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After a short delay caused by the remaining member of XFL staff being a moron we are ready to get going on the next rounds of XFL XIV Qualifiers.

Time for Human, Slann and Wood Elf team to battle it out for the honor to represent thier races in the XFL Masters! In this Ulthuan Invitational period of the year it seemed only fitting to have an "all-light" XFL Qualifier.

All coaches with a [B]lackbox or [R]anked team of any TV/TW from one of these races is hereby invited to APPLY on the group page.

The tournaments will start on the 8th of April, with the first round deadline on the 15th.
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Cloggy on Friday, April 03, 2020 - 10:44
With the COVID-19 pandemic taking hold on the world, we've had a fairly noticeable surge of new and returning coaches to the site. I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you (back) to FUMBBL.

With social distancing being recommended globally, some of you have asked questions on if it's possible to play your tabletop league games on FUMBBL and if so, how.

The short answer is "Yes, it's possible", but there are a few hoops to get through. I would highly recommend that your league appoints one or two coordinators for the league, if possible with a bit of technical experience since it can be a bit complicated.

It is highly recommended to join our Discord server to get assistance in setting everything up, but the short outline is as follows:

1. Create a Ruleset with the settings you wish to use. To make it easier to re-create existing teams, adjust starting gold to something more than 1M.
2. Create a Group, making sure to set the "Group Type" to league and the ID of your ruleset (found in the URL of the ruleset page).
3. Have league members create their teams through the group info page ("Create team for this league", top right on the info page).
4. League staff can then edit the teams and players to match the previously existing teams, by editing team treasury, FF, rerolls, etc, and players with their respective SPPs, skills and injuries.

While it's a terrible thing to have to deal with a pandemic, I hope that FUMBBL can allow you to take a break from the harsh reality of it and that you will enjoy your stay.

Once again: Welcome to FUMBBL, and don't hesitate to join the Discord to talk even if you don't need help with leagues and rulesets.
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Christer on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - 11:03
Ulthuan Invitational is now accepting applications

Will You Choose Light Or Dark?

Tournament draw starts
22.00pm server time
Wednesday 18th March 2020

Any Ranked or Blackbox team of the following races ( Amazon, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, High Elf, Human, Lizardman, Norse, Slann and Wood Elf.) can apply here for the Light Qualifier

Any Ranked or Blackbox team of the following races ( Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos Pact, Dark Elf, Goblin, Khemri, Necromantic, Orc, Nurgle, Skaven, Undead, Underworld, Vampire and Ogre) can apply here for Dark Qualifier
You can only apply to 1 of the 2 qualifiers


Dynamic gold
Bonus MVP
Record on your profile
Choose 2 of the following:
Griffin Bracers (+AG, 30TV)
Bracers of VesaeLaer (Stand Firm 20TV)
Talisman of Eilai (Two Heads 20TV)
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Bazakastine on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - 17:41
Time flies when you're having fun! We are already at the halfway mark of the qualifiers in the 14th season of XFL. This round offers a nice selection of big and small:

HUGE High Elf team, perhaps even bigger dinosaurish things and a bunch of stunties all facing off against their own to earn the right to represent their race in the Masters.

All coaches with a High Elf, Lizardmen or Underworld team of any TV/TW from the [B]lackbox or [R]anked division are hereby invited to APPLY on the group page. The tournaments will kick off on March 4th at about 22:00.
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Cloggy on Friday, February 28, 2020 - 20:26
Yes coaches, it is XFL time again. We are of course aware of the fact that you all have the start dates of your favorite races written on the wall of your house in snotling blood, but we have become so accustomed to announcing the draws anyway that we can't shake the habit.

This round we are happy to invite Dwarf, Goblin and Khemri teams to play for the honor or representing their race in the XFL Masters. If you have a [B]lackbox or [R]anked team of any TV from these races you can
APPLY to take part on the tournament page.

The tournaments kick off on Feb 5th and have the regular weekly deadline. Please remember to only submit 1 team per race.
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Cloggy on Saturday, February 01, 2020 - 19:25