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Playing since 10/2003 and have a lot of fun with that game.
The Picture? Yeah, somewhen with hair in 2010!

Some Stats in Ranked Matches:
Highest total CAS in a Game <a href ="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2972683">14</a>; with my Chaos Dwarfs vs Khemri
Best CAS result (regular Cas) <a href ="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2831391">6</a>; with my Khemri vs Orcs
Best TD result <a href ="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=1502108">4-1</a>; with my Amazones vs High Elves
Worst CAS result <a href ="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2164059">1 [0/1/0] - 9 [4/4/1]</a> by a Chaos Team vs my Dwarfs.
Worst TD result <a href ="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=588369">0-5</a>; with a Dark Elf Team vs my Orcs.

<b>Real Onboard Tournaments in 2004</b>
28th at the <a href ="http://www.games-workshop.de/warhammerworld/bloodbowl/Dungeon_Bowl/results_complete.shtm">1. Dungeon Bowl 2004 in Cologne</a>
<b>3rd</b> at the <a href ="http://www.klingencon.de/con_archiv_blood_erg.html">KlingenCon XVIII in Remscheid</a>
18th at <a href ="http://www.madhobbit.net/massacre/history/2504/index.html">M@hobbit Massacre 2004 in Amersfoort</a>

<b>Real Onboard Tournaments in 2005</b>
8th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=177">Dead Drunk Berlin 2005</a>
40th at the <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=179">2. Dungeon Bowl 2005 in Cologne</a>
4th at the <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=225">KlingenCon XX in Remscheid</a>
<b>Winner</b> of the <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=217">M@hobbit Massacre 2005 in Amersfoort</a>
6th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=212">B7 2005 in Böblingen</a>
9th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=215">Bubble 2005 in Utrecht</a>
13th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=272">Mogonita Masters 2005 in Mainz</a>
5th at the <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=390">KlingenCon XXI in Remscheid</a>

<b>Real Onboard Tournaments in 2006</b>
8th at the <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=287">Dead Drunk Berlin 2006</a> and Most TD
61th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=280">Dutch Open in Amsterdam</a>
67th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=303">3. Dungeon Bowl 2006 in Duesseldorf</a>
<b>Winner</b> of the <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=268">KlingenCon XXII in Remscheid</a> and most CAS and most TD
9th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=301">Botz Bembel Bowl in Frankfurt</a> and most CAS
18th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=313">B7 2006 in Böblingen</a>

<b>Real Onboard Tournaments in 2007</b>
xx at the <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=436">4. Dungeon Bowl 2007 in Duesseldorf</a>
5th at the <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=486">KlingenCon XXIV in Remscheid</a>
8th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=450">Botz Bembel Bowl 2 in Frankfurt</a>
7th at the <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=505">KlingenCon XXX in Remscheid</a>

<b>Real Onboard Tournaments in 2008</b>
42th at <a href="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=573">Dutch Open 2008 in Amsterdam</a>
32th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=542">5. Dungeon Bowl 2008 in Duesseldorf</a>
10th at <a href="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=604">KlingenCon April in Remscheid</a>
26th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=578">Botz Bembel Bowl 3 in Frankfurt</a>
14th and <b>MOST TD</b> at <a href="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=539">B7 in Böblingen</a>

<b>Real Onboard Tournaments in 2009</b>
23th at <a href="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=748">Dutch Open 2009 in Amsterdam</a>
11th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=747">6. Dungeon Bowl 2009 in Duesseldorf</a>
<b>Winner</b> of the <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=795">KlingenCon April in Remscheid</a> and <b>MOST TD</b>
5th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=753">Botz Bembel Bowl 4 in Frankfurt</a>
47th at <a href="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=721">; B7 2009 in Böblingen</a>
7th at <a href="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=796">; KlingenCon November 2009</a>

<b>Real Onboard Tournaments in 2010</b>
27th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=997">7. Dungeon Bowl 2010 in Duesseldorf</a>
11th at <a href="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=994">Botz Bembel 2010 in Frankfurt</a>
24th at <a href="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=896">B7 2010 in Böblingen</a>
<b>Winner</b> at BBQ Bowl 2010 in Remscheid
11th at <a href="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=1071">XXXI KlingenCon in Remscheid</a>

<b>Real Onboard Tournaments in 2011</b>
42th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=1227">8. Dungeon Bowl 2011 in Duesseldorf</a>
22th at <a href ="http://www.thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=1268">KlingenCon XXXII April 2011 in Remscheid</a>
24th at 2.Neusser Block in Neuss (most Turnovers ever :-( )
9th at the <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=1191">B7 2011 in Böblingen</a> and <b><a href ="http://b7.beckerf.de/2011/pics/Image_B7_2011_156.JPG">MOST TD</a></b>
2nd Place at BBQ Bowl 2011 in Remscheid
14th at <a href ="http://www.thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=1316">HBL Breetlooks Bowl in Krefeld</a>
4th at <a href ="http://www.thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=1269">KlingenCon XXXIII November 2011 in Remscheid</a> and <b>MOST TD</b>

<b>Real Onboard Tournaments in 2012</b>
13th at <a href ="http://thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=1453">9. Dungeon Bowl 2012 in Duesseldorf</a>
22th at <a href ="http://www.thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=1543">KlingenCon XXXIV April 2012</a>
4th (Teamwertung) at <a href ="http://www.thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=1442">1. BBBB-Team Tunier 2012</a> and <b>Most TD (Teamwertung)</b>
39th at <a href ="http://www.thenaf.net/index.php?module=NAF&type=tournamentinfo&uid=6617&id=1432">B7 2012 in Böblingen</a>

<b>Registered or Marked for these tournaments:</b>

BBQ Bowl (?)
KlingenCon XXXV November 2012 (?)

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=coach&op=development&coach=10035">CR Development</a>

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=coaches&order=&showall=&r=0">CR Ranking sort by race</a>

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=coachopp&coach=10035">Me against the World</a>

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=stats">The Fumbbl World itself</a>

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/help:ranked">Need some help in Ranked Games?</a>

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/skills.php">Skills</a>;

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/help:OTT">One Turn Guide</a>

# Rookie: TR 0-100
# Experienced: TR 101-125
# Veteran: TR 126-150
# Pro: TR 151-175
# Elite: TR 176-200
# Legend: TR 201+


Team Ratings..Number of Rolls
101+.....................4 + pick a fifth result of your choice


1. reload with .inc
2. sync
3. end the turn
4. reload again with .dat
5. problem solved
6. you just can't move the ball carrier before you reload 7. with .dat
8. due to the two ball issue caused by the sync
9. and yes.. play direct whenever you can

To play a direct game...

Open bb launcher by clicking on play next to your team as normal, and use the following settings:

proxy: no proxy (Make sure you change the drop down to this)
proxy game name: (leave blank)
server: (Insert IP Address here)
port: (Insert port here - usually 8080)

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=9617&highlight=/">HOW TO LINK SOMETHING</a>