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Last seen 7 hours ago
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Bad Moon Reavers Orc 30k 4/0/0 1140k ±170  
Scheduled against Fabs's AverageWetherspoonsCrowd (Seen 4d ago).
  Beeckerhoven Barons Imperial Nobility 220k 20/7/10 1780k    
  Glove and Boot Elven Union 385k 18/4/7 1910k ±1010  
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
  [FFWC] Brazil 2022 Nippon 99k 6/3/3 1125k    
  Dreamwarriors Ahoi! Shambling Undead 530k 17/9/4 1810k    
  Greenskinz Play Ball Orc 40k 14/8/11 1880k    
  Marauders from the North Norse 20k 15/5/4 1940k    
  Redwood Rockets Simyin 60k 6/3/4 1800k    
Scheduled against Barakataka's Jeff Bezo´s finest (Seen 2d ago).
League teams for CIBBL
  Modryn's Midnight Meddlers Wood Elf (CIBBL) 195k 87/37/40 2165k    
Scheduled against kaznaladak's Yennla Eternals (Seen 5h ago).
League teams for CIBBL+
  Amanar Archivists Sea Elf + 230k 11/6/5 1940k    
League teams for Isle of Misfit Teams
  Ulthuan Strikes Back High Elf 55k 28/5/10 2260k    
League teams for Major Blood Bowl League
  Kamyaka Kingdom Keepers Kingdom of Ind 325k 8/5/6 1370k    
League teams for O[L]C 2016 Cup/Swiss
  Avengers from the Forest Wood Elf 60k 58/14/22 1870k    
League teams for Secret 2016 [SL]am Series
  Uzkulak Hammerers Black Dwarf 150k 12/3/5 1810k    
League teams for Secret Isle of Misfit Teams
  Cursed Marshes Bog Fiends Fimir 120k 13/4/9 1390k    
  Cursed Marshes Bog Fiends (B) Fimir (BIBBL) 40k 23/11/10 1610k    
League teams for Secret League 2020
  Black Serenade Black Ark 15k 7/3/3 1620k    
  Dandaka Dreamwalkers Kingdom of Ind 360k 9/2/2 1500k    
  Flying Carpet Araby 315k 8/1/0 1335k    
  Lord Tsien-Tsin Taunters Northern Nippon 175k 8/1/4 1550k    
  Silverglen Sentinels Avelorn 90k 13/2/3 1840k    
League teams for Secret League Open
  [L]yonesse Lions Bretonnian 140k 16/5/12 2100k    
  [SL] Avelorn Avengers Avelorn 190k 11/2/3 2040k    
  [SL] Cythral Custodians Dryad 120k 8/1/3 1630k    
  [SL] Nereus' Legacy Elemental - Water 190k 5/0/0 1270k    
  Chaos Dwarves from Hell Chaos Dwarf 260k 17/2/3 1820k    
  Daemonic Denizens Daemons of Slaanesh 60k 15/4/7 1800k    
  Dyrinor's Drifting Dolphins Sea Elf 261k 50/7/25 2700k    
  Mordheim Matriarchs Sisters of Sigmar 120k 18/2/3 2050k    
  Palace of Pleasure Slaanesh 100k 28/4/18 1830k    
  Rainbow Renegades Tzeentch 80k 15/4/9 2040k    
  Trembling Troglodytes Fimir 50k 19/11/9 1840k    
  Blood Pyramids Lizardmen 140k 31/8/9 2310k    
  Flowers for Breakfast Goblin 50k 13/2/7 1690k ±660  
  Gilgorod's Tribe Orc 180k 51/21/27 2130k    
  Ladies from the South Amazon 160k 34/13/15 2120k    
  Pearled Unicorns Elven Union 60k 41/10/18 2150k    
  Prowling Vulcans Chaos Chosen 140k 30/7/16 2130k    
  Raiders and Corsairs Dark Elf 70k 88/22/45 1660k    
  Savelor's Sentinels Elven Union 20k 59/11/16 2450k    
  Silver Guardians Wood Elf 120k 99/25/45 2400k    
  Skavenblight City Runners Skaven 100k 85/24/29 1960k    
  Twisted Blunderbussers Chaos Dwarf 170k 74/25/64 2060k    
  Wandering Feathers High Elf 70k 105/34/49 2350k    
  Wolfbanes Necromantic Horror 199k 50/25/40 2140k    
  [B]lack Box Revelation Wood Elf 20k 41/8/28 1950k    
  [B]lackguards Dark Elf 60k 16/13/13 1490k    
  Averland Wanderers Human 120k 16/7/18 2130k    
  Sinister Seven Chaos Renegade 40k 12/5/12 1760k    
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Quick Stats
Member SinceDecember 24, 2007
Matches Played2572
Match Record1432/435/705
Tournament Wins
O[L]C 2016 Gold Cup I
MBBL 7 - Major League EST
CIBBL - Y11, Summer - 1000 The Amplified
SIoMT Winter 2522 Season Seven Playoffs
CIBBL - Y10, Autumn - Gold Division
IoMT Season 11: The Artillery Barrage
SIoMT Winter 2522 Season Seven
[OLC16] Open League - 1 - Grand Championship
[SL16] Championship Swiss V - Finals
[SL16] Challenger Swiss V - Finals
CIBBL - Y9, Spring - Athel Loren
[SL16] Championship Swiss V
[SL]UMBBL Shield XIX (∞)
CIBBL - Y8, Autumn - Silver Division
[SL]UMBBL Shield XVI (∞)
CIBBL+ - Y1, Autumn - Copper Division
[SL]UMBBL Shield XV (2000)
UI XVII Qualifier: Amber Lantern
[SL] Old World Rookie Rumble #67
CIBBL - Y7, Spring - Athel Loren
Bar Brawl XLX - Hi
Bar Brawl XLVII - Hi
CIBBL - Y6, Summer- Athel Loren Green Thumb Cup
[SL] Old World Brawl #56 (Developed)
[SL] Old World Brawl #48 (Developed)
BIBBL - Y5, Spring - Albion & Norsca
[SL] Old World Brawl #45 (Low)
BIBBL - Y4, Autumn - Gold Division
[SL] Eliminator Swiss I
CIBBL - Y4, Summer - SCRIBBL Climax Qualifier II
BIBBL - Y4, Spring - Albion & Norsca, Invaded
GLT XIV: High TV Qualifier - 3
BIBBL - Y3, Summer - Obsidian Chalice
Bar Brawl I - Hi
Secret Slam IV
CIBBL - Year Three, Spring - Athel Loren
[SL] Old World Challenge #7
FUMBBL Smack Scheduled - Brawl XXXV
O[L]C FFA XIV- Light Heavyweight
UI XII Qualifier: Light Lantern
Open [L]eague Cup VI
O[L]C - FFA XII - Grand Champions
FUMBBL Smack Scheduled - Brawl XVII
FUMBBL Minors 1900TW III-3
O[L]C XIV - Heavyweight Eliminator
145 Rookie Cup XX