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Win Percentage
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  [The] Canting Crew Chaos Dwarf 100k 9/4/6 1460k ±480  
  Amaz(ing)ons Amazon 300k 21/3/11 1490k    
  Evil Wears A Beard Chaos Dwarf 460k 15/2/2 1650k ±540  
  Fit And Elfy Elven Union 10k 10/3/5 1590k ±490  
  Fling Fantastic Halfling 300k 3/0/0 870k ±130  
  Forward The Foundation! Human 90k 3/0/0 1120k ±170  
  Hellas Hell Boys Chaos Dwarf 240k 11/2/1 1420k ±330  
  High Ideals High Elf 40k 6/2/3 1540k ±260  
  I Cant Get No...Ratisfaction Skaven 50k 4/4/1 1440k ±220  
  Jason and the Ogrenauts Ogre 120k 3/0/1 1050k ±180  
  Jimmy Two Heads andthe Rankers Underworld Denizens 630k 33/18/29 1830k    
  Leaving The Forest Elven Union 90k 15/5/9 1410k ±750  
  Long Live Block'N'Roll Chaos Chosen 70k 19/9/19 1970k    
  Lovely Ladies of Lux Amazon 350k 12/3/1 1550k ±420  
  Monster Choupette Necromantic Horror 210k 7/3/0 1480k ±220  
  More Beards Than ZZ Top Dwarf 200k 6/1/4 1420k ±240  
  Necro Who Now Necromantic Horror 90k 0/0/1 990k ±100  
  Necromantic Thirst Necromantic Horror 20k 40/7/2 2070k    
  Neter and Neteret Tomb Kings 70k 5/4/0 1460k ±220  
  Nurgle's Kings Nurgle 80k 6/3/2 1530k ±260  
  Packed With Chaos Chaos Renegade 550k 10/5/5 1810k ±630  
  Project NAF WC II Lizardmen 460k 37/10/7 1870k    
  Slannderous Behaviour Slann 70k 12/6/0 1530k ±470  
  Southampton All Stars Human 130k 8/0/1 1540k ±230  
  Southampton Rejects Norse 30k 8/4/7 1600k ±530  
  Things that make u go...Argh! Shambling Undead 80k 4/2/1 1640k ±250  
  This Thrice Damned Game Chaos Chosen 370k 9/3/5 1460k ±420  
  Ultra Zon Amazon 230k 16/3/3 1360k ±530  
  Whispering A Prayer Dark Elf 50k 10/2/2 1540k ±350  
  WIL You Still Love Me Tomorrow Amazon 140k 20/1/5 1560k ±730  
  Albion Coast Horrors Necromantic Horror 810k 19/6/2 1920k    
Scheduled against Belafon's Island Slayers II (Seen 2h ago).
  Da Undercliff Boyz Orc 210k 5/6/3 1560k    
  Frog'n'roll (WC) Slann 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Horringford Honeys Amazon 710k 32/14/34 1590k    
  Suck My Zlurp Lizardmen 500k 19/2/6 1710k    
  Test WC Chaos Dwarf Chaos Dwarf 50k 0/0/0 950k    
  Test WC Dwarf Dwarf 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  WC Humans Human 110k 0/0/0 890k    
  Yafford Yappers Necromantic Horror 900k 11/5/14 1480k    
League teams for Blood Bowl 7s (BB7s)
  7 Holy Paths To Hell Necromantic 7s 50k 0/0/0 550k    
  7 Ways To Win Elven Union 7s 30k 0/1/0 570k    
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  Beardy Legends Dwarf 0 2/0/3 1200k    
  Legends in their own daydreams Skaven 0 2/0/4 1100k    
  Mercs of The Albion Coast Necromantic Horror 230k 2/1/3 1100k    
League teams for WB Doppel Bock
  Albion Coast Zons Amazon 250k 2/0/2 900k    
League teams for ⚡⚡Secret League Open⚡⚡
  Albion Coast Giants Giant 250k 5/2/2 1310k    
  Amaz(ing)ons! Amazon 270k 18/10/12 1470k    
  Horror Necro Necromantic Horror 0 0/0/1 1000k    
  Lucca Hit Squad Slann 50k 3/0/1 1250k    
  Mining To The Max Dwarf 90k 53/19/38 1410k    
  Objectively Desireable Dwarf 430k 11/4/12 1850k    
  UltraZons Amazon 70k 4/3/4 1140k    
FFB Test
  Blocknroller Dwarf 140k 8/3/4 1840k    
  Fungus and Friends Goblin 70k 4/0/3 1450k    
  Pact With Chaos Chaos Renegade 0 2/3/2 1470k    
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