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Why do they let Happy_Amateur do the predictions?
Because Chop is too important.
 22%  [ 2 ]
Because Chop is too lazy.
 22%  [ 2 ]
There's nobody else stupid enough to volunteer.
 33%  [ 3 ]
Happy ate ALL the pies.
 22%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 9


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It's DIBBL time again!

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DIBBL S28: Roberts Revenge Division

Mesomericana Mayhem
TV as of writing: 1750
Prediction: I've actually heard of these guys. If I remember correctly they came to the Deserted Isles and won a whole load of games. They'll go alright.
Player to watch: Copán. +AG, but this wee fellow is already -AV. He is gonna get hit a lot if he can't avoid it.
Predicted Placing: 1st. Beaten in the Semi by FOX MEADOWS.

Kings of Kutzburg
TV as of writing: 1410
Prediction: Meh. My prediction is... without hedging my bets.... They will win some games, lose some games, and draw ummmm... one game. Maybe an important one.
Player to watch: Nobody is gonna be watching the players because of this stunning example of pitch art. Reminds me of the style of the resident artist at the parlour in Amsterdam that used to tattoo any sailor, no matter how old or drunk he was. And don't care about how upset he was at spending all his leave money on a tattoo of Calvin doing something unspeakable to Hobbes. 16 year olds shouldn't be allowed to sea. But I digress.
Predicted Placing: 2nd. Cause I like pitch art. Out in the first round.

Back Alley Burglars
TV as of writing: A pathetic 1855/1980
Prediction: These legendary big boys are shadows of their former selves. The rigors of BB16 has left them niggled, broken and bloated. But there is tradition and honour to play for. But Lizardmen are stupid so they will be in the still be in the Plate. Predictions are done Chop! Change the FORMAT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!
Player to watch: Jimmy. How has this little fella survived? 4/1/2/5/4.... woteva dat means. He will score or go splat. Probably both and probably often.
Predicted Placing: 3rd. Because Lizardmen are dumb.

10,001 Cuts
TV as of writing: 1150
Prediction: Little baby Delves, they look about as damaged as a farmers skin with less chance of surviving the season. But then llllPARAGONllll looks like they know what they are doing. So who knows? Not me. But if I had to guess I'd say that they are going to get a smashing. And probably win two games with some dodgy Elf ball.
Player to watch: Lara Ebatryne. Thin pickings but its a Witch Elf and if I remember correctly they were sexy AF on the Army Book cover. According to a friend. Who is a pervert.
Predicted Placing: Hmmmm.... 4th. Why not?

Brains Trust'
TV as of writing: 1645/1770
Prediction: See below for a real prediction.
Player to watch: Boris. +ST,+AG,+AG.... Foad shows that all you need to do is roll stats. Boris is disgusting. Boris is revolting. Boris made me so mad I put my foot through the computer screen and sent the bill to a foreign dice manufacturing company that secretly uses only child labour. MY PREDICTION IS that those kids aren't getting paid this week.
Predicted Placing: 5th. Because they are not the Burglars. And NEVER will be. Kiss kiss.

Feeling a dit dusty
TV as of writing: 1300
Prediction: They will feel dusty.
Player to watch: Angelina Zixil. Blodge. /cheer. Now sack they/them if they/them don't get +AG or +PA. /shock
Predicted Placing: 6th. Cause to go up the table, you gotta pick up the ball. Right? Am I right? Prove me wrong. Actually... you don't need to. I'm terrible at predictions and have no idea why I'm made to do them.

Scarfie Slayers
TV as of writing: 1010
Prediction: Is this a team soley designed to pick on Otago coaches? IS TRICKEY SAFE?! These guys are babies. Soft little babies. And they are gonna get torn up if they don't get the inducements right. Or they would do if there was any decent bash in this division. But there isn't. BRING BACK THE BUCCANEERS!
Player to watch: .
Predicted Placing: 7th. Will be a growth season for them.

DIBBL S28: Rock Johnson Division

Hoppy Roos
TV as of writing:1560
Prediction: If I don't tear them up to badly in the first round then they will go all the way to the top of the division. That is all.
Player to watch:Skip. Is he their captain? Or is he just named for their national icon? Or is he advertising cornflakes? I don't know the answer to those questions but I do know that this +AG Blodger will be instrumental in victory if he can avoid getting frog splashed.
Predicted Placing: 1st. Because I never get predictions right. So I'm picking the Aussies to win divisions. DEATH IN THE FIRST ROUND.

Madhead'z Mountian Mob
TV as of writing:1950
Prediction: legendary /ˈlɛdʒ(ə)nd(ə)ri/ adjective 1. described in or based on legends. 2. remarkable enough to be famous; very well known.
Player to watch: FOX MEADOWS. Sex on two very niggled legs.
Predicted Placing: 2nd. WINNER. GO TRICKEY!

TV as of writing:990
Prediction: MY PREDICTION IS.... the guard spam will be strong with this one. And that runner gonna get leader reeeeaaaallll quick.
Player to watch: There isn't one. They are all INCREDIBLY boring.
Predicted Placing: 3rd. If the inducements fall right.

TV as of writing: 1200
Prediction: The Yetee will roar at the most inconvenient time.
Player to watch: .
Predicted Placing: 4th. Plate again.

TV as of writing:1410
Prediction:Lovely chap that blackcaps. Too lovely for Nurgle. WHERE IS ALL THE CLAW?! Even Felix17 wouldn't complain about this team. (Jokes. He bloody would)
Player to watch: Janus the Rotten. The name tickles me.
Predicted Placing: 5th. Needs CLAW. Sack that dodge bloater.

Kaer Morhen Killers
TV as of writing:1120
Prediction: If they grow they can win games.
Player to watch: Dudu Biberveldt. SPRINT! Hopefully this little fellow gets to use it for a few TTM touchdowns.
Predicted Placing: 6th. Because they is shiny new.

Mighty Crud-Creek Nosepickers
TV as of writing:870
Player to watch: Sir Jonathon Morgan. 16/18 spp. I mean, whaddaya give a snot when they make you choose a skill? Watch him die!
Predicted Placing: 7th. Because. LOSERS!

DIBBL S28: Mash Kharnn Division

Da Sexy Buggerz
TV as of writing:Dunno.
Prediction:They will dominate.
Player to watch: Can't find the team so... Zac?
Predicted Placing: 1st. Lose in the final against Trickey. Wink

Coromandel Capricorns 2020
TV as of writing:1930. Big boys.
Prediction:mushy will toss these boys around the field like they are pancakes. Good luck to them.
Player to watch: Torfire Quolamin. +ST Blodge and Mighty Blow. This guy will be instrumental in getting the team a numbers advantage.
Predicted Placing: 2nd. Semi out.

Swirling Swamp Lilies
TV as of writing:1260
Prediction:Coming in undefeated, these girls might stumble coming up against some tackle. But I doubt it. Hmmm.... maybe they should be further up.
Player to watch: Amynome Graice. An Amazon with Diving Tackle? The one girl that doesn't want to dodge away.
Predicted Placing: 3rd.

Blackwater Rogues
TV as of writing:970
Prediction:Will surprise a few of the other teams and end up risking the end of the universe in the Plate.
Player to watch: Stormtree. A real pro.
Predicted Placing: 4th. Because. Have you seen the rest of the teams?

Bees with Broken Knees?
TV as of writing:1000
Prediction: I predict that I might have found the wrong team when searching for it. I also predict lots of loners.
Player to watch: Lint Eater. Because he is the only Delf with SPP. Good luck to him.
Predicted Placing: 5th. Because. Delf.

Oldheim Ironguts
TV as of writing:1120
Prediction:Good name, good coach, good team. Why are they so far down the list? Because this is the order I wrote them in. Could win it I guess.
Player to watch: .
Predicted Placing: 1st-7th

Dylan's Shockers
TV as of writing:1280
Prediction: I predict some pretty devastating losses that nearly were fufilling and satisfying wins. Ross12 deserves some victories. Hopefully he proves me wrong.
Player to watch: FOUR GUTTER RUNNERS WITH DAUNTLESS. Tremble fools! Tremble in fear!
Predicted Placing: 7th

DIBBL S28: Queens Division

DIBBL Kids(although looking at the retired BB16 team I wonder if DIBBL Oldboys isn't more appropriate here.)
TV as of writing:2160. THE BIG BOYS WITH BLOCK
Prediction:Will be interesting to see how the other teams go against them. But looking at it I don't think there is much to stand up to them. A lot of niggle, but meh, when you are led by a player as dashing as their number 16.... how could you fail?
Player to watch: ddamage. This guy is going to annoy some defensive lines for sure.
Predicted Placing: 1st. Quarters and out. Probably to Fox.

Cheating Elves
TV as of writing:1490
Prediction:Loads and loads of Elf bullshit. With some take root.
Player to watch: Both these Wardancers. If someone gave me a gun and one bullet and made me choose one to murder, I'd invent a time machine so I could shoot one in the back of the head, go back in time, execute the other against the wall and then repeat, ad infinitum. Dont pretend you wouldn't.
Predicted Placing: 2nd. Because. I say so.

Putrid Choir
TV as of writing:1880
Prediction:This team should be banned. It's filthy. Imagine depending on removals to win. Disgraceful. Nurgle are the choice of horrible people. Also will lose the Shield in the fourth round, forcing the Commissioner to go on another record defensive streak and to keep playing a team far past the time his interest levels in it have waned.
Player to watch: Poxhound. I do like me a Beast with block.
Predicted Placing: 3rd. Ewwwwwww!

Settra's Second Sons
TV as of writing:1140
Prediction:I predict that they will win some games and lose some.
Player to watch: Omari. A sure hands, dirty player skelly. I will donate 10 gp to the Orphaned Children of Referees Charity for every time this guy stomps on someone while carrying the ball. Promise.
Predicted Placing: 4th. Because for some reason I think these guys used to be good. Or was that their older brothers?

Grave of Mutilation
TV as of writing:1040
Prediction: I predict a Frenzy zombie will trap himself with blocks and a Blodge wolf will make Chops heart jump into his mouth every time he gets blocked. Other than that. Meh. A Shield challenge. Probably won't win it though.
Player to watch: Ayden Koral. A Ghoul with one game and one niggle. Lets see if he can keep up that ratio.
Predicted Placing: 5th. And thats being generous.

TV as of writing:1200
Prediction:Maybe they can pull themselves out of the uhhhh.. serious injury spiral that seems to be stopping them from winning.
Player to watch: Elena Cephenrene. Because... raw potential.
Predicted Placing: 5th. Because I actually think Chop will finish 6th.

i don't think phill likes me
TV as of writing:1170
Prediction:My boss also spells Phil with two l's. Because he thinks he's better than other people. Here I think Phil adds another every time he wins a game.
Player to watch: Mathui Hyza. Seriously interesting player here. An all-rounder?
Predicted Placing: 5th. Because I actually think the two teams above will finish 6th and 7th. Give me a yell if you need me to change the team name to i don't think philllll likes me.

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Post   Posted: Feb 07, 2022 - 10:57
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DIBBL Play of the Week.

Grave of Mutilation (ramchop's Necro) have one turn to level the score going into the break. Settra's Second Sons (Boriz's Khemri) have other plans. The werewolf's Blodge is no match for an unskilled Thro-ra.....

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