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Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Lizzie Queens Lizardmen 85k 12/6/12 1530k    
  Ogling Gnobheads Ogre 80k 8/1/6 1445k ±400  
  Pass and Die Elven Union 120k 10/2/11 1270k ±520  
  Ratrocity Skaven 280k 11/7/5 1505k ±620  
  Skill Deficit Chaos Chosen 30k 6/4/12 1440k ±560  
  Twins plus 9 Human 115k 4/1/2 1330k ±200  
  Zero Zombies Shambling Undead 160k 11/1/8 1670k ±580  
  Ánimo Animosity Underworld Denizens 355k 7/3/5 1320k ±330  
Blackbox Trophy Season 9
Squad 1
  Beanie Babies Human 30k 1/2/0 1025k ±150  
  Charlie and the Windsors Lizardmen 0 0/1/1 1020k ±100  
  Mortal Shambles Shambling Undead 110k 2/0/0 1035k ±100  
  Oggle Boggle Ogre 5k 0/1/1 795k ±90  
  Green Hits the Wall Goblin 40k 0/0/1 960k    
  Leaguespare Wood Elf 80k 3/0/2 1040k    
  Monkey Wrenches Simyin 90k 0/0/3 840k    
  Mortal Coil Shuffle Shambling Undead 100k 5/1/1 1550k    
  Prince Andrew's Reptile House Lizardmen 40k 1/1/0 1040k    
  Tengo Mocos Snotling 80k 2/0/0 760k    
League teams for 145 Leagues and Tournaments
  Root and Branch Wood Elf 55k 2/0/2 1110k    
League teams for Open League
  Bag of Snot Snotling 280k 0/1/0 650k    
  Og Rot Ogre 20k 1/0/0 915k    
  Secretly Thrown Goblin 65k 2/0/0 1095k    
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