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Group managers: TheFear, Tripleskull
Welcome to The Super League, Season One

Round 1 Deadline - 10th December
Round 2 Deadline - 24th December
Round 3 Deadline - 11th January
Round 4 Deadline - 25th January
Round 5 Deadline - 8th February
Round 6 Deadline - 22nd February
Round 7 Deadline - 8th March


This is a competitive resurrection (non-progression) league which uses promotion and relegation.The exact structure will be decided (depending on player numbers) at the start of each season.

Season One is using a pyramid structure as follows:
Premier League: 1 Champion - 4 relegated
Championship A+B: 2 promoted - 4 relegated
Division One A,B,C+D: 2 promoted - 4 relegated
Division Two A,B,C+D: 4 promoted - 4 relegated
Division Three A,B,C+D: 4 promoted - 4 relegated
Division Four A,B,C+D: 4 promoted. Relegation will depend on league expanding next season.

The league placing belongs to the coach. So you can swap teams (between seasons) and retain your ranking. Coaches that drop out and return or who are brand new will start from the bottom and have to work their way up.


To organise and play 1 game of Blood Bowl every 2 weeks (14 days). Your opponent may live in a different country/ different time zone - so you may need to be flexible.

Two weeks should be plenty of time to organise to play a game. But if there are any problems please tell group admins nice and early.
If you do not respond to your opponent or league admin during the 14 day period - you will be thrown out of the comptetion and replaced.


Win = 2 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 points

Tie breaker = NET TD + NET CAS. No tie breaker is perfect but this is the default setting, so makes life easier for everyone. If this is equal we'll look at H2H and then TD scored + Cas Caused.

IMPORTANT - Please only chose the inducements listed in your Bio when starting a game.

If you get this wrong and the game must be reset you will need to contact a FUMBBL Admin! LEAGUE ADMIN DO NOT have the power to reset your game. If a game is not played inside the time limit because it has to be reset the player that chose the wrong inducements MAY have to forfeit.

The Fumbbl Discord is the best place to request a reset!


Please select "Create Team for this League" at the top of this page.

Teams are built using 1,150,000 gold pieces for players, rerolls, coaches, cheerleaders, apothocaries and inducements.

Minimum of 11 players

In order to award skills to your players - please use Team Options - Skill Settings.

All boxes must be filled. Therefore you may need to select "No Skill" for some of your players.

If you wish to purchase inducements simply leave the cash in your treasury and select them at the start of the in game sequence. Please clearly say which inducements you are using in your Team Bio.

When created please return to this group - Click on "Teams" select your team from the drop down menu at the bottom and select "Apply for Membership"

We have created a bespoke tiering system that reflects both participation and performance in Season Zero. This will continue to evolve in future seasons.

Gold - 1,150,000

Tier 1: 6 primary or 4 primary and 1 secondary
Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Lizardmen, Orcs, Shambling Undead, Wood Elf, Norse, Amazon,
Necromantic Horror, Tomb Kings

Tier 2: 7/0 or 5/1
Human, High Elf, Skaven, Underworld Denizens, Chaos Chosen, Elven Union, Imperial Nobility

Tier 3: 7/1 or 5/2
Chaos Renegades, Old World Alliance, Vampire, Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Snotling, Black Orc, Khorne, Nurgle, Slaan

No skill stacking

Inducements - Bribes and Master Chef only.
You may not select both Sneaky Git and an Induced Bribe. (If you get a bribe off the kick off table that's fine)