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"If you are looking for an old team you need to follow the Lavino Fighting Hellfishes, If you are looking for Legends you need to follow the Men With out a Past, You want to follow thugs and hooligans you need to follow the American Scotts or Altdorf Juvenile Deliquents, if you like motorcycle gangs that wear those cool loking German WWI Helmets then FC Altdorf is for you. BUT if you are looking to follow a CHAMPION, the team that battles it's way to the top, a team that will one day break through and raise a major trophy in the name of humanity. Well FUMBBL fans you have found your team, the Blood Sea Buccaneers!" Horgan Williamson, Altdorf Fumbbl Book and Casino.

Horgan has issued a new bold proclamation 7 years after his first bold statement.

I feel I need to usher a new bold proclamation.

"The Buccaneers are the greatest Human team to grace a FUMBBL Blood Bowl pitch. The fans are rabid and passionate. They get buff rowdy and can drink half a keg before the end of the first turn. The Specs flock to their matches and the Buccaneers salute you. For above all they play for the fans. Even the fans who bring the hurt and the boo. We love you all.

But the Buccaneers are now on a mission. They have accomplished everything they have set their sights on except one goal. The most elusive goal, the goal that will elevate them to undisputed legend mode. WIN A MAJOR!!!!!!

So, Buccaneer fans now is the time to support your team. Get buff rowdy and nasty at the matches. Help the Buccaneers take it to the next level and blow up a Major and claim that first ever trophy for Humanity."

The gauntlet is laid down FUMBBL. Buccaneers are taking no prisoners and have that fire in the belly to rip a major to shreds and plant their standard as one of the legendary teams on FUMBBL

Horgan Williamson, Altdorf Book and Casino.

JimmyFantastic has thrown the gauntlet down on the Buccaneers. He has ushered his own bold proclamation. "If the Buccaneers ever make it to a semi final in a Ranked Major he will buy a new hat and then proceed to eat it and film it and place it on YouTube."

Current news on the Buccaneers
Buccaneers are decimated and are now in total team rebuild mode. It was trully ugly as the team is reduced to 1 player and 10 J-men at one point.

Buccaneers are the #1 most games played EVER for a human team. Finally caught up to and passed the Hellfishes.

Bucceneers enter the 1000 games played club. 13th team on FUMBBL to ever play 1000+ matches.

Finally moved into the #10 spot for most games played by a Ranked team. Bucs are #11 in B/R/L play.

Interesting side note I came across...The Buccaneers own 4 of the Top 10 All time TOP Stars for the Ogre position on human teams...The Bucs love their big guys and 5 of the top 25 list.( this was back in the day of LRB4 before the FFB conversion gimped our Ogres)

A note on my Dirty Players: None of my players are low down dirty. They are just all veterans of the Blood Bowl trenches and know all the moves neccesary to hurt other players. For some reason they call that skill set "dirty" in Blood Bowl..I call it a neccesary survival skill set for any lineman and should not be frowned on.

Buccaneers Hall of Legends

Home of Krikack Bonetooth: The 1ST Legend Ogre Ever for humanity and #3 Top All Time SPP player for humanity. I humbly would argue the Greatest Ogre ever to play in the FUMBBL leagues.DEAD, taken out the old fashion LRB4 way...the BOOT

Home of Krikack part Duex: The 3rd Ogre Legend ever for humanity. Not as great as the first Krikack but a force in his own right. Eventually was taken down by ageing, spirraling expenses, Perm damage and the FFB conversion. Consumed by the dark powers in Khemri,retired

Home of Krikack the Avatar of Destruction: Krikack Part Duex is brought back from the lands of Khemri by the use of a fan favorite scroll. He once again walks the lands of mortals and is looking to take some heads and bash the Buccaneers into a majors final.Killed by the Hellbound Chrioteers the ole fashion way...Dirty Boot to the head. Ended his career as the #1 ALL TIME SPP player for Humanity.

Home of Gromstomp 'Limb Render'. the Buccaneers 4th Legend Ogre and 12th Buc legend overall. #1 top fouling ogre for humanity and he is still climbing the charts. Just loves to stomp on downed players toes, wrists, ankles, heads and of course the full body slam with a PileOn. He has some moves, so he is sneaky agile but most of the time he just lumbers around putting the hurt on the Bucs foes. He wears the shoulder guard of the Great Maw, his talisman and a big hunk of metal to protect him in the middle of the scrum.
Retired and traded to Der Green Tide by the Great Maw in order to stop a lunatic Gnome and steal some titanium7 for Krikacks return to the game.

Gromstomp kills off the lunatic Gnome in his fortress but is blown up by 200lbs of C4 BUT the Great Maw tricks Christer into bringing Gromstomp back to life after the Great Maw rescues Borak from the evil cluthes of pixies. Christer had to pay up.

Gromstomp is killed when he takes a 7 assist DP RIP shot to the head and then the Great Maw sends down a lightning bolt which blows up his body into a 1000 bloody shards.

.Bo 'Knows Blood Bowl' jackson. The Buccaneers 8th legend and team captain. This guy brings the pain and lays out opponeets left and right. His ogre like body is a force in its own right and the oposition gets run over once Bo gets churning with the "rock".Spiro level conspiracy dicingleaves Bo dead on the pitch. He was a force and his legacy will live on.

Home of B "Clothes Line" James. #2 TOP SPP Blitzer player for Humanity ALL TIME and #4 All time SPP star for Humanity. He is the team captain and will rip you a new one if you look at him wrong. He is the Buccaneers first ever Blitzer Legend. James was voted by the Buccaneers fans as the all time greatest Buccaneer player. His inspirational play, guts and determination won him over to the fans. So no matter how great Walker is, James will allways be the heart and soul of the team.Killed in the GLT after a -2BD block dodge out for the T16 win, failed dodge and RIP. Went out in HERO mode.

Home of H "My Body is an Army" Walker. #2 All TIME SPP Player for Humanity Walker joins up with James to form a dynamic legendary blitzer core for the Buccaneers. Brady is the captain but Walker is the main scoring threat and true star of the team. Killed on a vicious blitz move. His niggle injury finally caught up to him and that KO went to a CAS roll

Home of E "The Forcer" Smith. #7 All Time Top SPP Player for Humanity. Smith is the back filed rover for the Bucs and cleans out any low down catchers or gutters getting in our backfield. Quick on his feet he darts in and recover the "rock" when it is laying on the ground. KILLED BY A FIREBALL STREAKING INTO THE ENDZONE, GLORIOUS!!!

A 'the Force' Peterson is Walkers wing man. Peterson has followed Walkers footsteps and is a chip off the old block. His skill set is as good as, maybe even better, than Walkers. But Peterson has now emerged from Walkers shadow and is a key player for the Buccaneers success. Petersons talent might just put the Buccaneers "over the top" on the majors scene. Killed by a vicious blitz move by a skaven C/MB/PO abomination.

W 'Sweetness' Payton is the Buccaneers 11th legend. He is a AG5 freak of nature, ball hawk and back field sacker. He wears the Bo LLC armor with the reaper upgrade package. His grim visage rolling down the grid iron with ball in hand brings the fans to their feet and makes the Bucs foes wonder if they even want to tangle with that guy. Always on the look out for that crack in the LOS to exploit a hole with his AG5 and get in the back field and bring another ball carrier crashing to the pitch, usually with a broken nose.Taken out the CRP way...RIP, apoth rushes out and proceeds to KILL his patient..RIP, Apoth, RIP!!

Home of T "Game Breaker" Owens. The Buccaneers first ever Catcher legend. He is the top All time Pass Paces leader, Most Completions and Top Rushing Catcher. He is the #2 All time Top SPP for catchers. He was the Bucs back field general guiding the team down field for another score.Killed by a Khemri skeleton thingey. Arm was ripped off and used as a club. Gruesome end to a stellar catcher

Home of Johnny 'Blood Bowl' Manziel. The Buccaneers 10th legend player of all time. A all around natural at Blood Bowl and a real game breaker on the pitch. He has all the tools to OTS and leap his way to victory. He is extremely TV friendly under CRP with all normal skills. But that does not hold him back, he is a beast of a catcher and breaks open games.Retired and now living the life as a Legend on the row of a 100 taverns in Altdorf. He returned back to the squad a year later when he woke up behind a pub in a pile of vomit and cabbage. Decided to sign up for another tour and is still going strong.

Home of Johnny 'Blood bowl' Manziel II. He comes back from retirement and picks up where he left off. Makes it to legend for a second time. Then after the FUMBBL Cup devastating loss he losses his mind, drinks a bottle of tequila in one gulp, smokes an entire "bowl" off his bong in one hit, rage quits and runs out of the locker room to go on a 2 week bender to get this taste of defeat out of his mouth. Johnny is once again retired and relapses into a drunken stupor, making a living off his name and fame now

Buccaneers FUMBBL Badges

New Team Page Beta
Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
4 5 1 10
Bone-head, Loner, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate
Guard, +AV, Block, Dodge
-ag, -ma, m 45 0 0 0 14 5 53/76 250k
6 3 3 8   6 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
6 3 2 8
-ag, m 25 1 0 0 2 1 10/16 70k
6 3 3 8
Dirty Player, Dodge, Wrestle
  97 1 1 0 6 5 41/51 120k
6 3 3 8
Pass, Sure Hands
Block, Hail Mary Pass, Kick, Tackle
  77 21 1 0 6 4 56/76 150k
6 3 3 8
Pass, Sure Hands
Block, Dodge
  15 6 1 0 0 2 19/31 120k
7 3 5 7
+AG, Leap, Tackle, +AG, Wrestle
-av 35 5 16 0 2 4 77/176 240k
5 3 3 8
Wrestle, Fend, Tackle
-ma 105 2 2 1 12 3 49/51 110k
6 3 3 8
Dirty Player
  14 1 0 0 0 1 6/16 70k
7 3 2 8
Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Dauntless
-ag 22 0 1 0 7 5 42/51 150k
8 2 3 7
Catch, Dodge
  6 0 0 0 0 1 5/6 60k
7 3 3 8
  4 0 2 0 0 0 6/16 110k
7 3 3 9
Mighty Blow, Guard, +AV
  21 0 1 0 10 5 48/51 160k
11 players (+2 players missing next game)  
Coach: PainState Re-Rolls (100k): 5  
Race: Human Fan Factor: 6  
Current Team Value: 1760k Assistant Coaches: 3  
Treasury: 180k Cheerleaders: 3  
Team Value: 2080k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:1497 (487/230/780) |TD Diff:-651 (1920 - 2571) |Cas Diff:259 (2154/1236/523 - 1972/1224/458)
Last Opponent: TestRKUnd0320