bee-Bees
WAP Score: 0.839

I don't think anyone wants to be at the top spot less than Nelphine. Ottawa has a troubled past when under pressure, especially when all of that pressure is on 1 star player. Michele Loewen has scored 27 of the teams 28 goals assigned to the current roster and with the team sitting at only 1640TV they can't afford to have another dead star ghoul. Can they break the curse this season and win it all? Or will they be damned to a unlife of could have beens.

That's the show folks! This will be the only WAP post this season so lock in your Vega's bets now. If you win make sure to remember how the WAP greased your palms and tip your season forecaster!
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