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FUMBBL, the online Blood Bowl league

FUMBBL is the largest online Blood Bowl league in the world and is completely free to join. Play whenever you feel like it, or join one of our many tournaments and player run leagues - you decide!

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"Well, sports fans, I hope you're as big a fan of statistics as I am, because-"

"Otherwise you'll be the biggest geek here?"

"I was ACTUALLY going to say I've got a half-season round up of the best and worst of the SCBBL for your perusal, but if you're going to be like that..."

"C'mon, Jim- don't be a whiny little bloodsucker. I was just joking."

"I'd sigh, but I don't breathe."

"Hurrr, hurrr, hurrr."

"Anyway... with half the SCBBL season gone, the race for first place is really quite something. The Morkami Dolphinz currently sit atop the pile, but only precariously- their Undead rivals the Red Dead Rising have a game in hand on them."

"Their game against each other's gonna be one for the ages if things stay like this, Jim."

"Indeed, Bob, but those two aren't the only teams eyeing the inaugural SCBBL title- even as we speak the Darkwood Chiropractors and the Witcham Wanderers are chomping at the bit to catch them up."

"Third versus fourth? That's gonna be a good game."

"Indeed, and anyone wanting to watch it can-"

"Catch it on Blood Bowl Game Pass for only ninety-nine gold crowns, we know."

"I was GOING to say can switch over and watch it live, but now you come to mention it..."

"Now it's gonna be MY turn to sigh."

"Also in the hunt for the title are the pesky High Elf team of Needs More Dodge."

"Weren't they the team who heaped five touchdowns on the Frostholm Dragons earlier in the season?"

"Indeed they are, Bob- that five-one win is still the biggest victory AND highest-scoring game in the SCBBL so far."

"That one must have bruised the egos of a few Dwarves."

"Indeed it did, but they're still plugging away despite being bottom of the league on points- they have the hardest-hitting team in the league, leading on Casualties For AND Casualty Differential."

"Such a shame they're the leakiest defence in the league, too."

"Yes, especially as the defence of their rival Chaos Dwarf team Pow, Reet In Da Kisser is amongst the strongest defences in the SCBBL."

"Who is else is in the running for that title, Jim?"

"Well, there's the aforementioned Darkwood Chiropractors-"

"Black Orcs are always gonna be tough nuts to crack."

"-but the current leaders are oddly the Wissenland Thunder, whose defence has yet to be breached."

"Wait a minute, you're saying that a bunch of humies has the best defence in the league?"

"Not entirely- they've only played two games."

"Oh- I expect that stat to change soon, then."

"Indeed. Spare a thought for the poor Snotlings of the Snot Valley Urchins whilst you're at it- an average of three-point-one of the little guys don't make it through a whole SCBBL game at the moment."

"What's point one of a Snotling?"

"I'd guess an arm or a leg, Bob."

"Hurrr, hurrr, hurrr."

"As for the other teams in the league, there's still plenty to play for- the Khornate warriors of the Tyrants of the Bloody Mists team are still bashing their way through the league, whereas the Humans of Leodis United are looking to get a second win."

"Hang on, weren't there twelve teams at the start of the season?"

"Indeed there were- the Fer Daric Chiefs have had to resign after running out of players willing to take the field."

"Well, what do you expect from a bunch of daisy-sniffing, underpants-wearing, hair-washing-"

"Before we get another session with the Network's Racial Sensitivity Training Team, I think it's only fair that I should change the subject- if you switch channels right now, Witcham have just scored against the run of play!"

"Nice move, Jim."

"I thought so. Until next time, folks!"
Posted by JohannVonDarkheim on December 10
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After weeks of intense competition, we finally have the victorious team of the 4th season! Led by Jaskier the Black Ark Corsairs won aganist the Skink team. The final match team was filled with various twists and turns. The entire game seemed to be not going in favor of the elves, but at a certain moment, they managed to gain the upper hand and then they desperately tried to defend it. The elves suffered heavy losses, losing their captain in the early minutes of the match. However, this setback only fueled the elven hearts. After a fierce defense, they managed to secure a 1-0 victory.

The Black Ark Elves express their gratitude to the coac Jaskier h for leading them to victory, and like other teams from the 4th season, they are now heading for a well-deserved break.

Season 5 is still awaiting brave contenders, and we are currently missing 4 players! If you want to be one of them, don't hesitate – reach out to Avreus or join our Discord now!"

League discord channel: https://discord.gg/hjQ22CayBh
Final Match: https://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=4506816
Posted by Avreus on December 09
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The Great Gobbo's cave was especially full as players from both Der Tenny See Titans and Der Whamma Bamma Green Tide tried to move Monopoly boxes to create a seat. The Great Gobbo himself was stood in front of a roaring fire with a bottle of port in one hand and a filthy Santa hat placed jauntilly upon his head.

"Attenshun student afferletes" he bellowed as the hubub of the room quieted down into an attentive hush. "I az sum grate news fer yer today. Az yew az bin doin so well I az decided dat we iz gunna av a christmas party!" A huge cheer errupted from the assembled throng. "Now I az bin speekin ter der sqwirrels an dey iz tellin me dat at dis time o der year most people av a wurks do where dey do sum fun teem buildin aktivities den go to der pub, get drunk an den have inappropriate sex wiv dere collegues." He paused as more raucus cheering broke out. "Well we ent doin der last wun but I az arranged a few fun teem buildin aktivities followed by a piss up!" Another huge cheer from the crowd. "Der furst fing we iz gunna do iz ded speshul. Now our ail mary tuchdownz av bin spot on, well done Gummy an Kerslimm." Another wait as a loud round of applause goes around the cave. "Owevva our and off game iz rubbish, yew play like yew iz a teenager oo az found a jar of Vaseline. So I az ad a wurd wiv an old mate o mine, Santa..." the noise is now deafening as excited goblins start screaming and jumping for joy. "Calm down, calm down! Yes Santa az agreed tew let uz go to iz workshop an praktice passin der parcel wiv all der likkle kiddies presents befoar goin on a pub crawl! An ter get yer in der festive spirit Eviluz iz gunna sing all iz christmas songz fer yer on der cart!" More wild whooping and cheering.

"Ahh, fank yer verry much" said Eviluz.

"Rite shut yer faces! Dere iz wun moar piece of biziness ter attend to befoar we set off. Dis year, wun of our ladz became a legend. Please stand an show yer appreshiatshun fer Robba Yerowse!" A shifty looking gobbo sidles up to stand next to the Great Gobbo where he recieves a handshake and a swig of port. Once the Great Gobbo manages to wrestle the port back from Robba he holds up his arms for quiet.

"Rite den, teem buildin task numba wun, get ter Santa's wurkshop. Everywun no's dat Santa cumz down der chimmny to get tew yew so obviously yew az ter get up der chimmny ter see im. Norma, me pet albino squig, iz gunna be released in ten seconds so I suggest yew get movin! Rite, reddy...."

"Err ent yew gunna put der fire owt furst?" asks Skabba Nee, one of the newer members of Der Tide.

"Wouldn't be teem buildin if I did dat wud it? NOW GO!" Chaos errupts as 32 goblins try to climb the Great Gobbo's chimney without catching on fire or being bitten by Norma who is bouncing around excitedly biting anything she can. Soon soot covered goblins, some still smouldering, start to emerge from the chimney on top of the Great Gobbo's cave where they are met by the Great Gobbo holding a new bottle of port whilst stood by a large box. As the last gobbo limps onto the Great Gobbo's squig drawn team cart he is followed by the Head Coach himself who opens up the box and starts handing out brown hats.

"Ere, an early pressie fer yer! Put em on, put em on an merry christmas!"

"Why iz dey brown?" asks one gobbo.

"An why do dey av Amazon ritten on em?" enquires another.

"Look I'll be honest wiv yer," says the Great Gobbo, "Santa iz a likkle mad at me fer brekkin into peoples houses an drinkin dere sherry whilst pretendin ter be im, but I didn't want ter let yew ladz down so we iz still gunna praktise passin der parcel, cept now yew will be doin it fer minimum wage which due tew a University bylaw az ter go ter me by der way. Everywuns a winner!"

"Wot abowt der pub crawl?"

"Me an Eviluz will av ter do dat fer yer az yew will be busy wurkin, I meen prakticin."

"Don't wanna" says someone. The Great Gobbo casually necks the bottle of port before smashing the bottle on the side of the cart creating a very sharp and leathal looking weapon.

"Wot did yew say?" growls the Great Gobbo.


"Dat's wot I fort. Rite Eviluz tek it away!"

The sound of Eviluz's deep voice drifts over the fields as the cart pulls away (along with the sound of mild stabbing) as the Great Gobbo begins his teams' xmas party.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
Posted by The_Great_Gobbo on December 09
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So the EuroBowl and Europen have nailed their rules to the church door and we all face a 2024 playing versions of them. Everywhere. every event. All the time.
Apart from all the other events that ignore them and do their own thing.
So, are they any good? What's leaping out? and what will the cool kids be avoiding in Greece?

To pick apart the Eurobowl rules, and the current meta in general, a panel of munchkins and miscreants has assembled.

The Gang:
PurpleChest: Hosting and mosting, and quite likely boasting.
Hargrim: Danish Big Brain in tiny body.
DrHellboy: Proven to be smarter than the average bear.
Dementor: Offspring of the mighty Sann.

So we shall pull the ruleset apart, loo for min max routes and generally chat bb2020 meta.
Its Christmas, i'm not going to overthink it.

So come join in, Sunday 9pm GMT on https://www.twitch.tv/purplechest
Or, a day later, catch the VOD on twitch or YouTube or the podcast all over the place.
Posted by PurpleChest on December 08
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I want to make some custom jerseys with a logo from one of my team on here but the image is to low res to use. Anybody got an idea how I can fix this? this is the image. And this is the plan
Posted by Araznaroth on December 08
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Hey all,
I haven't done an advertisement blog for the RRR in a while since the 24/7 hypetrain seemed to pull in coaches a plenty. We have kicked off two new tournaments per week recently, so the Rumbles are looking healthier than ever.
Join in!

Congratulations to our most recent RRR winners:

Storr (RRR 557 with Dark Elves),
itzla (RRR 555 with Undeads),
Storr (RRR 554 with Chaos Dwarves),
Storr (RRR 553 with Black Orcs)!

There are currently 3 teams missing to start another Royal Rookie Rumble!

As soon as the required number of teams is reached, a new tournament will be started and all participating coaches will be notified via PM.

If you are interested in joining, read here: Rules

and then apply here: Application

Please be aware

Only teams from the Competitive division with 0 games played will be accepted.

Every coach is welcome but the "Rookie" in Royal Rookie Rumble refers to the teams, not necessarily to the coaches!



Winner gets 100,000 gold pieces and
a record on the coach profile.

Posted by Rawlf on December 07
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what do you think that the best secret team is?
i really like daemons of nurgle but ag4+ and no Sure hands is rough
Posted by MiniMorg on December 06
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Season 44 saw Volkajo's snotling crew take its third consecutive championship (fourth overall). No less than thirteen teams resigned after playing the "Getting games" gang, which is a new Throne of Blood record (past record was 8, by the same team)! Greatest Soul Crusher of all time, boom!

New season has already started. All scoring is retroactive from the first of the month. Join up any stunty team for a new challenge!

And as ever, friends:

Dorfs. Count. Double.

Throne of Blood Season XLIV, standings as of 2023-12-02 09:14
Screaming For Vengeance
Season runs from 2023-11-01 00:00 until 2023-11-30 23:59

1: Getting games in C coached by Volkajo: Top Snotling Team, Top Competitive Team, Soul Crusher Award (13 teams retired), Most Brutal (2 kills,shared), Longest Streak (3 games,shared), Longest no-kill streak (13 games), Season Champion, Tallest Stack (13 kills), Diversity Award (7 rosters), Most concessions (6)

2: Urban Cookie Collective coached by Sifu: Top Halfling Team, Longest Streak (3 games,shared)


2: [NWBL] Rice Owies coached by razmus: Top League Team, Top Trophy with 43 points, Derrick Hungry

4: New Flingland Tasty Tots coached by Apojar: Longest Streak (3 games,shared)

6: BBT9 Darkshire Raiders coached by Wyzard: Most Brutal (2 kills,shared), Longest Streak (3 games,shared)

7: BT9 Low Down Snots coached by DrClaes: Longest Streak (3 games,shared)

8: Wild World of Wrestling Ogres coached by ben_awesome: Top Ogre Team, Most Brutal (2 kills,shared), Most Brutal (2 kills,shared)

9: Chigobblo Bears coached by Apojar: Top Goblin Team

12: Sneaky Stabbin Gitz coached by Kinglydon: First blood on 2023-11-01 10:03

Total deaths: 47 in 145 games

Getting games in C
, Snotlings of Volkajo: (46/1/5) 7K/52G:109 points :

Urban Cookie Collective
, Halflings of Sifu: (4/1/1) 4K/6G:52 points :

[NWBL] Rice Owies
, Snotlings of razmus: (2/0/1) 2K/3G:52 points :

New Flingland Tasty Tots
, Halflings of Apojar: (7/1/5) 5K/13G:48 points :

BT9 Usurper Flings
, Halflings of DrClaes: (2/2/6) 2K/10G:30 points :

BBT9 Darkshire Raiders
, Halflings of Wyzard: (0/0/3) 3K/3G:21 points :

BT9 Low Down Snots
, Snotlings of DrClaes: (2/1/0) 3K/3G:19 points :

Wild World of Wrestling Ogres
, Ogres of ben_awesome: (3/0/3) 2K/6G:13 points :

(C) Midget Gems
, Halflings of Sifu: (2/0/1) 1K/3G:11 points :

Chigobblo Bears
, Goblins of Apojar: (2/1/1) 1K/4G:11 points :

Da Pewter Cauldren Brutes
, Ogres of GenPlastro: (0/1/0) 1K/1G:10 points :

Sneaky Stabbin Gitz
, Goblins of Kinglydon: (0/0/1) 1K/1G:9 points :

Der Tenny See Titans
, Goblins of The_Great_Gobbo: (0/1/4) 1K/5G:9 points :

(C) Cookie Cutters
, Halflings of Sifu: (1/0/0) 1K/1G:6 points :

BT9 Brute Force
, Ogres of DrClaes: (0/1/5) 1K/6G:2 points :

Posted by DrClaes on December 05
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after a 9 year absence, its time to bring back DOTP. We are looking to bring back our fun, brutal and bounty based blood bowl for a new edition of the game.

Looking for 6-8 coaches max

Time zone: EU
Round length: 2 weeks
Ruleset: Current rules + bounty system
Format: round robin with finals - playoffs may be used if league has enough players

We have our own website that needs updating: https://deathonthepitch.co.uk/

League page: https://fumbbl.com/p/group?op=view&group=9283

What is the bounty system?

quite simply coaches will have the ability to use team treasury to place a bounty on a player, the coach who kills the player collects the bounty.

if you are interested drop me a PM
Posted by mayhemzz22 on December 04
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DLE is in the final stages of the season 14, so that means playoffs and then the Draft.

The league is looking to recruit one, possibly two coaches, and then for interested coaches who might want to join the reserve list.

For all about the DLE, please see our group page here.

DLE is a draft league with custom rules, so at the end of season, a coach gets to pick from a pool of players to be added to his squad for the coming season, to hopefully give a boost to teams which had a rough season.

We have customisable teams icons and great friendly discord.

Its a great group of coaches, committed to 10 day rounds with divisional rivalries and year end awards, all based on NFL style league play.

Season is almost over, so it's a great opportunity to take over a team and shape it for the start of next season, through trades with other coaches and the upcoming Draft.

If you are interested or want to know a bit more, feel free to ask here, msg me or find me on discord.


Posted by bigf on December 03
rating 6 6