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Post   Posted: Jan 10, 2020 - 05:03 Reply with quote Back to top

Welcome to NCBB TV. This is where the Conference Commissioners of the NCBB will be posting fluff pieces for their conferences.

NCBB Commissioners for Season 34 are as follows:

League Commissioner- ex-convict
BIG BEAST - Waaghafalga
FBC - JimFear
AKC - Swampserpent
SMACK-9 - Arcayn

Let's get this party started...

NCBB's SMACK-9 Conference Commissioner
NBFL's Draft Commissioner

Joined: Oct 18, 2015

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Gobl'n Bignerdh's Nerdh Hierarchy

Gobl'n: OK so we call this the Nerd Hierarchy. The Top 10 Teams in the SMACK. I rank them, obsessed about this stuff. I know it's just a list, right? But who cares, I do. So here we go...

Deep Booming Voice Heard from somewhere off camera: And now presenting the Nerd Hierarchy, the Top 10 SMACK teams according to Gobl'n.

Deep Voice: Number Ten

Gobl'n: California Golden Lizards. OK, so I know Cal isn't a SMACK team, but this is a Top 10 list so I needed 10. This spot really could have been held by any team in the Big LEAST. Any team from that inferior conference would finish last if they were a member of the SMACK.

Deep Voice: Number Nine

Gobl'n: Image Indiana Horrors

Let's start off by saying I love the logo. Top Props to the boys in the graphics department at Indiana for their work here. But sorry guys, any team unable to manage at least 1 tie in the non-AQ is going to struggle in the NCBB's Top Conference. I would view any points secured as a success this season.

Deep Voice: Number Eight

Gobl'n: Image Air Force Warpstone Falcons

I am not a fan of Underworld. My feelings are that Rats should stick with rats and goblins should... well, be groundskeepers, referees, or.... sportscasters. smiles at the camera At 7/4/27 lifetime, coach Roto has a few wins against decent teams. However, those teams are not SMACK caliber teams. Look for this team to Aim High... and Fail. John "Super Rat" Levitow is about all this team has going for it.

Deep Voice: Number Seven

Gobl'n: Image Hawaii Warrielves

Coach Apojar brings a NC pedigree with him to the Smack-9, having won it back in Season 10 with a different rendition of his Hawaii team. Rumors are he is more interested in breaking and setting passing records than he is in winning games, but we shall see if that is true as the enter the Smack-9 with a record of 3/0/5.

Deep Voice: Number Six

Gobl'n: Image UW-Whitewater WarFrogs

The defending Wonderbra Champions leap into the AQ conferences and land squarely in the Smack-9. Non-AQ finish of 5/1/3 is pretty impressive. But will they and their coach rodney_dangerfield get any respect against some of the best Elf teams the NCBB has to offer?

Deep Voice: Number Five

Gobl'n: Image Bro-Hio State Buckeyes

You can never should never count wood elves out. Especially when coached by an experienced quality coach. Bro-Hio is 20/12/18 lifetime. That is enough to tell me they will finish middle of the pack.

Deep Voice: Number Four

Gobl'n: Image SMU Mousestangs

These Rats enter their 3rd season with only 16 games under their belts. I expect them to be be successful and possibly receiving a Bowl Bid. At 8/3/5 overall, the SMACK's 2nd National Championship winning coach, Arcayn, will look to create some mischief.

Deep Voice: Number Three

Gobl'n: Image Poli Puerkos

I know, I know. How can I rank dwarves so high in this Baller-Heavy Conference. Well I'll tell you why. 12 of 14 players know how to tackle. The coach has 5 seasons experience coaching this team. They were in the National Championship Semi-Finals last season. They came up a little short. But that is no reason to look down upon them.

Deep Voice: Number Two

Gobl'n: Image U-Dub Elfkies

Another National Championship Semi-Finalist from last season and Our 3rd National Championship winning coach. Perennial powerhouse, and their HELFty coach need no real introduction. They will once again be back in the National Championship Hunt.

Deep Voice: And the Number One team according to Gobl'n

Gobl'n: Image Oregon Waterfowl

Time for a little Gobl'n Bignerhd NCBB History Lesson...

Way back in August of 2509, a coach named BoSoxFan818 played one game in the very first week of the modern era of the NCBB as the Georgia Bull Centaurs. His team was annihilated one the score board 3-0 and in the Casualty column as well, losing 2 chorf blockers and a hobgoblin to death. He immediately left the league. His replacement was one of 2 coaches who have remained in the league the entire time. I wonder if the admins of the league at that time knew what they were doing to their young league.

The team that replaced the Bull Centaurs would go on to win all 6 games that season and earn a bid to the National Championship, which they would win. They then go on to win 3 more matches next season before getting their first tie. And would go a total of 21 matches before their first actual loss.

They would go on to appear in 6 of the first 9 National championships, winning 3 of those and 3 more later on. With the last coming in season 26. Welcome back home to the Smack-9, Coach Kryten and your 174/45/47 all-time record. And winner of the Season 33 Rose Bowl.

That's right. Your ears are working. This Conference sports 4 National Championship winning coaches. If my research squigs are correct, no other conference currently sports more than 1 Championship coach.

So there you have it folks. The SMACK's Pre-Season Nerhd Hierarchy.

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First Mistake

SNEEZING: Good morning everyone and welcome to the Big Beast! I am Sneezing A. Snot and With me is MY MAN Max Spleenripper. In this our premiere show we will go over some of the storied franchises here in the Big Beast conference and let ya’ll know who we think are CONTENDERS and who are just pretenders! So sit back relax get some bloodwiser maybe some McNurglets and enjoy.

But first can I say!? MAX! MY man. This is our first show… you didn't think that maybe? Just maybe Max it might be a good idea to put on a tie for the occasion? COMMON man. You’re better than that.

MAX: OH YOU DIDN’T NOTICE MY DESIGNER CHAINSAW!? $5,000 for a chainsaw and all this guy notices is that I didn’t wear a tie today. You know some say it is actually fashionable to skip the tie. But whatever we aren’t here to talk about fashion Sneezing A. we are here to talk about THE BEAST! The Big Beast and you know what Sneezing A.? I am going to go out on a Limb here and say you might as well call this conference the big BEST because that's how good each and every team is in this conference. This is BY FAR the most competitive conference in the NCBB and…

SNEEZING: LET ME STOP YOU RIGHT THERE MAX. You know BANJO well that every team in the beast is not championship material. Every team in this conference is all that great. You know banjo well that ain't true.

MAX: Not true? Not true? Name one team Sneezing A. one team that can’t compete with any team in any of the other conferences any day of the week. Just one. YOU CAN’T do it.

SNEEZING A: Easy. Appalachian State. There I said it. It wasn't hard and you can’t disagree. We’re talking about a team MAX SPLEENRIPPER a team that 1. Lost to a one skill wood elf team and now rival in Fayetteville, 2. Lost to a SORRY 2 win team in UMASS 3. Had a PATHETIC performance in their last game of the season against Ottawa 4. Comes in at a puny 1320k tv one of the lowest in ALL the NCBBs Automatic Qualifying teams… SHOULD I GO ON MAX CAUSE I CAN GO ON IF YOU NEED ME TO!? SHOULD I GO ON!?

MAX: ok ok ok enough. So maybe every team isn’t the tip of the top. But there is more than enough talent in the BIB BEAST Sneezing A. to say that they will have MULTIPLE teams representing the conference in bowl games this season.

SNEEZING A: go on. I’m listening. Don’t worry I will interject the next time you are WRONG.

MAX: Oh I have no doubt you will be interjecting Sneezing A. whether I'm right or wrong. But if you can let me finish without interrupting that would be great. But let’s say there is one team that I KNOW will be having at least 2 wins this season and THAT team Sneezing Q. is Wisconsin.

SNEEZING A: 2 wins? At least 2? Why do you say that Max?

MAX: You interrupted me again Sneezing A. and if you hadn't you would have heard me say that they will definitely be beating at least DUKE AND BRO-HIO this year because these two teams are Wisconsin’s RIVALS AND THEY HAVE NEVER EVER NOT EVER beaten Wisconsin.

SNEEZING A: Well that’s all fine Max. but you are forgetting. This is a down year for them. A building year. Now that isn't to say that this team is devoid of all talent. They have a sophomore gutter runner with natural one turn potential they have a junior ball sacking gutter and really those two tools can carry a team a long way. BUT! BUT MAX and it is a very BIG BUT! Can they take them ALL THE WAY!? Probably not.

MAX: WHY SNEEZING A.? Why are you so down on everyone and everything?

SNEEZING A: I’m not down on everything Max. But I am down on UTEP. another team that is mediocre MAX that you say is somehow competitive. You want us all to believe that the BIG BEAST. Is the strongest conference then we go down the list of teams and here lies UTEP. A dead lump of rotting flesh.

MAX: Another team in a rebuilding year. Look there is potential there. They have all the pieces, this team is young. They are gonna get it together and wreak havoc on the opposition. Everyone was so scared of them last season Sneezing A… THAT THEY WOULDN'T EVEN PLAY THEM! Including a coach that is now the commissioner of the SMACK 9. Disgraceful. And disgusting. But let's not focus on that. Let’s instead focus on the fact that they are the sole real bash team in conference full of av 7. There I said it. They don't call this conference the Beast because you can just fly around all willy nilly throwing passes scoring on command. Oh no! This is the Beast with a capital B and UTEP is the team that is going to make it that way. This team is going to be killer.

But if i can switch gears for a second here. I wanna take a minute take a minute SNEEZING A. to talk about Barea. You wanna talk about a young team with talent!? This team is loaded with Mighty blow, tackle, blodge all over the place stat increases and what's best most of these players are only going into their junior year Sneezing A.

SNEEZING A: LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING MAX! You are absolutely right. FOR ONE in your life you are right. This team is coming into their prime and they are ready to compete. I look for this team to do great things in the Big Beast this year. IF. and I mean IF. they can stay healthy. This team is fragile only AV 7.

One bad game could send these young athletes right down into the belly of the Beast.

Let's talk about another team… Let's talk about the Fayetteville Bronchospams.

This is a good team. A young team. Only 3 games in their NON AQ season BUT 3 perfect games they are a PERFECT 3-0-0! Most of these players are red shirt freshman BUT they do have a ST 4 war dancer and a kicker and really Max what more do they need?

MAX: Hmmmm what more could a wood elf team need? What could possibly help them win some games!? Howabout if they put some damn amour on! I am sore just looking at yet another AV7 team in the Beast! 3 perfect games yes but what is gonna happen when game 4 tears them to shreds, and that ST 4 war dancer breaks his neck and cant pick up the ball anymore!?

SNEEZING A: Why do you always want to plan for the worst MAX? Why do you want the worst for everyone? You know what I think Max? I think you are a Human fan.. That's right bias journalism because you want to root for the Conference Commissioners team to kiss some damn ass and get some recognition. Pay some damn respect to the wood elves and all they have accomplished in this short time they have been in existence.

You wanna go on talking about pink skinz fancy elves, mice and rotting corpses. I wanna talk about MY boys. D boy’s. You say UTEP is the B in beast!? Let’s have a look at Cal! CAL IS THE BEAST.

MAX: COMMON Sneezing A.


MAX: NO I'M NOT GONNA LET YOU FINNISH! You went on and on about ME kissing ass for stating facts about App. St. having a probable comeback year and in your very next breath you are gonna start in with high praise for the League Commissioners team!? REALLY SNEEZING A? REALLY!?

SNEEZING A: Did I say they I had high praise for them?

I’m waiting…

MAX: Was I supposed to an...

SNEEZING A: I didn’t give them a damn bit of praise. I simply wanted to call to the viewers attention the fact that they were my team. There’s nothing wrong with playing favorites around here. This is a blood bowl show. We all watch blood bowl and we all have teams that we cheer for the team i so happen to cheer for is CAL.

MAX: You said Sneezing A. and I quote “Cal is the B in Beast” that is high praise you’re saying they are the top dogs!

SNEEZING A: You know what. I did say that because they are. All these other teams have something to prove Cal went to the championship game last season. How many of these other teams can say that!? NONE. Cal is the team to beat. In addition to that they have two National titles in their trophy case and are by far the biggest, baddest team in the beast so yes they are the B in Beast. Stating facts is not high praise stating facts is stating facts. Cal is a perennial bowl contender and this season won't be any different.

MAX: I’m certainly not going to tell you anything different. Like i said from the get go. The Big Beast is full of championship material. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see three or four of these teams make bowl games. In Fact I would be willing Sneezing A. to go out on a limb and say that I would be surprised if three teams from this conference DIDN’T make bowl games. So okay there are a few teams that are rebuilding. Well by the end of the season these teams will go from rebuilding to rebuilt.

Writer's note. So i made a far more edited more complicated version of this but some thought it was a little too flashy. i did this redesign had all the gifs and pics in place and... somehow deleted all the work. im not doing this again a 4th time so. here is a link to the flashy version with all the giffs and picks and whatnot.


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Welcome to NCBB Season 34! Let’s take an in-depth look at the newly revamped Fumbbl Bowl Conference (FBC for short).

Returning teams
Duke Blue-Green Devils
Miami BallHawks
Howlson Tigers

New to the conference
Um Go
St. Louis

Duke Blue-Green Devils


Lizardmen – Longstanding team

You know them, you likely hate them, so you best get ready to face them. Duke. They’re one of the NCBB’s longstanding powerhouse teams, so you best come prepared with a plan and your “A” game, and then get ready to throw it all away and start from scratch. Duke can be beaten, but you’re going to have to really work for it.

Now, let’s take a look at some of their roster for Season 34:

The Devils have 114 SPPs worth of Seniors returning, in the forms of Gnaw Ge (Saurus Blocker/Block, Frenzy, Mighty Blow), Luis von Ahn (Saurus Blocker/Block, Guard, Stand Firm), Coch Lear (Saurus Blocker/Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Break Tackle, Guard), and Amberle Blackwell (Saurus Blocker/Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle.) Good luck getting the ball past them. New recruit Clark Styron (Krox) will be debuting this season, so expect to find them in the mix. Nob Carson (Skink/+AG,+ST, Side Step) Looks posed to attempt to set a single season scoring record, and still has two seasons to accomplishes this.


Duke’s defense is going to be difficult to get by, and near impossible to remove from the pitch. The skills and direction of these forces alone are going to be enough to put most of Duke’s opponents out of commission. Duke’s biggest weakness is their offense. A single developed Skink is all they sport; removing him would be a key part to any team’s strategy for defeating Duke, but even then, there will be another Skink nearby to attempt to collect the ball, and Duke will have the rerolls necessary. Is this the season Duke will return to the national spotlight after a drought for the past three seasons?

Miami BallHawks


Slann – Fourth season

A team best known for an impressive second season, leading the nation in defense, and earning the right to play in the National Championship. A team also known for their crazy plays, which puzzle the spectators, and sometimes work. A race many have little experience playing against. It all combines into the perfect storm, and depending on which way the wind blows, creates on-field magic, or spells disaster.

Surviving members appearing in Season 34:

Miami is anchored by Seniors Pete Lyman (Lineman/+ST, Block, Sure Hands) on ball carrying duties, Brody Cauca (Linemen/Wrestle, Tackle), Doug Cuzco (Lineman/+ST, Block), and Lancini Speyer (Lineman/Guard) on the line, and Elijah Woodhousii (Blitzer/Block, Guard, Dodge, Side Step) supporting a multipurpose defensive role. Redshirt Sophomore Cole Jabriu (Lineman/Guard) will also be assisting in defensive efforts. On offense, Junior Isaiah Golfodulcean-Madaris (Catcher/Hail Mary Pass, Dodge) looks to continue his efforts of adding a passing game to Miami’s arsenal.

Special defensive note: Redshirt Sophomore Natal Adams (Blitzer/Wrestle, Tackle, Mighty Blow), coming off of a HUGE second season, looks to pick up the mantel formerly held by Drakensberg Fields as the team’s penultimate defensive player. Miami has high hopes for Natal.


Miami has all of the tricks, the tools, and the skills to make them a top contender in this league. What Miami also has is a nasty habit of choking. If Miami can control the amount of hits it allows itself to take, and thereby reducing injuries, they could have a shot. But they will also need to focus on scoring touchdowns, as defense alone does not win games.

Howlson Tigers


Necro – Longstanding team

A team with a successful history of victories and bowl appearances, Howlson is back in the FBC after shifting conferences during the previous season. This means some renewed bad blood against Duke (0/0/3) and Miami (1/1/0), as well as establishing dominance over the new teams entering the FBC. Can Howlson get over the hurdle and into the big show?

Stand out corpses, er, I mean “Players” for this season:

Right of the rip we find two (2) Sophomore Flesh Golems, both with +ST. Andrew Garnett and Brendan Cassels will likely be the keys to Howlson’s offensive line this season. We also find fellow Sophomores Robert Heyward (Wight Blitzer/Mighty Blow, Tackle) and Tom Falcco (Werewolf/Block, Dodge), primed for defensive plays against rival ball carriers. Junior Ryan Stover (Ghoul/Sure Hands, Side Step, Tackle) will be handing split duties between ball carrier and sweeper.


With the graduation of Sam Gallahan, one of the best Werewolves to play the sport, Howlson has been left with a hole in their offensive game which cannot be easily filled. There’s promise in Tom Falcco, but the first few game of the season will be pivotal to the team, and especially when it comes to team building. This season may be a rebuild season for Howlson, but with all the right tools in the right place, expect the Tigers to show well even during a rebuild.

Saint Louis Billikens


High Elf –Third Season

Saint Louis graduated from the Non-AQ division with honors, before faltering slightly last season in the All Killer Conference. But, with a new season, in a new division, and with a solidly built team, there’s no reason this cannot be their breakout season. Conference mates Howlson may have something say about this, as they have an ax to grind over their previous meetup with Saint Louis.

Season 34’s notable starters:

The heart of this team is it’s defensive line, all Juniors, Brian McBride (Lineman/Block, Dodge), Dipsy Selowane (Lineman/Block, Dodge), Larry Hughes (Lineman/Guard, Block, Mighty Blow), Eddie Cochems (Lineman/Block, Dodge, Diving Tackle), Matt McKeon (Lineman/Block, Kick), and Martin Hutton (Lineman/+MA, +MA). If you can point out a line better equipped to handle any potential threat, be it ball or bash, I’ll hand over the FBC commissioner duties to you. And as elves, any one of these players can change roles on the fly and potentially throw or catch the ball. Very versatile. Expect Bradbury Robinson (Blitzer/Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow) to be hunting down opposing ball carriers this season.


As the only “pure balling” team in the conference, if the Billikins can successfully elfball on offense, while using all of their defensive players to full utilization, they may have the perfect combination to cause a major upset in the conference. Further development of their three Catchers will be imperative to making this possibility a reality.

Um, G'olden Go For Its!


Human –Third Season

Last season’s Smack Conference champions have graduated from the amateur conference to the pros, and they bring a successful W/T/L record and a well-built Human team to the FBC. They will be greeted warmly by Howlson, one of their rivals, as well as the rest of the conference. In a conference which sports no one singular playstyle, perhaps the jack-of-all-trades team will become king?

Player highlight:

The combined offensive prowess of Juniors Symbol of Regency (Thrower/Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Kick-Off Return, Safe Throw), Angus "Hmm" MacGyver (Catcher/Catch, Dodge, Side Step, Block, Diving Catch), Dr. Demento Jr (Blitzer/Block, Dodge, +MA), and Paul Bunyan (Blitzer/Block, +AG, Tackle, +MA) will be enough to put fear into the hearts of any opponent. And if all else fails, there are an additional two catchers for the Go For Its’ to utilize. When it comes to laying waste to the opposing line, Pillsbury Doughboy (Ogre/Block, Pro, Dodge) is custom built for just such a job. Jessie "The Body" Ventura (Blitzer/Block, Mighty Blow, Guard) will most likely be assisting in player removal.


It’s difficult not to like this team, as they’re the plucky underdogs. No fancy claws or natural AG4, just pure grit and determination. Unfortunately, all of their conference mates are also determined, and they do come equipped with things such as AG4 and claws. It’s going to take proper strategy on Um, Golden’s part on how best to handle each of the different teams, and special interest in preventing too many injuries on their vital positional players.

Ottawa Bee-Bees


Undead – Second Season

The darlings of Season 33’s Non-AQ conference are now ready to test their mettle against the rest of the NCBB. Amassing a respectable 140 SPPs in a single season, Ottawa has a complete bench, wanting for nothing but to hear the cries and wails of the opponent’s fans as the Bee-Bee’s devour their team. This could be a very good season for our neighbors from the North.

Season 34 creep-out players:

Sophomore Julian Starr (Ghoul Runner/Dodge, +ST, Block, Sure Hands) has already proven to be just that, a star on the pitch. Along with Starr are Heshel Teitelbaum (Ghoul Runner/Dodge, Block) and Chibuike Udenigwe (Ghoul Runner/Dodge, Block), destine to develop into multipurpose roles to best serve the team. Fabio Variola (Wight Blitzer/Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow) and Jean-Michel Weber (Wight Blitzer/Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow) will be handling the mauling of the opposition, along with Kirill Zaynullin (Mummy/Mighty Blow, Guard, Stand Firm) and Xuhua Xia (Mummy/Mighty Blow, Block).


There appears to be no weak spot in the Bee-Bee’s armor. Some would cite their unskilled zombie linemen, but they are just fodder, and there are plenty more available. The true test for Ottawa will be going up against teams which can match them for strength, speed, or resiliency of their players. Expect a good showing by this team, as well as several fouls to come Julian’s way.

Along with your classic rivalries and chaos, this year’s FBC conference will be hosting a special inter-conference bowl, the Undead United Bowl, between Howlson and Ottawa.


The winner of this bowl game will establish itself as the premier Undead/Necro team in the NCBB. Where can you find all this action and excitement? Not any of the other so-called conferences, only the FBC. Welcome home.

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SNEEZING: Well well Max here we are again and week 1 of ncbb is under way. I want to take a minute to talk about some of this week's notable matchups if that's ok with you if course.

MAX: Fine with me Sneezing A.

SNEEZING: I'm so glad that we agree. Good to see you have a tie on today. looks like I finally talked some sense into you. But we're not here to talk about ties... If Bazakastine were here we could talk ties but he ain't here. So we're gonna talk big games instead. The NON AQ championchip rematch is week 1 of the NCBB. Talking about the Ottowa Bee Bees and the App St Hillbillies

MAX: oooooh yeah. That will be a good game. Those humans are going to be out to prove that the sloppy game they played in the championchip isn't who they are. At the same time the bee bees are also going to be looking to get a solid win to start their season.

SNEEZING: Now the hillbillies are going to have to play this game down a bunch of tv. The difference maker here will be if they can make the most of their imducements to take them to a win.

MAX: The game I want to talk about is Barea v. UM Go. Humans v humans well kinda. But the fact that this is coach wolvezzz first NCBB game after taking a season off against a very solid coach and team in tussocks go for it's. The go have a blodge pro ogre that could wreak havoc on the Amazon's. Still I think whoever finds the most blocks will be the team who takes this game.

SNEEZING: Last but definitely not least let's have a chat about the rivalry game. Wisconsin and Duke. Now here is a chance for you too look like a baffoon Max. You called this game a win before the season ever started. So here is the chance let's hope Wisconsin dosent mess this up and make you look like a fool!

MAX: I have my full faith in Wisconsin to NOT mess this thing up. Anyway I just want to do a quick mention of the other games. Coach garc is still off shredding the mountains of Japan so his game will be made up later. Cal and Miami is a fun one for sure I'm picking cal for this one especially since Coach Fear is always wanting to talk that trash and lastly utep is going to have to make good use of imducements against st Louis but with some luck and solid play this game is still gonna be tough angainst some well developed high elves.

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Welcome fans to NCBB TV's latest installment...

The SCC Season 34 Preview Show

First of all we will take a look at the reformed SCC - Southern Chaos Conference - that consists of the following 6 teams:

- the reigning NCBB back to back champions TCU Horned Rats
- the three season young team Ball State Crimson Birds
- the three season young team Illinois Valley CC Ranchers
- the oldest team in all NCBB, the ageless Navy Midskeletonmen
- right at their peak, the inaugural class of the Oooklahoma Flingers
- and finally, in their 15th season, the steadfast dwarves from Karak University

Afterwards we'll do our best to predict the standings after five games of conference play and even try to see into the far future adding the outcome of five more OoC games against yet to be determinded opponents.

And now, without further ado, let's get this show rollin'. Here's our indepth analysis of the six contenders for SCC championship.


Indepth Analysis of SCC:

TCU Horned Rats (Skaven)
1550 TV (+200K treasury)
13 players: 6 Fresh, 3 Soph, 2 Jun, 2 Sen
SPP on roster: 196

Star Player: Gutter Runner Alex Delton (QB) #16, the blue print of a dual-threat quarterback: Speed, Agility, ball handling skills, Alex got it all. The Senior will be the Leader of TCU's offense in Season 34. If he can improve his passing skills just a bit more, he might even fullfill that role in an NBFL team in the near future.

Most Promising Prospect: Gutter Runner Taye Barber (WR) #4 and Thrower Justin Rogers (QB) #13 are both Sophomores, but have already shown huge potential to become TCU's next Star Players... if they can live long enough to get there.

Team's Strength: A well-rounded Gutter Runner Squad (1 Freshman, 1 Sophomore, 1 Junior, 1 Senior) and a Star Thrower in the making promise some good ballin' in the upcoming campaign. Expect coach FRSHMN to fully utilize it.

Team's Weaknesses: Where is the bash we used to love / fear for the last two seasons? Well, the short story is: Graduation! TCU had to say goodbye to its Golden Generation with a total of 479 SPP. Among these were Killer-Blitzer Jawuan Johnson (LB) #1 and best ever Rat Ogre Joseph Broadnax Jr. (DT) #54. Now there are two Freshman Blitzers, a Freshman Rat Ogre might follow if recruitment finds a promising candidate. Not as intimidating as it used to be.

Ball State Crimson Birds (Human)
1590 TV (+90K treasury)
13 players: 5 Fresh, 4 Soph, 4 Jun, 0 Sen
SPP on roster: 141

Star Player: Catcher Seth B is a physical monster of Metcalfian dimensions. He's all invested in +STR, but needs some more skills to really make full use of it.

Most Promising Prospect: It's a young program (3rd season), that still has to establish a reputation. That is in the league as well as among future prospects. Best shot so far is Ogre Paul M, who helps out his team with his physical strength, his Guarding support as well as some additional mobility.

Team's Strength: They used the two last seasons to lay out the foundation for a bright future. Now they have all the pieces at the proper place: Full Blitzer squad, Ogre, passing offense department, good coaching staff and a medical department that meets league standards.

Team's Weaknesses: The team is still young and they will face some serious competition in SCC. So far they lack the skills needed to stand the test... or maybe even survive. But they are Humans, they might find a way.

<<< A short commercial from one of our sponsors... >>>

The SCC Season 34 Preview Show
is brought to you by

Warpstone 'til you're prone!

<<< ... End of commercial. Back to the Show! >>>

Illinois Valley CC Ranchers (Chaos Chosen)
1610 TV (+190K treasury)
11 players: 1 Fresh, 4 Soph, 6 Jun, 0 Sen
SPP on roster: 205

Star Player: Chosen Blocker Earl Varney is a defensive threat. He has amassed 16 causalties in 19 games, testament to his dedication going Mighty Blow first. This dedication paid off with +Str next, before the fundamental skills with Block and Claw followed. Although only a Junior going into this season, he has already attracted a lot of attention from NBFL scouts.

Most Promising Prospect: Beastman Runner Rosy surprised everyone in last year's tryouts with outstanding Speed. In his Sophomore year he might build a dynamic duo with Junior Beastman Runner Dillinger of the same Speed and add some Movement and Manoeuvrability to Illinois' Offense.

Team's Strength: Strength is Illinois' Strength. They have four blocked up players with Strength 4+. Additionally, all their Beastman Runners come with Horns. That makes some huge potential when it comes to bash your opponents off the pitch.

Team's Weaknesses: Only 2 out of 7 Beastman Runners have learned how to safely Block. Furthermore the Ranchers lack a dedicated ball carrier. This might lead to some unexpected turnovers, which again could cost them some drives... and games.

Navy Midskeletonmen (Khemri)
1610 TV (+480K treasury)
13 or 14 players: 3 Fresh, 4 Soph, 5 Jun, 1 or 2 Sen
SPP on roster: 173

Star Player: Difficult to say due to unclear status of several player. It may be Alexander Teich II, an Anointed Blitzer with outstanding +Str... or maybe he's already on his way to NBFL!? Then there are Juniors MD The Annhilator V and Matthew Pritchett VIII both with Block and Tackle, some very special Tomb Guardians. Or maybe blodged up Anointed Thrower Kriss Proctor III who might be a Junior... or a Senior. Obviously it is very hard to say how old these old bones really are.

Most Promising Prospect: There are literally no young bones ever on a Khemri team.

Team's Strength: As with aforementioned Illinois (and maybe even a bit more) Strength is Navy's Strength, too. They have four players with Strength 5. The clash of these two teams will be a real highlight of SCC's conference games.

Team's Weaknesses: With no players of agility higher than 2, ball handling can... no... will be a huge problem for Navy. If they are lucky, the opposing team won't have the players to take advantage of it. But then there is Navy's record of 133 losses against only 41 wins and 43 draws which tells another tale.

<<< And it's time for another advert... >>>

This announcement was brought to you by
Oooklahoma Flingers

<<< ... Thank you for your support with this advert. Back to the Show! >>>

Oooklahoma Flingers (Simyin)
1870 TV (+20K treasury)
13 players: 4 Fresh, 3 Soph, 2 Jun, 4 Sen
SPP on roster: 245

Star Player: Senior Rocky Calmus with 110 SPP carries almost half of the SPP currently on the Flingers' roster. And the Gorilla really is like a Swiss Army knife for coach Klazam, with positive numbers in every category that is tracked in NCBB: TD, CAS, interceptions, passes... Rocky has made it all at some point in his carreer. Heck, he even managed to put a boot or two on target. Now he aims for a spot among the NCBB Greatest Players of All Times, with "Interceptions" and "Most Carreer SPP" being his best shots.

Most Promising Prospect: As a program in its fourth year, there are really no outstanding prospects. Most of the Freshman and Sophomores are replacements for gone-too-soon players from their inaugural season (which Flingers seem to have a lot). These replacements tend to get not as much attention by the coaching staff as the inaugural players. Furthermore coach Klazam recently stated that he has offers from other colleges which might limit his longterm interest in this team - and its players - as well.

Team's Strength: Multi-Grab is a thing of course. But that gets trumped by an outstanding player: Once again spotlight on Senior Gorilla Rocky Calmus, the Hammer Award Winner from Season 33. He might even do the trick to win it back to back this season.

Team's Weaknesses: The Apes' durability. If you look at their past players listings, you'll find more talent there than most young teams have ever had on their roster to that point. Two times +AV, three times +AG... Flingers just seem unable to protect their all of assets. Most prominent victim was Bonobo Tony Jefferson, who died last season in his Junior year.

Karak University (Dwarf)
2030 TV (+760K treasury)
14 players: 1 Fresh, 6 Soph, 4 Jun, 3 Sen
SPP on roster: 297

Star Player: Karak has much experience in building stars (not as much in using them successfully though). Therefore it is no wonder that they have stars for both sides of the ball: For offense there is Xcess, a +Str, Blodged up Runner. For defense they have Troll Slayer Bubba Bo Bob, a crowd surfer deluxe. Opposing teams will think twice to spread their offense to the sidelines.

Most Promising Prospect: By definition only Freshmen and Sophpmores qualify for this category. But we're bending the rule a bit for Little Timothy, who started his carreer in the shadow of Karak's Superstar Blitzer Trey SayOw!. So for the duration of this preview let's pretend Little Timothy earned a Special Redshirt in his first season. We do that because he really is something special, having learnt the secrets of how to successfully Dodge and Diving Tackle. Hopefully he'll get some more time in the spotlight now that the Blitzer squad is being rebuilt.

Team's Strength: With Block and Tackle on almost any player, even the most unskilled player is still better prepared for NCBB madness than moderately skilled players from other programs. Add Guard to the mix and the team should be able to outblock even the teams with more Strength... that this conference has many.

Team's Weaknesses: Low Agility and Speed requires perfection when it comes to zone defense. We will see if coach Xeterog is able to up his game in this department... or simply relies on his team's bashing ability. I mean, there's no need to cover a zone when there's no opposing player able to get into that zone.

But what does all that mean for SCC's final standings when they have played each other. Time for the prediction after five games of conference play and for the far future.


Prediction I (after five conference games):

1. Oooklahoma Flingers, with 4-0-1 (only loss to Illinois)
2. Illinois Valley CC Ranchers, with 3-1-1 (better than expected)
3. Karak University, with 3-0-2 (coming in short behind Ranchers)
4. TCU Horned Rats, with 2-1-2 (bowl eligable, but way behind expectations)
5. Navy Midskeletonmen, with 0-3-2 (having a hard time... again)
6. Ball State Crimson Birds, with 0-1-4 (didn't find a way)

Prediction II (5+5 games):

Oooklahoma Flingers go on to play a very successful campaign and will in the end be either BCS Championship contender (Top 4) or at least play in the high prestige Rose Bowl.

Illinois Valley CC Ranchers struggle in OoC, but will still be bowl eligable due to a great conference record and fight once more for the Fire Ball Bowl.

Karak University will for the first time since Season 23 win 5 games and go to the DedEx Orange Bowl where they have to play for the second time this season...

... TCU Horned Rats, who save an unsatisfying season in OoC with 2 wins and 3 draws for a total record of 4-4-2.

Navy Midskeletonmen won't make a bowl. Too bad for a regular bowl, but still too good for McNurgles...

... which can't be said about Ball State Crimson Birds. Although they finally secure their first win in OoC, they still find themselves in the McNurgle's Bowl.

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FBC Week One Preview

First week of the season the FBC takes on the Big Beast.

Ottawa vs. App State

A rematch of last season's Non-AQ Championship, we see Ottawa (1710TV) posed to decimate App State(1320TV). But, with 390k worth of inducements, App State may put up a fight for at least the first half.

Ottawa swarms App St., handing out a literal beating.

Howlson vs. Fayetteville

Word on the street is Fayetteville isn't even going to show up for this match. If they do, expect the Tigers to gnawing on the bones of some wood elves.

Miami vs. Cal

The Battle of the Number Twos, as Seasons 32 and 33's NC runners up battle it out. Some crazy plays are going to be seen.

Freak snowstorm leads to poor blocking. News at 11.

Duke vs. Wisc

Starting this year off with a rivalry match. Duke is going to snap, crackle, and pop these rats, even if Wisc does show up with a wizard.

Duke makes this one textbook. Might be a tough year for Wisconsin.

Um Go vs. Berea

Berea is going to try to get fancy, but the rust from taking a season off is going to hurt them. Expect an Um Go interception to change the course of this game.

Um Go executes some fancy offense, followed by solid defense to secure a tie.

St. Louis vs. UTEP

UTEP won't even get their hands on the ball as St. Louis has a field day running in touchdowns. Elves take this one home in style.

Saint Louis elfs hard on defense, preventing the score, and then takes the quick lead second half. Cannot prevent the tying touchdown due to attrition. Well fought.

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The People versus Gobl'n Bignerdh

Gobl'n: In this segment I will pick the winners of each SMACK-9 game this week. In addition we have polled The People and we will compare how I do versus how you do.

This week's games feature matchups between teams that have never met. The coaches have history in one or two of the matchups, but there are no previous games between the teams that are meeting this week. Let's get started...

Deep Voice: SMU @ Indiana

Gobl'n: On paper this looks like a total mismatch. We have a 2nd year coach with a team that has lost all previous 9 games. And we have a long tenured coach with a team with a winning record. SMU has several tools at their disposal, and plays a very aggressive style on both offense and defense. I believe they will overwhelm the young Horrors and be a bit too much for them. My pick... SMU 3-1

100% of The People surveyed agree.

Deep Voice: Poli Puerkos @ Oregon

Gobl'n: When I did my Nerdh Hierarchy I placed Oregon at #1 and Poli @ #3. However, I believe this matchup favors the dwarves. Poli has a stronger recent history. And with all of the Tackle that the dwarves posses, the Waterfowl's ability to dodge will be nullified. This one will be a 2-1 grind in favor of Poli

100% of The People Surveyed DISAGREE!

Deep Voice: U-Dub @ Hawaii

Gobl'n: Our first elf on elf excitement. I don't know if there will be much defense played in this game. Hawaii will look to air it out, and the Elfkies might just be willing to oblige. My pick.... U-Dub 3-2

75% of the People agree

Deep Voice: Bro-Hio @ Air Force

Gobl'n: The Falcons will attempt to remove elves from the field. And they will likely succeed. But the elves will also succeed at their goal of putting the ball into the endzone more often. My pick.... Bro-Hio 2-0

50% of The People surveyed agree.

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The SCC Week 1 Review Show

And we're back again. This time, with a retrospective of SCC's Games from Week 1. Did our contenders deliver, did our pretenders surprise? Who did crumble, who did explode... and yes, without the intend to spoiler, there was at least one "Explosion Fur Real"!

You want to know more? Then stay with us, as we start with our show right after this small announcement of one of our show's sponsors...

<<< Commercial >>>

"Are you tired of your dugout being chock-full? Has your local trash dump shut the door... at least for your weekly deliveries of "special waste"?
Don't worry, there's always a place for all your still servable livestock (and anything else close to.. or beyond... really, we don't care!)."


<<< End of Commercial >>>

So what's our first game? *drum roll*

Oooklahoma Flingers vs. Gallaudet Deaf Bulls: 1 - 1

On paper, this looks like a sure-fire win for the Flingers to start the season. Second-Year Deaf Bulls only fielding three players with more than one skill up, whereas Oooklahoma has last year's The Hammer Award winner Rocky Calmus and even stronger Gorilla Travis Lewis in its ranks. So... what went wrong?
In short: Joey Mendis, the star-in-the-making Running Bull of Gallaudet. He is a nearly unstoppable force. Oooklahoma tries a lot, seeing a chance due to Joey's frozen hands from an early Blizzard, but maybe overcommits in the attempt to take advantage. Joey is able to walk it in untouched in turn 8 (untouched at least for several turns), and it is 1-0 for half time.
Second half the Apes seem to have full control, although they are giving away too much contact on the ball carrier for what I like to see from a Championship Contender. Still they are able to hurt the Hobs and handle the Chops. Then all brakes loose when Rocky is blocked and Gallaudet takes possession of the ball. But experience beats effort and Flingers stumble it in the endzone turn 8.

Illinois Valley CC Ranchers vs. UC San Dogo Krytens: 0 - 1

Third-year program versus thrid-year program. Or: Bashy AG4 versus Bashy Mutations. And exactly that is how they begin. A casualty from San Dogo is answered with one from Illinois... balling? Just as much as needed to secure the ball. Then the Chaos Chosen see a chance to break through... or is it a trap? Elves use their AG4 and take down the ball carrier and from there on the ball is gone. Both teams exchange some blows, the Ranchers show effort and take down the elven ball carrier, which leaves just enough impression to make the Kryten forget his AG4 and failing the pick-up attempt. 0-0 at half time.
Second half goes exactly the same (exchanging blows, ignoring the ball) with the following small differences:
- Elves keep the ball deep in own territory, far off the Ranches' grasp
- Chaos again shows more effort in the bashing game, filling the Kryten's dugout faster than an All-You-Can-Eat buffet at McNurgle's
- Still the Elves hold on to the ball and walk it in turn 7
- Ranchers lack the needed dice and proper route running to keep the door open for the equalizing TD

Karak University vs. BYU Cougars: 1 - 0
We leave this to our field reporter live at Karak Stadium:

"Karak starts off season 34 much like Season 33, with a win vs BYU

1st half the Cougars received the ball and played elf ball a bit in the backfield as Karak's defense tried to cover the field. It was a stalemate for many turns until an elf broke free--only for the sure TD pass was fumbled. This allowed Xcess to blitz the Thrower, taking him out of the game (BH), pick up the ball and then take the next 3 turns rushing down the pitch as fast as he could safely go for the TD as time expired.

2nd half saw the Techies offense stutter at mid-field for most of the half. Despite the bashing machine that Karak has turned into kicking in, they were not able to hold on to the ball consistently. Luckily for KAMU, the every lowering number of elfs meant that there was just one elf in scoring range as time was ticking down, and Ragin Ralph was able to take him down, preserving the win.

Xcess was the MVP and becomes a Superstar, taking fend."

Thanks to our stout field reporter live in Karak.

We're half way through Week 1, let's have another second for one of our sponsors:

<<< Commercial >>>

Former TCU and actual NBFL star blitzer Jonathan Anderson steps up to the camera, yelling:
"I wrap up 1.41 CAS PER GAME. As a DENVORK BRONKORK I SINGLE-HANDEDLY KILLED or MAIMED 25 players, making me ONE OF THE DEADLIEST blitzers in NBFL. I WON a SUPERBOWL back in Season 18. But before I follow my daily CALL TO ARMS, I always start training with a very special bowl. A bowl of KIL-OGG'S CRUNCH!"

... with a special toy in every 7th box: an original tooth (or other small body part) from one of Jonny's latest victims.

<<< End of Commercial >>>

And we're back on and ready to go with the final three games of Week 1. Next team up...

TCU Horned Rats vs. Mz State Bull Dawgz: 1 - 1

TCU gets a chance early on and already has the ball in hands ready to pass it away, but an Orc finally gets a tackle on Alex Delton and he trips. From there on, rats run for their lives for the rest of the half. One turn attempt fails although only one push is needed. 0-1 at half time.
Second half sees the rats bring a ball chain that weaks havoc among the Orks... for one turn. Then he's knocked out and rats are running for their lives again, but this time they have the ball in hands... for half of the drive. The other half is an ugly brawl for control of the ball, with the lucky end for TCU.

Navy Midskeletonmen vs. Northern Virginia CC Hawks: 1 - 1

Navy plays a pretty solid opening drive, pushing the ball forward behind a wall of dusty muscles wrapped in ancient toilet paper. The Hawks fall left and right, some to the mighty blows of the mummies, some to the stomps of the heated crowd. Still only one of them is out for the game... but in his case: for the game although means forever.
The relative bloodless blocks from Navy once again anger the crowd, which storm the pitch in an invasion and knock over a number of Navy stars. Those who dodge the crowd run into the opening hits from Norther Virginia, leaving Navy only half the men to stop the Hawks for several turns. Navy tries best, but in turn 4 the fight is over and it's 1-1.
That leaves Navy with some time to take the lead again, but somehow it all goes south. It all starts with a two-cas turn by Virginia which again gives the Hawks the man advantage to flood the Navy back field. Somehow Navy holds on to the ball, walks through the lines of Hawks and even manages to get into scoring range in turn 7... but then again the drive takes a turn for 180°. Hawks go for the ball carrier, take him down an even pass deep down field. But no catch, no guts, no glory and the game ends 1-1.

Ball State Crimson Birds vs. FlaSt Delfinoles: 0 - 1

Ball State puts pressure on the ball after one of their Linemen is seriously stabbed out of the game. But the Delfinoles recover and outmaneuver the Crimson Birds. FlaSt do a good job to screen their ball carrier off the pursuing Birds, but the Ogre sees a thin gap and goes for it. But it's too thin for the Big Guy and the Delfinoles walk it in turn 8.
Second half seems like the teams are trying to mirror the first one. The Delfinoles pressure the ball, but Ball State recovers and even manages to badly hurt some nasty Linedelves. FlaSt bends, but they don't break and the Crimson Brids' offense gets unstable. Their ball carrier is open for a blitz... but this time it is successful and the Delfinoles take their chance, defending the lead.

And this was it, the SCC Week 1 Review Show. Join us next time when we take a look at Week 2.

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The SCC Out-of-Conference Phase One Review Show

Hello sportsfans and Southern Chaos Enthusiasts. We're back and this time, we'll have a look how our contestants of the SCC did during their Out of Conference games.

You want to know more? Then stay tuned, as we start with our show right after this short commercial...

<<< Commercial >>>


"Where everbody knows your pain!"

<<< End of Commercial >>>

So who do we start with? I'd say, let's not hold back and start with our reigning back-2-back champs... *drum roll*

TCU Horned Rats (0 - 2 - 1)

TCU vs. Mz State Bull Dawgz: 1 - 1
TCU vs. Miami BallHawks: 1 - 1
TCU vs. California Golden Lizards: 0 - 2

Well, it has to be said, that this was a hell of an Out-of-Conference series. TCU as the back-to-back champions against both their championship final opponents from Seasons 32 and 33 as well as the championship program from season 31. Only way to make it more challenging would have been to throw Duke Blue-Green Devils into the fight... but once again, they had to stay out just by inches.

For the games, TCU did respectable, with draws in the two opening games. But especially the second one was a Pyrrhic victory (without being a victory at all) as it left TCU with no Blitzers for the last game.

On to the next SCC program,...

Ball State Crimson Birds (0 - 1 - 2)

Ball State vs. Florida State Dawgz: 0 - 1
Ball State vs. UTEP: 1 - 2
Ball State vs. Saint Louis: 2 - 2

Ball State with a bad start on paper, but all lost games where within a one touchdown range, so no total shutouts here. Furthermore they kept up with their opponents with SPP gain during these games, making 40 SPP while giving away 41 SPP. Finally the Birds seem to have feathers of steel, as their only player missing one of these games is lineman Jon L - who did it twice though (performance-oriented mindset? File not found!).

Ball State is still trying to find their place in SCC, but taking steps into the right direction. Especially Ball State's Junior star catcher Seth B is making huge progress with 12 SPP out of these 3 games (1 TD, 2 CAS, 1 MVP). And he's certainly a player to build your program around.

And we're continuing our SCC tours with...

Karak University (1 - 0 - 2)

Karak vs. BYU: 1 - 0
Karak vs. Duke: 0 - 1
Karak vs. Wisconsin: 1 - 4

Starting as one of the projected-to-do-well programs this season (at least according to our expertise), Karak started well with a win. But then they lost star troll slayer Bubba Bo Bob due to a combination of apthecary incompetence and the most recent incarnation of what seems to be the "Curse of Xeterothep"... and from there it all went down the drain. Soooo, nothing new in Karak really Razz

Okay, half way through, let's half another word from one of our sponsors.

<<< Commercial >>>


"What a curb stomp of a beer!"

<<< End of Commercial >>>

And we're back for the second half of our show. Let's proceed with the...

Navy Midskeletonmen (0 - 1 - 2)

Navy vs. Northern Virginia: 1 - 1
Navy vs. Um, G'olden: 0 - 1
Navy vs. Berea: 0 - 1

As the oldest program all over NCBB, this team should know better: you literally can't win, if you don't score! And man, do they not score!!! One touchdown out of three games is a shame for a program with such a tradition. Or in other words: Your greatest mummy of all times - still unrecognized by NCBB's Greatest of All Times administration - the one and only Joe Person, he's turning over in his sarcophagus. Add a lack of blood spilled during these games (only the first one had more than 3 casualties) and you can imagine the mood among fans: (un)dead serious!

But conference games are just about to start, and to be honest, that is where it counts! So, coach Aenir, let this series of five games become your Monument of Dedication, which will stand the test of time and still be looked at in a thousands of years as THE achievement in (then) early NCBB... but for the least, stop sucking! Wink

And we're getting close to the end, with our fifth team in SCC, the...

Illinois Valley CC Ranchers (1 - 0 - 1)

Illinois Valley vs. San Dogo: 0 - 1
Illinois Valley vs. Howlson: 2 - 1
Illinois Valley vs. Fayetteville: not played yet

What can be said about Illinois Valley? Well, not as much as about any other SCC program, as they only played two of their three games! But in defense of coach Amon242, the missed game was against the globetrotters from Fayetteville of the Big Beast, which have caused another game to be unplayed.

Once again, what can be said about Illinois? The game they lost they were outbashed by tough as nails High Elves, the game they won they were even in the blocking game. So if they manage to be on par in the blocking game, their combination of Mighty Blows and Claws will place them above their unfortunate opponents. One question remains to be answered: Can they reliably be on par in the blocking game?

And finally, the home of the latest Hammer, the...

Oooklahoma Flingers (0 - 1 - 2)

Oooklahoma vs. Gallaudet: 1 - 1
Oooklahoma vs. Ottawa: 1 - 2
Oooklahoma vs. Appalahcian: 1 - 2

The Flingers have been among the top-projected teams in SCC, but as the dwarves from Karak still need to live up to the hype. On paper, they look amazing, with super star Rocky Calmus and stat freak Travis Lewis as the shiniest players among many good ones. In reality, coach Klazam seems to have problems forming a functioning team out of the existing individual class.

But to Flingers' credit: They have scored in every match at least - well, make that exactly - once. So that's something to build on. Or is coach Klazam mentally already somewhere else? Rumors about an offer from CSU Northridge Matadors intensify. So from bitter disappointment to huge comeback, from great farewell to sweet homecoming, everything is possible in Oooklahoma.

We close the show with a SCC ranking after OoC-I:

1. Illinois Valley CC Ranchers (1 - 0 - 1) | 3 BCS | 0.500
2. Karak University (1 - 0 - 2) | 3 BCS | 0.333
3. TCU Horned Rats (0 - 2 - 1) | 2 BCS | 0.222
4. Ball State Crimson Birds (0 - 1 - 2) | 1 BCS | 0.111
4. Oooklahoma Flingers (0 - 1 - 2) | 1 BCS | 0.111
6. Navy Midskeletonmen (0 - 1 - 2) | 1 BCS | 0.111

Next time we might come up with something special. Something bigger than just SCC. Not to say: epic.
Until then, stay tuned.

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Let’s take an in-depth look at the FBC after 8 weeks, and the end of inter-conference play.

Duke Blue-Green Devils

Love them or hate them, Duke has been on an impressive roll all season. They took down Dwarfs, Skaven, and Elves in the opening weeks, and then ground down all of their conference mates, going into the final two weeks of the season at 8/0/0, and barring spontaneous death, a front-runner for a shot at the National Championship playoffs.

They have taken some lumps along the way, but have dished out way more. If there was ever a time for Duke to do it, now is that time, as they are about to be hit hard with this season’s graduating class. But, if there’s also a team and a coach out there who could possibly complete a perfect season, it’s Duke.

Ottawa Bee-Bees

A great showing by Ottawa, winning three straight in the Out of Conference matches to begin the season, followed by winning their first two inter conference matches, including the Undead United Bowl. After this the Bee-Bees did unfortunately drop three straight, one a hard fought contest against Duke, another, St. Louis, and a surprising loss to the Go For Its! Still, they sit at 5/0/3, good enough for 3rd place in the conference. Super Star Ghoul Julian Starr is on track to break Legendary status before graduation (barring death by thrown rock.) Ottawa still has a chance to make the playoffs for the National Championship, but they will need to pull out all of the stops for the last two games of the season.

Miami BallHawks

Miami has had a poor showing this season, perhaps when it counted most. They held their own the first three weeks, tying against last season’s top two teams, as well as winning against for vicious orcs, but went 1/1/3 in conference play, leaving them at 2/3/3 after Week 8. While still technically in the hunt for a bowl game, don’t expect to see them in any prestigious match up, as the polls are likely to also poo poo their performance. Expect a massive overhaul of the program before Season 35 begins.

Howlson Tigers

A most unkind season for Howlson, who after eight weeks sits at 1/0/7. Not the worst record in the league, but far from the best. There’s still some time to rack up a few points this season, and Howlson still has some key players for Season 35.

Saint Louis Billikens

Even with a scheduling mishap or two, Saint Louis has knocked out an impressive season, 3/3/1 after Week 8. They sit in 4th place in the conference, and depending on whether or not they can make up this missing game, and bring home some additional wins, they’re going to easily be a contender in the end of the year polls for a prestigious bowl game bid. How did they do it? Some elf-magic, even dropping conference mate Ottawa 3-1. The prediction was dead on with these guys, and I can’t wait to see how this season wraps up for them.

Um, G'olden Go For Its!

Let’s hear a big cheer for the GFI’s, going 5/1/2 is not an easy thing to do for any team, let alone a human team. In a game where every race can do it better, the GFI’s have stood their ground and played excellent Blood Bowl. They stopped Ottawa, and sit pretty at 2nd place in the conference. Hoping the best for the final two weeks of the season, and that the GFI’s keep their momentum going; would be great to see a human team in the running for the NC.

The FBC...

Fully Better than your Conference.

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First Mistake

Sneezing A.: Hello everyone and welcome again to everyone's favorite NCBB program first mistake and with me as always is my close personal friend even though he IS ALWAY WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING! Max "the axe" Spleenripper.

Max: Did you just make that up? "the axe"? because it rhymes with Max right? How original. Just like the crazy mixed up "facts" you spew for shock factor and ratings. ANYWAY. the NCBB regular season is almost over and it is time to talk about who may or may not be heading into bowl games this season.

Sneezing A: WHOA WHOA WAIT A MINUITE MAX! App St. still has a game to play against FLA ST. today around 12 eastern that is 18:00 for you server time loyalists.

Max: so what! look even if and that is a big if APP ST. some how beats the delfanoles that makes them 3-1-6 not good enough for a bowl game in my humble opinion, next to last in their conference and perhaps elegabowl for the salty tears but I really don't know about that even. That bowl is meant for teams who have had an epic collapse this season and APP ST. doesn't fit that bill they need to have been having a decent season in the first place to have a collapse.

Sneezing A. Fair enough max. But the weren't the WORST this season that title belongs to UTEP but even that is splitting hairs. UTEP has the better record it is just that APP ST. apparently has a conference win which puts them very slightly ahead of UTEP. WHO IS MAKING THESE RANKINGS? This makes no sense to me.
[block align right/] If the rankings made complete sense this wouldn't be the NCBB but for once in your life you are right Sneezing A. One win in conference shouldn't make up for the soon to be 7 losses that APP ST. has. Either way I don't think either of these teams will be heading to any bowls McNurgle, Salty tears or otherwise.

Speaking of middling teams with no tallent and worse coaching lets talk about Cal. Their coach sent me an e-mail and told me he is a HUGE fan of the show loves the writing. LOVES the spirit of debate we have among ourselves and just generally wishes he were as smart, cool and good looking as our producer Waagh.

Sneezing A: I think I read that in spike last month too. TALK ABOUT AN OVER RATED UNDER PERFORMING disappointment. Cal went to the national championship game last season and doesn't even qualify for a bowl this season. THIS IS MY PICK FOR SALTY TEARS! everyone out there in TV land should listen to and vote with me on this. Second to nearly last now that is a good argument for salty tears.

The other three teams in the conference should all qualify for bowls. I'm talking about the best coached rat team out there. Wisconsin. they have had a few tough breaks or we would be talking championship playoff quality team right here. Now the Whining coach could land himself in salty tears if he isn't careful. He should choose his words on discord more carefully. but they have had a very respectable season at 5-2-2 and if they win their last game they should be going to a very prestigious bowl this season. Especially since that win would be over Bro-Hio who hasn't had the best season but is coached by a well respected coach who can put up a good fight.

Max:The Baria Bleeding Angels. Well we knew this team was gonna have a good season and with their regular season over they have qualified for a bowl. AND DURING TAX SEASON NO LESS. yes the distracted mainiaccountant has put together a great season for himself and done his conference proud. SOMEONE cough* nelphine* cough* should probably add together some kind of points or whatnot and rank the conferences against each other somehow. This team is one of the beasts best and will be going to a bowl.

Sneezing A: Yes!

Max: that's it?

Sneezing A: We are running out of steam this thing is getting long and I'm sure the vast majority of you have stopped reading BUT! I have one more team to talk about. The darling of the BEAST the BEST OF THE BEAST! and if they win this last game and they DON'T get a bid to the championship play offs well then I don't even know what to think!

(I will side with Meno faster than 'Merica sided with Joe Exotic... btw. don't free Joe he belongs in prison)

THIS TEAM CAME INTO CONFERENCE PLAY WITH JUST 3 games. They are passing with Hawaii like numbers, they are winning against teams that should be crushing them. Y'all I'm talking a bout the BRONCHOSPASEMS! Garcangel deserves this and you should all be ashamed if he somehow misses the playoffs.

last last I am going to make a plug for some non aq teams that I think you should send to bowls and some teams that should head to McNurgles


LSU v. a conference team at 5-4-1 CoachO can hang with the big boys stick him up against someone bashy and lets see that blood flow! will make a great game to spec for anyone who likes to bathe in blood!

'Bama V CSU would be fun to see klaz play in a bowl McNurgle. 'Bama deserves a rematch!


CC hawks V. Oook

lokk how could you NOT vote the winless wonders into McNurgles? as for Oook well there are worse teams but not with better players. This is Oooks last season. lets send them off in the bowl they deserve to be in.

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Welcome, college blood bowl sports fans, to the Season 35 preview of the best and most famous conference of all, the Southern Chaos Conference (SCC).

The SCC Season 35 Preview Show

We'll have a team-by-team look at this year's contenders for the Conference Championship, starting with the veterans before looking at the reinforcements for the upcoming campaign.


The Veterans are:

Navy Midskeletonmen
On the bright side, the program still has the two Mummies, that already have been cheered on in last year's pre-season review: Matthew Pritchett VIII and MD The Annhilator V, both coming with the painful-to-play-against skill combo Str5, Block, Tackle, Guard. Talking about painful, the two other Mummies sport Mighty Blow and even more Guard amongst their three skills each. Those Khemri cages gonna be a tough jar of pickles to open for any opponent.
And then there is Skulland Crossbonies IV, a young Blitz-Ra with +Str and Mighty Blow. What's left standing by the Mummies, he's gonna a sweep it!

Looking at the weaknesses of the program going into Season 35, two huge areas needing improvement leap to the eye: the lack of developed Throw-Ras and the lack of any Dirty Player Skeleton. One of Navy's Throw-Ras is coming "fresh" (if you can ever call a Khemri fresh!) from Sarcophagus High School, the other, Kriss Proctor IV, is a Sophomore with exactly one (1!) touchdown in his still young career stats. With such (lack of) talent on their current roster, it is no wonder coach Aenir is trying hard to get his Ancients (players from a time before there was time) incorporated to the NCBB G.O.A.T Hall of Fame... and rumor has it, he might have successfully schemed his way into it lately.

Honestly I wish this program to be successful. But looking at their last season (2-2-6) and at the even stronger opposition this year, it is tough to see them with a winning record... nor with their self-proclaimed goal of four wins. But hey, this hasn't stopped Navy in the many, many seasons before.

Illinois Valley CC Ranchers
Smart coaching made them the best SCC team overall in last year's campaign (4-2-4) and the only one with a non-losing record, although not a great one to be honest. But you know what they say: "In the conference of the blind the one-eyed coach is champion." What really makes me a fan of this team is the smart management they show even though only a 4th-year program. I'm sure it was no easy decision for coach Amon242 when he let two of his well-developed Chaos Warriors graduate early. Among these last year's All Eyes On-player Earl Varney. But it was for the best of the team, aiming to prevent the huge collapse in peformance teams with high AV have to go through every five season. Chapeau, coach, chapeau!

Looking at what is left on the team, the remaining veteran Chaos Warriors need to be adressed first. Both Buck Slowhand and Dale Redneck are true champions of their kind, with Uncle Buck hitting and Uncle Dale stopping the opposition. In offense they still sport some of the fastest Beastman you might ever have whitnessed with Rosy (MA8) and Dillinger (MA7). Both are blocked up, and the faster one even got hired a stand-in Beastman Runner also called Rosy to distract enemy Hunter/Killers. Imaging an opposing coach yell at the sideline: "I told to go for Rosy... no, the other one... THE FAST ONE!". That could even confuse the smartest blitzer (which has in itself a standard yet to be defined).
Up to this point, this almost reads like last year's review. That's where the great coaching kicks in again. While last year one of the biggest issues on the team was the lack of a dedicated ball carrier, the coaching staff adressed that need in the meantime. With Longhorn the result is still a bit raw, but definitely shows potential.

The program is still young, going to end it's inaugural circle this year. Not everything is running smoothly yet, for example they still field many Beastmen with not a single skill. Add the two freshman Warriors and you might get a troublesome turn or drive or game here and there.

With a squad of four veteran Chaos Warriors this team would have been a huge contender for the SCC championship and at least an invitation for a high quality Bowl game, potentially even making it to the BCS National Championship. Without those, they will at least fall short of the latter, but this school is definitely playing for the long run. We still expect them to improve their record from last year.

TCU Horned Rats
What can be said about the current state of TCU football? The Horned Rats seem to be caught in a struggle lately, that may have started with The Golden Generation of TCU graduating after back-to-back championship runs in Seasons 32 and 33 (potentially the last time I can mention it, so I had to for it... good old times). The current roster is good, but many players fall short to fill the gaps left by their predecessors. Some examples: Rat Ogre Parker Workman had a standout freshman season with nine casualties in ten games played. But is he the next Joseph Broadnax Jr.? Doubtfully! Or let's take Justin Rogers. He's a great thrower with huge potential, but is he the next Shawn Robinson? At least not yet. Looking at the Blitzer position, the collapse of TCU definitely can't be denied anymore: Jawuan Johnson was a titan, a nightmare to the dreams of many, a wolf among lambs,... and the current blitzers? Well, let's be honest: they are more of the lamb category.

So what does all this mean for TCU fans? I think the program will do okay this season. Which is already a step into the right direction regarding they come from a campaign with a losing record. But will they top the SCC, or even the nation? As I said before: Doubtfully! At least not yet.

Ball State Crimson Birds
The Crimson Birds, presumably going into their fourth season, didn't have to graduate any of their players yet. They have a 14-men roster right now with a perfect mix of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors (3/4/4/3). Except for the freshmen every player has learned one or the other trick to support the team. To be recognized (and respected) is the program's outstanding physical department, leading to two strength enhanced players: Thrower Gabe L. (+Str) and Catcher Seth B (+Str, +Str, Block, Side Step). College Blood Bowl nation listen up, 'cause here we say it: Seth might be the next Hammer Award winner of NCBB. This and in total three Guard + Stand Firm players will make this team a tough nut to crack for any opposing team.

Last year saw them at 2-5-3 which wasn't good enough for a Bowl invitation. But only losing 3 games as a third year program is an achievement to be recognized. If they manage to turn some more draws into wins this might be the season for another Bowl invitation after Season 33's appearance in the Planter's Goober Bowl.

<<< A short commercial from one of our sponsors... >>>

The SCC Season 35 Preview Show
is brought to you by

Warpstone 'til you're prone!

<<< ... End of commercial. Back to the Show! >>>

Karak University
Karak...! Karak...? What's to say about Karak...? Can I just write their name over and over again...? Like:

Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak...
Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak...
Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak...
Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak...

I mean, what can be said about this team, that hasn't been said before?
Karak, the one with 5 wins in Season 23, granting them their first ever Bowl invitation, the Orange Bowl, which they won.
Karak, the one that was home of three-time All-American Team Selectionist Thompson.
Karak, the one with three nicely developed Longbeards: Huey, Dewey and Louie.
Karak, the one with two extra-MA speedsters: Humpty Dumpty and Oompa Loompa.
Karak, the one with one gem of a lockdown player: Forrest Forrest Gump.

Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak...
Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak...
Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak...
Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak...

And then, there is this:
Karak, the one with four McNurgle's Bowl appearances, but only a single win: Season 24... but what a game it was!
Karak, the one with a season 34 total record of 2-3-5, despite having big players like the aforementioned plus early graduate Xcess.
Karak, the one that gave away this surefire victory - a rivalry game which by the way [s]made it into the final selection for[/s] was lately announced the winner of NCBB Game of the Season (S34) \o/ \o/ \o/

Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak...
Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak...
Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak...
Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak... Karak...

I think we all can only hope for Karak remembering their strengths and where they already have been in the course of time. And that they forget about their weaknesses and where they also have been in the course of time. Go Techies!

And here they come, the Reinforcements:

CSU Northridge Matadors
The Matadors are coming straight from their inaugural season in the NonAQ. They went 6/1/3 there, good enough for an invitation to the newly established Gnarley-Raiderson Chainsaws Slaughter Bowl against fellow NonAQ program Washington Huskarls. They lost the game and some players, but they inspired the NCBB Powers that be to announce another themed bowl for the upcoming campaign: A Gnarley-Raiderson sponsored Slaughter Bowl, where both invited teams are given free chainsaws to throw at the opposition.

Looking at the Matadors, it is more than recognizable that the young team carries Klazam's thumbprint. The former coach of the Oooklahoma Flingers, better known for their promising talent than for actual success, has already a new player project in the pipeline: latest Wolfman Award winner Alicia Devine, a blocked up warrior princess with enhanced speed and agility. For her protection there is a small number of skilled players like Dark Elf Lineman Roscoe Lehmann (Block, Dodge), Skaven Lineman Sheena McFeely (Block, Tackle) or Minotaurette Sara Hiett (Guard, Juggernaut). But the majority of their players only has one skill or even less.

It's gonna be a tough ride for the Matadors. They'll learn the hard way. But they'll evolve. Expect them to be a force in the SCC... later on.

Alabama Silver Tide
Another team from last year's NonAQ, and even more successful than the former. The Silver Tide received an invitation to the prestigious Planter's Goober Bowl where they met and beat Hawaii.

The team sports some well-developed positionals, with the best being AG5 catcher Julio Jones. Another player to keep an eye on is Blitzer Roman Harper. He had his breakthrough game in the aforementioned bowl game, where he made a devastating block against Hawaii's Roman Harper late in the first half plus some more, less resounding hits.

The lack of developed linemen is nothing to cheer about, but on the other hand has to be expected for a program in its second year. If they can protect their positionals and develop their linemen, they are an force to be recognized... in Season 36.

Florida Rotting Gators
Last but not least, a team reinforces the SCC that has been part of NCBB long before most of the other programs in the conference had an idea of what it means to play blood bowl (with the exception of Grandfather Aenir and his Navy of course... they still don't have a clue). The Rotting Gators even made it to the BCS Championship once, but lost to Oregon... but then again, who hasn't lost a championship game to those Wet Birdits. And of course, there is some shared history with Karak University (Seasons 21 and 22) and TCU Horned Rats (Season 22). From the only clash with the latter they still carry Josh Doctson on the team, a former Gutter Runner they lured with Barbecue recipes to become a Rotting Gator.

But what is all that worth in the present? Not much I assume. The long break of 4.5 years since their last game in NCBB has taken its toll, as both the league did advance and the Gators kind of declined. In their current state, they look more like a 2nd year program than a team of seasoned veterans, maybe with the exception of Fred Abbott, the Senior Killer Pestigor. He's accompanied by a set of four blocked up Bloaters. Give into the mix a more than experienced coach and you'll get a team that's at least good for one or another upset.



tbd (once the schedule is released)

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Hola y bendividos al Telemundo eapecial de blood bol en El NCBB y El Big Beast! Este transmision es especial por no jugadores que hablen Espanol y todos Los otras no me importa! Gacias or jugando Gotrek y Garc sin quien no Eres un big beast y no Eres blood bol! Noscimos empezar con Este dos entrenadors y sus equipos.

El equipo Nuevo Al El Big beast son Los poli puercos! Los gotrek y Los enanos fui Al juego de national championship play offs! En Este confrenciea El purse hacer lo otra ves. Hay solo dos equipos rapido en los bronchospasms y Wisconsin y su puede matar el otro equipo El pude ganar contra de todos Los equipos aqui!

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Welcome back everyone to the start of another great season of Blood Bowl. A new season means it’s preview time. Let’s take a look at what the FBC has to offer is for this upcoming Season 35.

Duke Blue-Green Devils


Season 34’s National Champions return to the pitch having trimmed a few seniors due to graduation. While this can often spell doom for a team, Duke is not just any ol’ team. Four (4) Freshmen Sauri, led by veteran Felton Chapel III, still makes for S4 x 6 for an opponent to deal with. Don’t forget Clark Styron, the Guard/Stand Firm Kroxigor, as he will most likely be in the mix as well. For anyone who does get past that front line, Duke has two defensive skinks, Charlie Chewing and Aditi Singh, ready to put a stop to your ball carrier’s touchdown aspirations. To top it all off, none other than Nob Carson, a Blodging, Sure Footed, +ST, +AG skink on ball duty. Expect the first few matches to be a demonstration of Duke’s ability to quickly rebuild their team, as it will most likely be a mauling of their opponents, and we may see an attempt or two at the handoff-to-a-Saurus-for-a-score.

Speaking of those first few opponents, let’s see who is on the docket for Duke in the opening weeks.

Look for Duke to pound Wisconsin in their rivalry match, and BYU will be fortunate to survive with any players intact. The real challenge will be against Karak, as mass Guard is going to eliminate some of the ST4 advantage.

How long can Duke extend their unbeaten streak into Season 35? Everyone will be watching to see if Duke repeats the magic of last season, or crumbles with the freshmen curse.

Um, G'olden Go For Its!

In an impressive upset the GFI’s took last season’s Rose Bowl, embarrassing Ottawa in the process. Here is a team entering their senior season armed with all the tools to take a shot at this year’s National Championship. They bring an aerial assault with Symbol of Regency (Sure Hands/Pass/Accurate/Kick-Off Return/Safe Throw/Block) and four, I said FOUR catchers. They have a solid core of Blitzers, including Paul Bunyan, who appears to have been doing so training with Gutter Runners, and one of the most competent Ogres around, known as Pillsbury Doughboy. Doughboy had been known to dodge into cages and ruin other teams’ day. The only thing this team really lacks is Guard, which may be a problem later in the season. Regardless, this is Um Go’s time to shine, so everyone, look out.

Out of Conference Matches:
Howlson/USCD/App State

This is an exciting dual-rivalry string of match ups. Depending on which Howlson team shows up, this could be a cakewalk, or a nightmare. Against UCSD expect Um Go to take the lead in the rivalry (currently 1/0/1) in part thanks to recent retirement of UCSD players. Lastly, Um Go is just the better human team, App State has little to no chance.

Is this the year a human team takes home the glittering, shiny prize? If anyone can do it, it’s this team.

Miami BallHawks

If Miami were to be renamed, they would be coined “Miami Consistents.” Here’s a team that always manages to win some matches they should not win, lose some matches they should not lose, end up in a bowl game, and choke under the pressure. Having just gone through a graduation season Miami finds themselves without a lot of the players that helps them leap along these first four season. They do however retain Isaiah Golfodulcean-Madaris and his passing game, and rising star Blitzer Natal Adams. This will be a rebuild season for the BallHawks, but one that could see a shift in playstyles towards more offense than defense.

Out of Conference Matches:

Miami will have to puts points on the board for all of these matches, as they do not currently have the ability to control these matches defensively. Also look for several fouls from Miami for each of these teams, just because.

Air Force Warpstone Falcons

Welcome back, Air Force! After a brief stint in another conference the Falcons are back, with their mind on murder, and murder on their mind. Expect to see John Cannon clawing his way through every available target, and if there just so happens the be no opponents left on the pitch, either Richard Bong or Carl Spaatz will be there to get the ball and make some movement down field. They may not win many matches this season, but Air Force is on an uptick, and they love being the disrupter. Could have a serious impact on their opponent’s schedules for the season.

Out-of-Conference Matches

Again, not likely to win any of these contests 3-0, but a tie against Navy is possible, and AF has a serious chance at hurting Fayetteville’s shot at the National Championship this season.

FlaSt Delfinoles

A new addition to the FBC, FlaSt made it all the way to the National Championship playoffs with an impressive 8/0/2 record. You would expect a team this awesome would have lost all their star players to graduation after Season 34. The only senior was an Assassin. This team of stat freaks is still young, capable, and hungry. Four well-built Blitzers, two with AG5, two with Mighty Blow, all a threat. If that’s not enough, two Witch Elves, both built to maximize their roles as sackers. The only place the Delfinoles fall short is their ability to pass the ball. But they’re Dark Elves, and they favor the running game. Plus, they’re elves, so any player can successfully throw the ball. And with two AG5 players, and one AG6, the Delfinoles will get the ball wherever they want it to be.

UTEP/Ball St./Mz State

Ouch. Not going to sugarcoat this one, FlaSt got the short end of the stick in this draw. But if anyone can find a way to turn what, on paper, looks like a loss, into a win, it’s this team.

U Pike Pain Bearers

Hot off of a solid 4/4/3 start in the Non-AQ division U Pike finds its way into the BCS, heavily favorited for this first season on the big leagues. Another Dark Elf team, this one is building to be more of a passing threat, thanks to Blitzer Dust Dancer (Accurate/Dodge/Strong Arm.) Look for Master of Shadows, their Multiple Block Assassin to be in the midst of a scrum, stabbing everyone. Some Guard, some +MA, and a whole lot of room to grow, this team could be going places.

SMU/Charlotte/Illinois Valley

Look for a high scoring shootout between U Pike and SMU, and a heated rematch of Season 34’s Irrana Potata Bowl. At the time of this article’s publication Illinois Valley has secured a 2-0 victory against U Pike in the opening match of Season 35.

Grunts of ARMY

They’re mean, they’re green, they are the Orcs of Army. But this is not your typical orc team; these are passing orcs. Yes, passing. Full Bird, the AG4 Thrower has a natural target in Buck Heatseeker, their AG4 Blitzer. The rest of the troops are packed with what orcs’ like: Block, Guard, and Mighty Blow. It may take a season or two for Army to build enough skills to compete at that upper echelon, but they can still stomp on any team, given the right set of circumstances.


Look for Army to introduce themselves to Bro-hio by way of dead elves, and for their showdown with Poli to be a classic Orc/Dwarf death fest. At the time of this article’s publication Gsllsudent has secured a 2-1 victory against Army.

Washington Huskarls

Blazing a path through the Non-AQ, punishing their opponent in the Slaughter Bowl, the brash Norse of Washington. These drunken louts rush out onto the pitch and punch everything in sight, kicking any player who survives the initial onslaught. They have Mighty Blow on key players, Dodge on their catchers, and the start of a solid Thrower, Steinbitr Grindsson. This is about as solid as a start that any team could ask for in the BCS, and Washington’s only real weaknesses is their lack of armor and lack of Guard. This team is going to make for some excellent spectating.

St. Louis/Berea/CSU

Expect a slobber-knocker in the Slaughter Bowl rematch with CSU. Washington will need to find a way to shut down the elves, and out bash the Amazons.


All in all, a sharp looking conference. What else would you expect from the FBC? See you out on the pitch.
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