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mrcushtie (26269)
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Enormous Boys With Tiny Toys Ogre 135k 4/5/6 1525k ±410  
  Fonda Robbin Graves Shambling Undead 50k 4/1/3 1100k ±170  
  Gastro Pub Deluxe Nurgle 75k 5/4/16 1470k ±660  
  Guangdong Pirates Tomb Kings 215k 4/2/1 1190k ±180  
  Ladies Who Lunge Amazon 135k 5/2/0 1330k ±200  
  Legendary Belgian Strongmen Wood Elf 20k 0/0/2 1070k ±110  
  Musty Python's Undying Circus Necromantic Horror 140k 2/3/7 1390k ±260  
Scheduled against datom's Any Whi(c)h Way But Were (Seen 3h ago).
  Orcy Orcy McOrcface Orc 195k 3/3/11 1425k ±410  
  Reflatable Snakes Dark Elf 30k 0/1/1 850k ±90  
  Rivendell Arboretum First 11 High Elf 25k 0/2/4 1350k ±200  
  Saucy Chaps Elven Union 60k 0/0/4 1075k ±160  
  Squeakattle Seahawks Skaven 170k 3/1/2 1140k ±170  
  Super Gastro Atrocious Nurgle 155k 4/4/4 1420k ±270  
  Terry's Chocolate Oranges Khorne 115k 5/4/7 1640k ±440  
  Tree Fellas Wanted Wood Elf 200k 2/4/4 1425k ±210  
  Trophy Wives of Khaine Dark Elf 265k 3/3/7 1300k ±270  
  Vegan Superstars Chaos Chosen 60k 2/3/2 1330k ±200  
  Whitby Town Jets Vampire 60k 2/1/1 1120k ±170  
  Wimbledorc 2nd Eleven Black Orc 265k 5/7/13 1390k ±630  
  Wimbledorc FC Black Orc 70k 4/4/9 1075k ±310  
  Badlands Athletico Orc 100k 0/2/5 1230k    
  Baltimore Clydesdales Black Orc 100k 2/1/5 1260k    
  Bubble And Squeak Squeak Clan Pestilens 140k 1/6/2 1370k    
  Costa Reeker Clan Pestilens 85k 2/0/1 1280k    
  Pukka Chukkas Dark Elf 130k 1/1/2 1140k    
  Really Good Old Boys Tomb Kings 291k 3/0/4 1286k    
League teams for 145 Leagues and Tournaments
  Small Chaps With Big Toys Goblin 140k 2/0/1 815k    
League teams for Aussie Euro Bowl Test League
  Lunge Ladies Amazon 240k 0/0/1 910k    
League teams for Badlands Survivalists League
  Angry Contusions Chaos Chosen 440k 6/5/17 1390k    
  Sussex Hedgeclipper Massacre Goblin 230k 1/2/8 1280k    
League teams for BB2020 Testing 1-2-3
  Addiscombe Oval AFC Wood Elf 200k 0/0/0 1095k    
  Delicious Krump-Its Orc 0 0/0/0 1350k    
  Inflatable Snakes - OTB Dark Elf 105k 1/0/1 1330k    
  Jolly Nice Chaps Khorne 325k 0/1/0 950k    
  Just Deserts Tomb Kings 95k 0/2/0 1270k    
  PWN-BBL Squeakattle Spitehawks Skaven 340k 3/0/1 1455k    
  Super Stout Sloths Wood Elf 65k 2/0/1 930k    
League teams for CBBA
  Norscan Peninsula U Buccaneers Norscan Peninsula Buccaneers 330k 1/0/4 1100k    
League teams for Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg
  Mad Terry's Chocolate Oranges Khorne 85k 3/0/10 1350k    
League teams for Everett Blood Bowl League
  Charming Lovelies High Elf 220k 3/4/5 1620k    
League teams for NBBFL
  Seattle Sea Ostriches BIG BASH 200k 1/1/4 1930k    
League teams for O.C.C.U.L.T.
  Thought This Was Easy Mode Shambling Undead 155k 0/2/1 1030k    
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
League teams for OSBBL 2020 2.0
  Cheeze Eating Blender Monkeez Clan Moulder 55k 11/4/15 1290k    
Scheduled against mushoomy's Fumblerooskie Fumblerooskie (Seen 3d ago).
  Replaceable Cakes Khainite Assassins 55k 0/1/0 920k    
League teams for Puget Sound Fighting Cocks Sec
  PSFCMusty Persons Dying Circus Necromantic Horror 25k 1/0/1 1260k    
League teams for Secret League 2020
  Relatable Cakes Khainite Assassins 400k 6/4/9 1095k    
Scheduled against QuantumFlavour's Ogham Goliaths (Seen 16d ago).
  Troubled Bridgewater FC Savage Orc 145k 4/3/5 1250k    
League teams for Secret League Open
  Cheeky Cheesy Chappies Clan Skryre 200k 3/5/9 1430k    
  Cheese Eating Blender Monkees Clan Moulder 10k 5/6/19 1790k    
League teams for Southern Survivalists League
  Singed Poor Retirement Home Goblin Survivalists 180k 2/1/9 1255k    
League teams for Southern Wastes League
  Know Your Station Shambling Undead 25k 2/2/2 1260k    
  Lobrot Asylum Goblin 270k 11/8/43 1005k    
Scheduled against jswadswad's Crypt-Buried Raiders (Seen 4h ago).
League teams for SWL Fringe
  12 Feet Tall Dwarf 10k 0/0/1 980k    
  2355 To Hayes Shambling Undead 70k 1/1/0 1200k    
  A Right Royal Cockney Knees-Up Dark Elf 70k 0/1/1 1030k    
  Bonds Were Meant To Be Broken Human 60k 4/1/4 1590k    
  Put It In Cider Nurgle 70k 0/0/2 1120k    
  Real Fake Alternative Facts Chaos Chosen 330k 6/9/29 1460k    
  Singed Poor Scoundrels Goblin 550k 8/4/57 1170k    
League teams for The Chaos Cup with Giandroid a
  Monster Munch AFC Chaos Dwarf 260k 0/0/1 1040k    
League teams for UBBL
  Chaos Cup Rejects [UBBL] Chaos Chosen 10k 0/0/1 780k    
  Squeakattle Spitehawks Skaven 210k 6/2/8 1720k    
  UBBL Bogenhafen Laundrymen Nurgle 40k 7/5/4 1870k    
League teams for XXXL
  Bogan Picnic Hamper Stealers Bricktops Boisterous Butchers 204k 4/1/11 1325k    
  Consumate Profeshunals XXXL Showcase 80k 0/0/2 1230k    
League teams for zzz Deserted Isles Blood Bowl
  Fremantle Line Shambling Undead 90k 8/7/15 1590k    
  Bogenhafen Laundrymen Nurgle 210k 8/18/21 2130k    
  Edelweiss United Human 60k 3/1/6 1470k ±220  
  Not Exactly Brain Surgery Dark Elf 100k 3/2/8 1750k ±370  
  Squeaks Ahoy Skaven 40k 5/3/3 1370k ±230  
  Tiny Nightmares Skaven 90k 3/5/20 1720k ±880  
  12 Very Angry Men Human 20k 1/7/24 1810k    
  Big Boys Without Any Toys Ogre 30k 1/2/26 1810k    
  Buena Vista Anti-Social Club Underworld Denizens 0 3/5/26 1520k    
  Crude Lewd Food Dudes Halfling 60k 0/1/3 1140k    
  Difficult 2nd Album Syndrome Goblin 80k 0/1/3 1080k    
  Double Entendres Chaos Renegade 140k 3/0/3 1090k    
  Drakwald Carnivores Chaos Chosen 20k 1/1/4 1210k    
  Geordie Green Giants Orc 100k 3/5/26 1820k    
  Imposter Syndrome Underworld Denizens 90k 1/1/12 1180k    
  Invertebrutes Nurgle 90k 13/14/33 1930k    
  Mutant Rats With Silly Hats Skaven 110k 2/6/17 1500k    
  Nice Chaps With Lovely Smiles Dark Elf 30k 5/5/26 1640k    
  Not That Kind Of Gastro Pub Nurgle 160k 5/6/15 1690k    
  Only In It For The Glory Goblin 90k 1/5/26 1560k    
  Ostermark Owlbears Human 90k 2/3/7 1170k    
  Prominent Vegans Chaos Chosen 110k 23/15/46 1870k    
  Tiny Nightmares Reserve Box Skaven 60k 4/0/3 1380k    
  Trams Of South London Orc 170k 3/1/6 1410k    
  Twelve Feet Tall Dwarf 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Twelve Feet Taller Dwarf 20k 0/1/1 1100k    
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