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Group managers: deyempe, fivehead

Welcome Coach!!

To the PokéBowl Open League! Season 1

Coach teams of Pocket Monsters! and play off against other teams on the fields of the unforgiving and often deadly Fumbbl!

Play as many games as you like with as many other group teams you like!
Use the group PM or our Discord channel to arrange Open games with ease!

Not only that but take part in regular competitions too!

Bring your teams and compete for fame, honor, and victory!!!
Stake your claim to one or even all four PokéCups!

Be crowned a *PokéMonster Master* - in this one of a kind Poké-themed competition!

Regular Season 1

Open League!

Create Team, find opponent, play!

AND compete in..


Timezone: EURO primarily
(will host other if demand)

3 rounds regular-season (Swiss)
(7 day rounds but the faster completed the better)


Single Elimination KO Cup!

Bring your Poké roster and Compete for title of "Poké Moster Master!"

Poké Teams Tournament!
(New Teams Only!!, 0 games played)

Great Teams Tournament!
(1250-1599 tv)

Ultra Teams Tournament!
(1600-1999 tv)

Master Teams Tournament!
(2000+ tv)

Points are awarded:

W.3 / D.1 / L.0

Tournament Applications!
For your place in Season 2 Tournament/s!

Please apply teams.. Here

Nurse Joy!

Nurse Joy and the Poké Center are very diligent in their duty's, striving to save the lives of injured PokéMon.

Nurse Joy:
"Its not easy watching the ones we fail pass by, but the PokéMon we are able to save make our jobs worth it!"

"We do everything we possibly can to save each PokéMon that we can, but sometimes.. regrettably, there just isn't anything we can do to help."

"Please do take care when training your PokéMon, try not to put them in unnecessary, or dangerous situations.


At these events, teams will be awarded 100k free inducement money before each game.

This must be used ONLY to purchase wandering apothecary's! teams will not need to compete in these events without at least 1 free healing session from Nurse Joy and her team.

Teams are advised to hire their very own on-field Nurse Joy to bring to these events aswell, and not to just rely on the resident Poke Center team.



Poké Cups:

1st place Trophy's

PokéCup! GreatCup! UltraCup! & Master Cup!

Trainer Badges:

2nd, 3rd and 4th place Trophy

Pocket Monsters:

PokéCup, 1st place Winner: ???
PokéCup, 2nd place Runner Up: ???

GreatCup, 1st place Winner: ???
GreatCup, 2nd place Runner Up: ???

UltraCup, 1st place Winner: ???
UltraCup, 2nd place Runner Up: ???

MasterCup, 1st place Winner: Mewtwo
MasterCup, 2nd place Runner Up: Krabby

Pok'eBowl Open League Rules
*General Rules*
a) Make as many teams as you like, play as many open games with as many opposing PokéMon teams as you like!

b) Please apply 1 of your created teams to this stable of teams (in order to receive group PM's)

c) Prefix teams with [P] (this is optional)


a) These are fine, all except Star Players, these are coming soon!


a) Coaches may submit teams into all 4 cup tournaments, but only 1 team per cup.

b) A coach should (if it can be helped) NOT represent the same race/roster in more than 1 Cup. I.e, if your down as in for the Poke Team Cup with a Geo team, try not to enter the Great, Ultra or Master with a Geo team, use different one, to give other players a chance to represent that race/team during the season.

Team Logos
Feel free to make use of these logos for your teams.

Right Click the image, save to computer as; imagename.png - this will ensure a transparent background when you uploaded to your team logo!