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Group managers: Java, Scugnizzo

Welcome to the Secret League event with a resurrection/non-progression ruleset!

What is Secret League? Click the link and find out.



-World Cup Rules are adopted for Secret Resurrection 5
-6 rounds in Swiss style.
-You must bring a Secret League team created from the link above, basic ruleset rosters will not be accepted.


Please select "Create Team for this League" at the top of this page.

In order to award skills to your players - please use Team Options -> Skill Settings.

All boxes must be filled. Therefore you may need to select "No Skill" for some of your players.

You may choose a primary rather than secondary skill.

If you wish to purchase Star players or inducements simply leave the cash in your treasury and select them at the start of the in game sequence. Please clearly say which inducements you are using in your Team Bio.

Please double check your teams and make sure they comply to the rules - which are a tiny bit complex.

When created please return to this group - Click on "Teams" select your team from the drop down menu at the bottom and select "Apply for Membership"


Please list any inducements or Star players in your Team's Bio.


• Each team has a total of 1,150,000 gp to spend on roster creation and must hire a minimum of 11 players. Any unspent cash at roster creation will be lost and all teams will be considered having the same Current Team Value (CTV) for the purpose of inducements and prayers to Nuffle.
• Cash given is also used to buy rerolls, assistant coaches, cheerleaders, apothecary and so on.
• The World Cup is a resurrection tournament, so no SPP are gained, and injuries, casualties or deaths do not carry on from one game to other.
• Undead, Necromantic and Nurgle teams are allowed to apply the Masters of
Undeath and Plague Ridden special rules. Players added to a team roster through a game as a result of those special rules are removed from the roster at the end of that game.
• Teams will consist of a minimum of 11 players and a maximum of 16 players, including star players.
• Star players can only be induced after 11 regular players have already been rostered.
• Star players can’t be given extra skills from the team’s skill budget.
• If both opposing teams are fielding the same star player in a game, both star players are allowed to play

Teams are separated in five different tiers and offered different skill sets to choose from. Each team is permitted to stack 2 Primary Skills on a maximum of 1 player at the cost of both 1 Primary Skill and 1 Secondary Skill. If your team and skill set do not allow you to give Secondary Skills to your players, you’re not allowed to stack skills.

Tier 1

Dryad, Clan Eshin, Avelorn, Numas, Sisters of Sigmar, Khainite Assassins, Lahmian, Witch Hunters, Northern Nippon, Kurgan, Pirate, Necrarch, Cathay, Hobgoblin Slavers, Zoat, Snakemen, Half-Elf, Daemons of Slaanesh, Ethereal, Fimir

A. 6 Primary Skills
B. 4 Primary Skills + 1 Secondary Skill
C. 3 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Starplayer

Tier 2

Black Dwarf, Hobgoblin, Sea Elves, Tilea, Witch Elf, Araby, Skink, Von Carstein, Half-Orc, Mahrak, Forest Goblin, Savage Orc, Slaanesh, Nippon, Beastmen, Norse Dwarf, Bretonnian, Elemental, Tzeentch, Engineer

A. 7 Primary Skills
B. 5 Primary Skills + 1 Secondary Skill
C. 4 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Starplayer

Tier 3

Clan Mors, Cult of Ulric, Ironbreaker, Estalia, Albion, Kingdom of Ind, Giant, Blood Dragon, Kurnous, Black Ark, Slann, Isha, Sylvania, Border Princes, Flesh Golem, Slayers, Strigoi, Myrmidia, Four Nations, Gnome

A. 7 Primary Skills + 1 Secondary Skill
B. 5 Primary Skills + 2 Secondary Skills.
C. 5 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Starplayer

Tier 4

Valkyrie, Ninja Halfling, Forest Halfling, Gnoblar, Clan Skryre, Clan Pestilens, , Kislev, Nautican, Rasetra, Daemons of Tzeentch, Daemons of Khorne, ,Centigor, Undead Pirate, Lybaras, Were, Daemons of Nurgle, Hung, Ka-Sabar, Minotaur, Clan Moulder

A. 8 Primary Skills + 1 Secondary Skill
B. 6 Primary Skills + 2 Secondary Skills
C. 6 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Starplayer

Tier 5

Daemons of Malal, Zandri, Ogre Kingdoms, Sons of Stromfels, Treemen, Dust Goblin, Night Goblin, Lumbria, Squig, Troll

A. 8 Primary Skills + 2 Secondary Skills
B. 6 Primary Skills + 3 Secondary Skills
C. 6 Primary Skills + Access to 1 Starplayer
D. 4 Primary Skills + Access to 2 Starplayers


0-1 Halfling Master Chef (300k, 100k for halfling teams)
0-6 Assistant coaches (10k)
0-12 Cheerleaders (10k)
0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs (50k)
0-3 Bribes 100k (Bribery & Corruption teams, 50k)
No bribes allowed if your team has one or more players with the “Sneaky Git” Skill.
0-2 Wandering Apothecaries (100k)
0-1 Morgue Assistant (100k)
0-1 Plague Doctor (100k)
0-1 Riotous Rookies (100k)

Nothing else is allowed, be it a Blood Bowl Rulebook or Death Zone inducement.


• New amazon star players published in Spike 15 are not allowed in the World Cup, as there is not enough input about them right now. Same goes for the Stars from the Almanac 2022.


Certain starplayers are so famous, glamorous or infamous that their team mates pay all their attention to them, forgetting to properly train and improve their own skills. So in case you want to hire one of them for your team, you will have to “pay” some of the skills you got on your skillset to picture this situation. If you hire one of the following starplayers, you’ll have to reduce the mentioned skills from your skillsets.


Morg’N’Thorg 3 Primary Skills
Griff Oberwald 3 Primary Skills
Deeproot Strongbranch 2 Primary Skills
Hakflem Skuttlespike 2 Primary Skills
Kreek Rustgouger 2 Primary Skills
Bomber Dribblesnot 2 Primary Skills
Wilhem Chaney 1 Primary Skills

Stunty Rosters are eligible for the Secret Stunty Cup.

Create your team here



- Inducements and skills need to be stated in the Team Bio. Wizards are not allowed.
- If you take no inducements, put NO INDUCEMENTS in the bio so you won't forget.
- 2 weeks per round, after two weeks the game gets called.
- Concessions are not permitted

Past winners (and attendance):

SR1: torabora - Black Dwarf (26)
SR2: geggster - Clan Mors (20)
SR3: geggster - Northern Nippon (12)
SR4: MerryZ - Lahmian (10)
SR5: fol82 (24)
SR6: ... (14)

Stunty cup:

1) Widram
2) grrrreindeer
3) wintergreen13
4) Gnoblar
5) MerryZ
6) ...

Tie breakers (FUMBBL in-built)
#1 TD+CAS delta
#2 Number of TDs scored
#3 Number of CAS inflicted
#4 head-to-head result if needed