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Chaos Chosen
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0-1 Cribbleobblepie 4 3 2 9 Block, Tackle, Diving Tackle, Mighty Snore 100k GS

The reason why I'll never hesitate to foul in turn 15/16 ever again... (Replay to T15, certain draw turned to a loss)

FFB FUMBBL Badges - Credit again to Hero164!
(This list features some small edits and some badges removed, click the link for the full original list)



Multiblocker - Has killed two people with a single multiblock.
Equal Opportunity - Has killed one of every race. WIP - 23/24 races!
Slaughterer - Has killed one of every position.
Supernova - Has killed a star player.
Big Bang - Has killed every star.
Early Retirement - Has killed a legend. DONE!
Unnecessary Violence - Has killed a player by fouling turn 16. DONE!
Suicide Squad - Kill yourself and your opponent by a both down.
Showboating - Injure every opponent player.
Carnage - Kill 5 players in a match.
Grandpatricide - Kill a grandfathered player.

Passing & Intercepting

Kack Handed Genius - Complete an AG1/2 Longbomb
Brown Bounce - Score with a bounce pass.
Now You See It - Score with a Dump Off.
12th Man - Pass into the crowd then score on the same turn.
Plucking Hell - Intercept needing a 10 or more.
Not Again - Intercept three times in one game.
We can all QB - Get completions with 6 players in a match
Greatest of Ease - Intercept then pass for a TD without moving.
He’s at the 20, the 10... Touchdown! - Score with the ball in your own end zone.
I Didn’t See It - Passblock to intercept twice in one match.
Snow Joke - Get 5 completions in a Blizzard.


Relentless - Foul on all 16 turns.
Self control - Get the ref on turn 1 with 2+ Dp then don’t foul.
REF!! - Have 5 players sent off in the match.
I’ll Show You How - Foul every turn with the highest spp player left.
Paul Hicks - Average 12 fouls a game for 20 games.
FIFA - Bribe the Ref 5 times in a match.
Rage Quit - Foul 20 teams into retirement.

Clever Plays

Pushed On - Score 1 turn TD with an MA 6 player (no blitz).
Complex - Score with 2 dodge, 2 block, a pass and hand off.
Torn Apart - Surf 4 players in one turn.
Less than One Turn - Score on a blitz kick off result.
Dodgy Play - Score needing to make 8 or more dodges.

Player awards - Single Player must get in a Single Match

Larsson - Get a Larsson (cas, comp, int, td).
Perfect Larsson - Get a perfect Larsson (as above with MVP).
Frenzy - Cause 5 cas in one match. DONE!
Quarterback - Make 5 completions in one match.
One Turning Scum - Score 5 TD in one match.

Player awards - Lifetime

Back Story - Have a bio for a player of more than 1000 words.
I Cannot Die - Get a player with -ma, -st, -ag, -av, n or worse!!
Superhuman - Get a player with +ma, +st, +ag, +av.
Passer - Have a player with 100 completions.
Basher - Have a player with 100 casualties. DONE! - Stubborn
Finisher - Have a player with 100 TDs.
Interceptor - Have a player with 25 interceptions.
All Rounder - Have a player with 25cp, 25 cas, 25td, and 5 int.
Transfer King - Have a player that has plays for 3 teams.
My Knee - Have a player with 5 niggles.

Team awards - Single Match

Teamwork - Every member of the squad gains at least 1spp.
Off the Gas - Be cleared from the pitch but still win.
Shared Around - Score with 5 different players.
Come Back Kings - Win from 2 behind at half time.
Skilled Up - 5 or more players gain skill rolls.
That Boy’s got Talent - Skill and hire two journeymen in a game.

Team awards - Lifetime

Galacticos - Have 5 active legends in a single team.
Tenacious - Recover the team from 6 or less players.
Long Lived/Legends - Play 500/1000 games with one team.
Well Known - In chat and say your team name 5 \o/’s = badge.
Rich - Have a treasury of 500,000gp (Not through handicaps).
Hard - Have a TV of more than 3000.
Bashy - Team cas of more than 1000.
Passy - Team completions of more than 1000.
Scory - Team TDs of more than 1000.
Intercepting Kings - Team Ints of more than 200.
Fandabydosie - Have a team with 18FF.

Fumbbl Fun

Punditry - Have Zen master Blog Rater and Writer Awards.
Always a Prat - Have a 5.9 Rated Blog. 5.8 twice, so close!
Poll Pot - Have 300 coaches answer your poll.
Published - Have an article in the GLN.
This could be fun - Start a league.
There are enough coaches - Play 100 Blackbox Games. DONE!
Griddled - Complete your Grid.
Stunted Development - Play 100 Stunty Games.
They love me, they really love me - Get 50 Buddies. DONE! (103 people listed you)
Reporter - Comment on 50 games. Done (Too many to list here!)

Smack Talk - Make your boast in public!!

I Choose You - Nominate a player then kill him in the match.
Fixed MVP - State exactly who will score your hat-trick.
One handed - State you will win 3-0 with no cas against.
Its Mah Ball - State you will clear the pitch.
High Stakes - Loser retires his team (you must win for badge).

Lucky Git

1/36 - Pow a blodger with the ball, -2db no tackle. DONE! (T6, 1st Half)
666 - Make a play to score needing three 6’s.
Numerical Advantage - Cas 5 players at a kick off.
My Fans!! - 5+ opponents stunned on pitch invasion yours=0.
Blitzer - Get a 3+ favourable blitzes.
Favourable Bounce - Ball bounces off 3 opposing players onto yours.
Untouchable - Player blocked with 10 dice without falling (1tn).
Rolling on Up - Play through the game without needing a reroll. (no concessions).
My Ref - Ref ignores 8 consecutive fouls.
Magical Mastery - remove five or more players with one fireball.

Unlucky Bastard

Diced - Break something in real life in frustration.
Gone Tripping - Fail a GFI to score twice in the same match.
Nothing I Can Do - Roll 10 1s or skulls in a row.
… - Roll 6 skulls on a single block.
That’s got to hurt - Have a 100sp+ player killed by a rock.
GET UP!! - Fail 6+ KO rolls in one go.
Saw Bonehead - 3 consecutive apothecary results get you worse injuries.
Fractured - Fail 6 consecutive regens.
NOOOO!! - Kill an AG 5+ player on a failed dodge.
Wilting - Have 6 players refuse to play because of the heat.

Crazy Skills

Big but Graceful - Leap Blitz with a Big Guy for a cas.
So Uneccessary - 5+ players on a non Slann team with Diving Catch.
Not Playing That - Have 4 players in a team with claw/mb/po.
Changer of Ways - Have a player with 5 mutations.
Popularity Contest - Have 3 players with Fan Favourite.
WWF - Have 5 players on your team with wrestle.
Boing Boing - Have 3 players with AG2 and Leap.
Follow the Leader - Have 5 players with Shadowing.


Full Belly - Has eaten 10 goblins.
Perfect Fling - Has scored by a TTM directly into the end zone.
Sniper - Has killed a player with a thrown team-mate.
Greet the Fans - Has thrown a team-mate into the crowd.
Bug Your Opponent - Score 3 TTMs in one match.

Very Hard - Your opponent must play normally

Lone Ranger - Has scored with one player on the pitch.
Major Upset - Has won a major tournament.
Non Contact - Win a game with only you not blocking.
Stuck in the Mud - Win a game making no dodge rolls.
Piggy in the Middle - Win a game passing every turn you have the ball.
Blast em - Kill two players with a single wizard.
Right the First Time - Win 5 consecutive games with no rerolls.
Knocked Down - Win without standing any players up.
Closed Shop - 25 games with a team buying no extra players.
Bland is Best - Get a 2000tv team using only linemen.


%100 Complete - Complete everything in this thread.
(B)loody Hard - Complete your (B) Grid.
Divorce worthy - Play 5000 games with one team.
True Legend - Have an active player with 1000spp.
Divine - Make everyone agree about t16 fouling.



Short Handed - 20 games vs Dwarves with a winning record.
Pretty as a Picture - Populate your team with hot women pictures.
Strong Woman - Cause 50 Cas with an Amazon.
Reinforcements - Hire Zara and have her kill a Mummy.
Hard Task - Play 20 games at 200+ Ts with a 60% win ratio.


Banzai - Play 4 leaping Chaos Warriors.
Star Foul - Kill a player fouling with Borak.
Tough Carriers - Only score with CW for 10 games (win. ratio).
No use Crying - Make 10 teams Retire.
The Number of the Beast - Legend a Minotaur.

Chaos Dwarf

Bull Dozer - Win 10 games with no Bull Centaurs.
Hob Gob - Get a legend Hobgoblin.
Chucked Up - Have a strong arm, accurate big guy with 20cps.
Block Head - Score two TD’s in 1 game with CD Blockers.
Fire in the Hole - Score a TD with Zzharg Madeye’s Blunderbuss.

Chaos Pact

I HATE YOU! - Fail 5 animosity rolls in a game.
Trouble comes in Threes - Have each of your big guys kill an opponent in a single match.
Renegades - Score with all three renegades in a single game.
The Balls too small - TTM twice in consecutive turns to score.
Deadly Midget - Cause 25 cas with a goblin.

Dark Elf

Cauldron of Blood - Kill two players in a match with a witch elf.
Multistab - Kill and Injure 2 opponents with a single stab.
Small Beginnings - Legend a Linesman.
Fratricide - Kill/SI 100 High Elves.
Tackles a Must - Field an all Blodge Team.


Flattened - Cause 3 cas with a Deathroller in a game.
So… much… Guard - Put out 11 players with guard for a drive.
Unlikely - 1 Turn with a Longbeard.
Honourable Death - Have a TS kill a player using dauntless, then die.
Mustn’t Grumble - Have a team with 50 games but no retirements.


Unusual - Get a 3000 TV Elf Team.
Clear! - Clear the pitch of an AV9 Team.
Star Player - Legend a Catcher.
Nasty - Field a team with 6 Mighty Blows.
Never Been Done - Win an Elite Smack.


REALLY stupid - Fail all boneheads for 3 consecutive turns.
Gobbled Up - Have 2 gobbos eaten in one game.
Carnage - Kill three players with secret weapons in a match.
Small but Deadly - Cause 50 cas with a Goblin.
Grab It - Have 5 players with Diving Tackle.


Did that Branch Move? - Kill a player with a rooted Treeman.
Evil Fling - Kill a player on a -3db.
Super Fling - Get 3 Kills with a fling in one game.
Oi Dats My Leg - Make 5 consecutive stunty dodges.
Dirty Beggers - Have a team with 5 or more DP.

High Elf

Out of Position - Get 50 Cp with a Dragon Warrior.
Death Star - Hire Prince Morian and get him killed.
Actually Challenging - Make 50 Completions with a PW in 15 Games.
Fight the Good Fight - Kill/SI 100 Dark Elves.
Brutal Elves - Cause 9 casualties in a match.


Reikland Reavers - Hire Griff and Zug and win.
Lithe and Speedy - Score 20 TD with a catcher in 10 games.
Blitz! - Score with all four Blitzers.
Vanilla - Legend a Linesman.
Ornery Ogre - Make 15spp for an Ogre in a match.


Not Evil - Win 10 games with no Tomb Guardians.
Slow and Steady - Score with two Tomb Guardians in a game.
Skelator - Make a Legend Skeleton.
Quick and the Dead - One turn with a Blitz-Ra.
Just Wrong - Retire an AG4 Khemri uninjured on principle.


Speedy Geckos - Play 25 games with no Sauri and a winning ratio.
What a Tale - Kill a player because of Prehensile Tail.
Blow Dart - Kill a Str5 + player with a skink.
5 to Pick up - Score 50 td with a Saurus.
Cold Blooded - Legend a Skink.


He’s Back - Rez a player then kill another with the zombie in the same game.
Flesh Gordon - Score twice in a game with a Flesh Golem.
Wight Wash - Get a td, cas and a comp with both wights.
I Lych it - Surf and score in a single blitz with a wolf.
GHOOOOOL - Have 2 ghouls over 100spp.


Unexpected - Play 6 Blodge players in a game.
Early Risers - Cause 40 Cas in the first 10 games.
Feign Death - Kill a player jumping up from prone.
Bezerkers - Surf 6 players in a match.
First! - Win a Legend Smack.

Nurgles Rotters

Going Nowhere - Tentacle 5 players for a turn with no escape.
Arm and a Leg - Make a Warrior with long legs and extra arms
Survivable - Give five team members +AV.
Beast Lord - Make a Legend Pestigor.
It’s Lodged Somewhere - Score 10 Tds with your Beast.


Duh - Bonehead 5 ogres in a single turn.
Surprise!! - Win a game with no Ogres.
Pro-phalatic - Give all your Ogres Pro.
Big and Brawny - Cause 50 cas in 10 games.
Lupone’s Little Brother - Legend a Snotling.


Communal Larsson - Have 1 BO score, 1 cas, 1 complete and 1 int.
AG2 FTW - A Black Orc dodges, picks up and completes.
Deadly Wave - Cause a cas with all four blitzers.
Last Resort - Score 50 Td with a gobo.
Star Quality - Play a game having hired 5 stars.


No Weaklings - Play 25 games with no GR and a winning record.
Plague Rats - Play 4 rats with foul appearance.
Expendable - Win when suffering 8 casualties. DONE!
Mighty Mouse - Get a Str 5 Rat (not ogre).
So Fast - Win 6-0 with all four gutters scoring.


Bounce bounce bounce - Leap into the endzone to score a TD three times in a single match.
Overkill - Give Leap to your Kroxigor.
Godhood - Legend a catcher.
Master race - Kill 50 Lizardmen.
It’s a Kind of Magic - Win a Smack with Slann


Smack Talk - Win a smack without the Count.
Bigger Brothers - Kill/SI 3/4 Tomb Guadians on a Khemri team.
Who Needs Regen - Legend a Ghoul.
Wight On - Get a Wight to 51 Spp in 15 games.
Horde Mentality - Score 3 touchdowns with Zombies in a game.


Power of the Warp - Field a team where everyone has at least one mutation.
Underhand tactics - Have 5 players with sneaky git.
Inferiority Complex - Play Skaven 25 times, and have a winning record against them.
Warpstone Insanity - Get 5 randomly chosen mutations on your troll.
My Precious - Win a Smack with Underworld.


The Munchies - Bite 6 thralls in one match.
Off for a Feast - Fail 12 OFAB rolls in a game.
Thrall Power - Make a Legend Thrall.
Burn the Rerolls - Play 6 Vamps on the pitch for a game.
Look into my Eyes - Successfully gaze 3 players then score.

Wood Elf

Hard and Fast - Cause 50 cas with a Wood Elf Catcher.
Boing Boing - Field 6 Players with Leap.
Score Quickly - Get a Wood Elf to 51spp in 5 games.
Just Another Woodie - Make a Larsson with Jordell.
5-0 is too easy - Win a game 7-0.

FFB DEATH LIST BY RACE AND POSITION - Can I possibly kill one of every position...?
AMAZONS (2/4) : | CHAOS (2/3) : | CHAOS DWARF (3/4) : | CHAOS PACT (5/7) : | DARK ELF (3/5) : | DWARF (3/5) : | ELF (2/4) : | GOBLIN (0/6) : | HALFLING (1/2) : | HIGH ELF (4/4) : | HUMAN (4/5) : | KHEMRI (2/4) : | LIZARDMEN (1/3) : | NECROMANTIC (5/5) : | NORSE (5/6) : | NURGLES ROTTERS (4/4) : | OGRE (1/2) : | ORC (2/6) : | SKAVEN (4/5) : | SLANN (4/4) : | UNDEAD (4/5) : | UNDERWORLD (3/5) : | VAMPIRE (2/2) : | WOOD ELF (3/5) :
TOTAL : 69/105


Highest Coach Rank: 171.65 (03/01/08)
Coach Record
Shraaaag's Scripts

And for some LRB4 posterity...
Original FUMBBL Badges - Credit to Hero164!
54 achieved!
LRB4 Death List
LRB4 Tourney Record
Team Name Generator


Real Life Tournament Achievements
Monkey Bowl II (March '07)
- Best Painted (Skaven)
Waterbowl Weekender (Feb '08)
- Stunty Cup (Halflings)
Club Challenge 08 (May '08)
- 1st Place (Skaven)
Albabowl II (June '08)
- 1st Place (Skaven)
Tritex Challenge 2008 (Nov '08)
- Most Touchdowns (Wood Elves)
Troll Bowl 2008 (Nov '08)
- 3rd Place (Chaos Dwarves)
Poo Bowl 3 (Jan '09)
- Best Painted (Chaos Pact)
The Bloodbowl Grand Tournament (May '09)
- League Champion (Dwarves)
Tritex Challenge 2009 (Nov '09)
- 3rd Place (Orcs)
- Most Casualties (Orcs)
Flame Bowl 2009 (Dec '09)
- 3rd Place Individually (Amazons)
- 1st Place Team (GBBL)
MonkeyBowl V (Apr '10)
- 1st Place (Humans)
Flame Bowl 2010 (Dec '10)
- 1st Place Team (GBBL Presents: Gazza's Tears)
Waterbowl Weekender 2011 (Feb '11)
- 2nd Place (Wood Elves)
- Most Touchdowns (Wood Elves)
Conpulsion 2011 (Mar '11)
- 1st Place (Humans)
- Most Touchdowns (Humans)
- Joint Most Casualties (Humans)
- Best Converted Team (Humans)
MonkeyBowl VI (Apr '11)
- 3rd Place (Skaven)
- Joint Watermonkey Trophy winner
Strongbowl 2011 (Aug '11)
- 3rd Place (Norse)
- Most Casualties (Norse)
- Winning Captain of North/South Cup (North)
Ironmanj One-Dayer III (Oct '11)
- 1st Place (Nurgles Rotters)
Cambridge Double Trouble (Dec '11)
- Best Painted (Ogres)
Ironmanj Weekend III (Jan '12)
- Most Touchdowns (Wood Elves)
Waterbowl Weekender 2012 (Feb '12)
- 1st Place (Undead)
Ochilbowl 2012 (Feb '12)
- 1st Place (Undead)
Kingdom Cup 2012 (Mar '12)
- 2nd Place (Undead)
Monkeybowl VII - TRIBES! (Apr '12)
- 1st Place Team (GBBL Presents: Gazza's Tears)
Block Around The Clock II (Aug '12)
- 1st Place (Norse)
EuroBowl 2012 (Oct '12)
- Best Skaven Coach (5th place individual finish out of 112 entrants)
Flame Bowl IV (Dec '12)
- 2nd Place Team (GBBL Presents: Gazza's Tears)
- Most Casualties (Norse)
Dobby Bowl (Jan '13)
- 2nd Place (Slann)
Waterbowl Weekender 2013 (Feb '13)
- 2nd Place (Khemri)
- 2nd Place (Norse)


Points of Note
Before playing me, bear in mind that...
1. I like to kill stuff, quite a lot in fact. DP's and Claw/MB/PO players are fun, don't play me if you don't like getting squished.
2. T16 fouls are funny. I've learned to love them. Expect one for no reason when I'm in the mood.
3. Stalling is a valid tactic. Arguably dull, but valid. If you've got half a dozen players on the bench don't expect me to score in a hurry.
4. Crowd pushes are a great way of playing the numbers game. I'll try them at any opportunity and expect you to do the same. I will usually applaud elaborate chainpushes and set-ups to be honest!
5. Having said all that, by midway in the second half, I see no point in fouling or crowdpushing if the game is already decided. By 'decided', I'd say that having more players on the pitch and having at least a one TD lead, usually two, would be enough. At that point, any unnecessary team destruction is kinda pointless and spiteful. I'd appreciate if you shared these sentiments. If I do continue, it's cause I don't like you! Take it personally!!!
6. One of my biggest failings is whinning, I moan when luck goes against me. Making an effort to suck it up and laugh at myself, but some days I'm good and pissy. Apologies in advance if you catch me on one of 'those' days.


/option freeInducementCash 1000000

and I have 1,000,000 to adjust team!
(buying extra players, RRs, Apo)

then I adjust skills:

/skill add block 11
(it adds block to my #11)

/skill remove loner 11
(it removes loner to my #11)

or I change a stat:

/stat ag 4 11
(ag 4 to my #11)