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Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Aug 08, 2022 - 07:13 Reply with quote Back to top

Welcome to the forum thread for Season XCIII.

Fumbbl's oldest and great BB20 league, the Southern Wastes League, about to start it's fifth season of BB20, agents fees kicked in for the oldest players.

Draft is tonight! (8th Aug, SWL time) Late draft follows.


Season XCIII
  • Schedule
    First round will begin on Monday the 22nd of August with a round 7 deadline on the 17th of October.

    !!!Team Redrafts are to be completed by Saturday the 20th of August by 8pm. After that time, they may be done for you by admin, and we do have fat fingers. Trial of Blood teams get a bit longer, but get your games in so we can sort your teams out for reggies.

  • Structure
    We will have 1 Premier, 3 Conferences, and 2 Regional divisions.

New Rules
  • Players thrown by TTM or KTM, who only hit opposing players, do not cause a team turnover.
  • Star players paid to play for both teams, will play for neither.
  • Star players continue to be published and join the league at short notice, their special skills are in full effect.
  • We are expecting a new Amazon roster for this season, but it'll happen when it happens, luck of the draw be with you.

Recently Implemented
  • 7th-8th place in Conference may drop to Regionals.
  • Top 3 in Regionals always promote.
  • Top half+1 in Regionals may promote.
  • New Norse are in, Valkyries and Beer Pigs!

General Reminders
  • Axing
    Site PM to the swladmin FUMBBL account by 10pm Monday SWL (Sydney) time if your game has not yet been played.

  • General
    Please be aware that we rely on individual coaches to be active in checking this forum, arranging games against opponents, and in communicating with Admins. The responsibility is on the coach to enquire, not the Admins to inform. Please feel free to ask any questions, any time.

  • Communication
    Please respect each others time and reply to PMs in a timely manner, even if just to say when you'll reply in full. Not everyone uses the discord regularly, site PMs still rule.

  • Discord channels
    There are division channels in the league discord, where the axeman can see your efforts to make game times, to avoid stress over who said what first in discord DMs please use those instead on that platform.

  • BB20 Rule Amendments
    We will endeavour to maintain our rules as close as possible to those of BB20 in regards to FAQ and Errata changes, taking into account the nature of our league. Rules not yet implemented in the client or website are normally considered sleeping rules, and can be expected to be applied as they are enabled. We are managing manual seasons in the meantime.

    Our agents fees are 15k per season, ignoring the player's first three post-season redrafts (including the Trial of Blood for those who played it). Player agent fees will be listed in due course here, along with redraft budgets.

Welcome all the new and returning coaches, good luck for the season!


Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Aug 08, 2022 - 10:00 Reply with quote Back to top

Zons get back on top!

Foad returns to winning form, locking up the title with an entire round to go (the flash git!)

SWL does it BETTER!

All-time Prem Champions by race (as at end of s92)

12 Image
11 Image
10 -
9 Image
8 Image
7 Image
6 Image
5 Image Image
4 Image ImageImage
3 Image Image
2 Image Image
1 Image Image Image

SWL Forlorn Races
Black Orc*
Chaos Pact*
Imperial Nobles*
Old World Alliance*

*made Prem

New contenders in Prem are rife in BB20 with Goblins, OWA, and Black Orcs all competing in Prem for the first time.

Special Mention - Cup Winners

1 Image Image Image

Special Mention - Gentlemen's Picnic Winners

1 Image Image Image

TT Bloodbowl in AUS (FB)
NZ BB Community on FB

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Joined: Apr 23, 2016

Post   Posted: Aug 08, 2022 - 11:11 Reply with quote Back to top

The Draft Season 93

@humans Amazons
@maca Chaos Dwarf
@Squigadier Orcs
@almic85 Orcs
@Kinglydon Elven Union
@validation Chaos Renegades
@Irgy Shambling Undead
@Ricardo Grande Underworld Denizens
Unparking @JPM Underworld Denizens
@Grod Snotlings

Please create your teams using the link in the top right of the group page.
Once you've readied them 'Apply them' to the group at the bottom of the 'Teams' page.
See pinned messages on the discord channel for bits and pieces you might want to create a custom pitch.


Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Aug 09, 2022 - 04:53 Reply with quote Back to top

The redraft for this season will be a bit trickier, as agents fees are kicking in.

For the team ex Premier, here's a look at the recorded agents fees. Just a sample early here to check I've got it right in the spreadsheets, eh.

Note: This includes dead and retired players, it's everyone who played in four seasons, regardless of their current capacity.

Ex Premier Division teams.

Black Lagoon Go-Go Bar -> Prem, 1620.
15k -- Slugwater the Toad -- Rotspawn
15k -- Arowanas Pusnipple -- Bloater
15k -- Pinktint Chestdrool -- Bloater
15k -- Fruity Bloodclot -- Pestigor
15k -- Peladillo Slimedip -- Rotter Lineman
15k -- Euchalon Slushhide -- Rotter Lineman
15k -- Wimba Wetsnivel -- Pestigor
15k -- Catalufa Cacklespine -- Pestigor
15k -- Tamashoa Flesh Parasol -- Bloater
15k -- Salamando Bogsmear -- Pestigor

Blackwater Picaroons -> Prem, 1615.
15k -- Piper Sinks (c) -- Tribal Linewoman
15k -- Aubrey Uranus -- Tribal Linewoman
15k -- Maleficent Lenestar -- Koka Kalim Blitzer
15k -- Calliope Mehtyl -- Tribal Linewoman
15k -- Beatrice Hogan -- Tribal Linewoman

Freedom Foulers -> Coach drafted Snotlings.
15k -- Yam Ogrerock -- Big Un Blocker
15k -- Uram Wolfhunter -- Big Un Blocker
15k -- Uloth Frogmaimer -- Blitzer
15k -- Gaturn Ratpicker -- Blitzer
15k -- Lorzub Elfstream -- Goblin
15k -- Borug Ratthar -- Orc Lineman
15k -- Gul Amazonthul -- Untrained Troll

Killer Heelz -> Confs, 1490.
15k -- Betty Knives -- Dark Elf Lineman
15k -- Hermione Danger -- Blitzer
15k -- Decjuba Belt -- Blitzer
15k -- Eisheth Stiletto -- Blitzer
15k -- Lady McDeath -- Witch Elf
15k -- Dr Martina -- Blitzer
15k -- Ivanta Kiss -- Runner

Mexican Standoff -> Confs 1540.
15k -- Michel Sanchez -- Lineman
15k -- Mick Seckan -- Blitzer
15k -- Emilio Ferrano -- Thrower
15k -- Sue Rij-Pype -- Catcher

Minutes or Centuries -> Confs 1575.
15k -- The Grandfather -- Bull Centaur Blitzer
15k -- Daylight Savings -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker
15k -- GMT +69 -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker
15k -- Rolex -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker
15k -- The Ticker -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker
15k -- Midnight Snack -- Hobgoblin Lineman

New Blacktown Expatriates -> Confs, 1495 (cheers, Clay).
15k -- Big Ollie -- Trained Troll
15k -- Spocker -- Black Orc
15k -- Dutchee -- Black Orc
15k -- Trimm -- Goblin Bruiser Lineman
15k -- Charli -- Goblin Bruiser Lineman
15k -- Robb -- Goblin Bruiser Lineman
15k -- DeeGeeDee -- Goblin Bruiser Lineman

Turbo Wolves -> Prem, 1515.
15k -- Brick Boyd -- Flesh Golem
15k -- Ghost -- Wraith
15k -- Kate 'The Klaw' Chaney -- Werewolf
15k -- Hunter Sorensen -- Werewolf
15k -- Bruce Biter -- Zombie Lineman
15k -- Mort -- Zombie Lineman
15k -- Axel -- Zombie Lineman


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Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Aug 09, 2022 - 05:42 Reply with quote Back to top

And our other finished conference thus far.

Note: This includes dead and retired players, it's everyone who played in four seasons, regardless of their current capacity.

Ex-Jubba Grindhauler Conf teams

[SWL] Dorruks -> Confs, 1550.
15k -- Takeshi -- Big Un Blocker
15k -- Lamar -- Big Un Blocker
15k -- Coach Harris -- Blitzer
15k -- Poindexter -- Blitzer

[SWL] Mandatory Happiness -> Prem, 1640.
15k -- Mr Sunshine -- Blitzer
15k -- Enforced Hugs -- Blitzer
15k -- Lazy Sunday -- Blitzer
15k -- Early Retirement -- Blitzer
15k -- A Welcome Embrace -- Dark Elf Lineman
15k -- Thank God It's Friday -- Dark Elf Lineman
15k -- Your First Crush -- Dark Elf Lineman
15k -- A Mother's Touch -- Witch Elf
15k -- Freshly Bakes Scones -- Dark Elf Lineman

Albion Intinerants -> Confs, 1490.
None that old.

Amateur Professionals -> Confs, 1545.
15k -- Buck Shelford -- Blitzer
15k -- Gary Whetton -- Catcher
15k -- Alan Whetton -- Lineman
15k -- Steve McDowell -- Lineman
15k -- Murray Pierce -- Lineman
15k -- Bruce Deans -- Thrower

Call of the Zombie -> Confs, 1540.
15k -- Superbeast -- Mummy
15k -- Phantom Stranger -- Wight Blitzer
15k -- Sick Bubblegum -- Ghoul Runner
15k -- Hellbilly Deluxe -- Zombie Lineman
15k -- Foxy Foxy -- Ghoul Runner

Hochland High-born -> Prem, 1525.
15k -- Brutus -- Ogre
15k -- Leopold Lotz -- Bodyguard
15k -- Landrich Mahler -- Bodyguard
15k -- Guntram Taubman -- Bodyguard
15k -- Steffan Stern -- Imperial Thrower
15k -- Hugo Engelhardt the 2nd -- Bodyguard

Munchausen Moonrakers -> Prem, 1500.
15k -- Shadowleaf -- Altern Forest Treeman
15k -- Tenderthorn -- Altern Forest Treeman
15k -- Lemon Sweetpea -- Halfling Catcher
15k -- Bran Wafflecake -- Halfling Hopeful Lineman
15k -- Fig Applerind -- Halfling Hopeful Lineman
15k -- Juniper Sweetberry -- Halfling Hopeful Lineman
15k -- Katniss Alwaysgreen -- Halfling Hopeful Lineman
15k -- Milky Mudcake -- Halfling Hefty

Ophidian Infidels -> Confs, 1495.
15k -- Bakari -- Anointed Blitzer
15k -- Sobk -- Tomb Guardian
15k -- Psusennes -- Skeleton Lineman
15k -- Nuru -- Skeleton Lineman
15k -- Muminah -- Tomb Guardian
15k -- Aten -- Tomb Guardian
15k -- Femi -- Anointed Thrower


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Joined: Aug 15, 2003

Post   Posted: Aug 09, 2022 - 16:26 Reply with quote Back to top

Have readied my team... Smile

Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Aug 13, 2022 - 13:28 Reply with quote Back to top

One more finished, reggies this time.

Note: This includes dead and retired players, it's everyone who played in four seasons, regardless of their current capacity.

Ex-REALLY High Elves Regional teams

50 Shades of Dulux Coach drafted Orcs.
No old players.

Banana Republicans -> Reggies, 1345.
No old players.

Clans of Jyhad -> Confs, 1505.
15k -- Chester DuBois -- Vampire Blitzer
15k -- Basilia -- Vampire Blitzer
15k -- Dr Jest -- Vampire Blitzer
15k -- Jing Wei -- Vampire Blitzer
15k -- Faith -- Thrall Lineman
15k -- Francis -- Thrall Lineman

Flower Beard -> Confs, 1595.
15k -- Buttercup -- Troll Slayer
15k -- Poppy -- Blitzer
15k -- Daisy -- Blitzer
15k -- Lavender -- Runner
15k -- Orchid -- Dwarf Blocker Lineman
15k -- Sunflower -- Dwarf Blocker Lineman
15k -- Tulip -- Dwarf Blocker Lineman
15k -- Marigold -- Dwarf Blocker Lineman
15k -- Iris -- Dwarf Blocker Lineman
15k -- BlueBell -- Dwarf Blocker Lineman

Love Handlers -> Confs, 1500.
No old players.

Les Maitres de L'univers -> Reggies, 1290.
No old players, and the new ones spend the treasury!

Not Brown Bread -> Reggies, 1345.
No old players.

Scatterbrook Tardigrades -> Coach drafted Underworld.
15k -- Softacorn Gentlebeard -- Altern Forest Treeman
15k -- Halser Springpot -- Halfling Hopeful Lineman
15k -- Thervira Laughingfoot -- Halfling Hopeful Lineman
15k -- Belser Nighthand -- Halfling Catcher
15k -- Xanmo Summerfingers -- Halfling Catcher
15k -- Quobin Tossstep -- Halfling Hopeful Lineman
15k -- Garpher Grassbelly the 2nd -- Halfling Hefty

Sun's out, Guns out! -> Confs, 1470.
No old players, bar the stars, and they charge by the game!

Zealots of Change -> Confs, 1520.
15k -- Robespierre -- Skaven Blitzer
15k -- Giuseppe Garibaldi -- Gutter Runner
15k -- Paul Atreides -- Skaven Thrower
15k -- Pankhurst -- Skaven Clanrat


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Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Aug 14, 2022 - 07:55 Reply with quote Back to top

Last reggies finished, one game to go in confs.

Note: This includes dead and retired players, it's everyone who played in four seasons, regardless of their current capacity.

Ex-Malaproprism Mania Reginald teams

A-Maize-ing Cereal Killers -> Confs, 1540.
No old players.

Animalistic Savages -> Coach drafted Norse.
15k -- Morcant Paprika -- Vampire Blitzer
15k -- Mujarin Zindo -- Thrall Lineman

Bony Bumpers -> Confs, 1500.
No "old" players, well, counting from their new unlife.

Carnage Patrol -> Reggies, 1300.
No old players.

Demise of Chaos! -> Confs, team not ready (Parked).
15k -- Midknight -- Chosen Blocker
15k -- Lady Demon -- Beastman Runner Lineman
15k -- Serendipity -- Beastman Runner Lineman
15k -- Savagri -- Beastman Runner Lineman
15k -- Psychotica -- Beastman Runner Lineman

Diamond Hands -> Reggies, 1350.
No old players.

Ligna Ludis -> Confs, 1470.
No old players, relatively speaking, elves but.

Lobrot Asylum -> Reggies, 1355.
15k -- Boyshape Gutwart -- Trained Troll
15k -- Auntyshape Grumbleflick -- Trained Troll

Redgum's Renaissance -> Confs, 1440.
No old players.

Skye Babes -> Confs, 1445.
15k -- Hedy Lamarr -- Koka Kalim Blitzer
15k -- Mae West -- Koka Kalim Blitzer
15k -- Betty Grable -- Tribal Linewoman


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Post   Posted: Aug 14, 2022 - 12:34 Reply with quote Back to top

And our last division to finish, confs.

Note: This includes dead and retired players, it's everyone who played in four seasons, regardless of their current capacity.

Ex-Capt'n Crunch Conference teams

Bronzed Raiders -> Prem, 1555.
15k -- Shagraki Bronzeheart -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker
15k -- Kharzhakh Coppermouth -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker
15k -- Bharggrund Tineye -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker
15k -- Zhurahk Metalfist -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker
15k -- Bzaarakka Ironlung -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker
15k -- Thar'th -- Bull Centaur Blitzer
15k -- Fhertogh -- Hobgoblin Lineman
15k -- Lerrusk -- Hobgoblin Lineman
15k -- Mhumuka -- Hobgoblin Lineman
15k -- Lerhaar -- Hobgoblin Lineman
15k -- Thagrakh Brasstooth -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker

Boomtown Rats -> Confs, 1425.
No old players, as if rats would have old players.

GG Luckers -> Confs, 1500.
15k -- Karori -- Black Orc
15k -- Makara -- Black Orc
15k -- Naenae -- Goblin Bruiser Lineman
15k -- Taitā -- Goblin Bruiser Lineman
15k -- Paparangi -- Black Orc
15k -- Pomare -- Goblin Bruiser Lineman
15k -- Waterloo -- Goblin Bruiser Lineman

Gits and Shiggles -> Confs, 1430.
15k -- Heavy Git -- Old World Dwarf Blitzer
15k -- Throwy Git -- Old World Human Thrower
15k -- Dumpy Git -- Old World Dwarf Blocker
15k -- Speedy Git -- Old World Human Catcher
15k -- Friendly Git -- Old World Human Lineman
15k -- Surprising Git -- Old World Dwarf Runner
15k -- Sneaky Git -- Old World Halfling Hopeful

Grimbreakers -> Prem, 1525.
No old players, in dwarf terms.

Latent Talent -> Confs, team not ready (Parked)
No old players, though they'll feel it after that.

Pitch Painters -> Confs, 1485.
15k -- Picasso -- Trained Troll
15k -- Giotto -- Trained Troll
15k -- Leonardo -- Pump Wagon
15k -- Cézanne -- Pump Wagon
15k -- Burnt Umber -- Fungus Flinga
15k -- Electric Indigo -- Fun-hoppa
15k -- Gotham Green -- Stilty Runna
15k -- Lavendar Blush -- Stilty Runna
15k -- Spanish Violet -- Snotling Lineman

Slouching Viper, Midden Dragon -> Coach redrafted Orcs.
15k -- Bruce Leeaf Viper -- Kroxigor
15k -- Jet Lizard -- Saurus Blocker
15k -- Jacky Wutu -- Skink Runner Lineman


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Joined: Feb 21, 2007

Post   Posted: Aug 15, 2022 - 06:04 Reply with quote Back to top

So many 15s k, nice work tussock

Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Aug 15, 2022 - 08:09 Reply with quote Back to top

4547 player-seasons in SWL BB20 thus far, for 3091 different players.

Should make for relatively easy record keeping when I get around to it. Very Happy


Joined: Sep 12, 2005

Post   Posted: Aug 15, 2022 - 10:10 Reply with quote Back to top

I wonder what player is going to get to the highest agents fees possible? I can see some stat freak big guy being kept forever….

Joined: Aug 10, 2018

Post   Posted: Aug 20, 2022 - 16:06 Reply with quote Back to top

Check back in on Auntyshape and Boyshape in a few seasons, Kransky...


Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Aug 24, 2022 - 07:54
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SWL Forlorn

A new race didn't lift the ultimate prize last season, but a few edged closer to it than ever before.

ClayInfinity's New Blacktown Expatriates finished 5th in Prem. Displacing the previous best ramchop's 6th placed GG Luckers in Season 91

Wozzaa's amazing Munchausen Moonrakers ended Jubba Grindhauler Conference in 2nd position, earning a Prem debut for halflings for the very first time. Previous best was a ClayInfinity's famous Mr Whippy's Donut Boys with a conference 5th way back in Season 10

Sandune's Hochland High-born one place below the flings in 3rd also earned a Prem debut for the nobles. Bettering their own best of 6th a season ago.


Also of note is Dan_Ger's A-Maize-ing Cereal Killers taking a bronze cup in the reggies. One to watch, can they do better than a 5th placing in conference this season?

The full forlorn list can be found here

Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Aug 24, 2022 - 11:20 Reply with quote Back to top

New teams from the ToB (and younger blooders) have easier to figure redrafts. TV limit, must be under it, replace all the players who didn't get SPP (or skills!) is the considered wisdom. Will fill in the rest here pretty soon, tourney winding up tonight.

1210 - Bloody Blooders (no niggles)
1445 - Can you roll a POW (0/1 niggles healed)
1265 - Giddleberry Lowborns
1125 - Hammer and tong
1255 - Kapitol Krushers (no niggles)
1285 - Let Slip the Dogs of War (3/4 niggles healed)
1280 - Lone Lada
1205 - Mighty Mortgaged Mob
1450 - Motherstone Connection
1410 - Nana's Undies (no niggles)
1180 - Southern Ring-ins
1325 - Ogrebearing
1450 - Weapons of Maths Destruction
1085 - Zharr-Naggrund Ramblers

Consistant Blooders may have some budget problems though.

All Your Balls -> ToB 1260
15k -- Us The Bomb -- Renegade Ogre
15k -- Main Screen -- Renegade Rat Ogre
15k -- All Your Balls -- Renegade Human Lineman
15k -- Are Belong To Us -- Renegade Human Lineman
15k -- You Have No -- Renegade Human Lineman
15k -- Chance To Survive -- Renegade Goblin
15k -- Move 'ZIG'. -- Renegade Dark Elf

Born to Rock -> ToB 1310
15k -- Diamond -- Ulfwerener
15k -- Quartz -- Norse Catcher
15k -- Talc -- Norse Raider Lineman
15k -- Calcite -- Norse Raider Lineman
15k -- Fluorite -- Norse Raider Lineman
15k -- Apatite -- Norse Raider Lineman

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