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3rd created Ranked team by me here.

"The elder wizard talked for hours after the game about tactics, but The Apple didn´t hear a word. Now he had showned everybody, including the old chap, that he was the team´s leader. If only his dad had seen the game. His dad, the famous breakNtake-beatboy (noone knew where his nickname was from) who died on the pitch seven years earlier, killed by an angry and frustrated troll... Suddenly he started crying and ran out of the room, only to be tackled by some furious orcs who were waiting outside for him. After a hard fight, The Apple hit on of the blitzers so hard over the cheek the blitzer stopped the fight, they decided to go for an ale together. The Apple did not make it to the next day´s training, but he was lucky, the old wizard understood and no penalty was given."

2006-10-14 after a victory versus The North Tribe Nigglaz

"For the first time in many many years the wizard cried on the back of the wolf back to the mouintains. Four slaughtered beautiful friends in two games. How could he explain this to the council? Of course a victory, the beasts from beyond are too savage and brute to understand the true love of the game. But his best player seriously hurt, would he come back at all... and a fresh witch who were eaten by the filthy animals. No more games versus the killingteams, he reminded himself. Never would he had guessed that they could even hit his beauties, but overand over like a magic power had put a spell on them. Could it be that his archenemy, no names said, had disturbed the game, and that he himself hadnt noticed... He cryed even more... the spirit of the rest of the team was blown away. He had given them time for themselves and they all went in different directions. He was the only one heading home... Suddenly a thought popped up in his head. Yes, he had heard the screaming from the other coach, directed towards himself at the end of the game, yes he had... and he screamed that he didnt care about defending against the last goal which the elves were about to make, he said he wanted to make his beasts more experienced by trashing the elves in pieces. The elder wizard cried like a baby now..."

2006-10-17 after a clash with Enough with Nuffle

"The old wizard threw the pipe as far as he could (approximately 4 squares straight...) and he was sooooo frustrated. They had played so well, no injuries, nothing, and a nice win. In halftime he had talked to the other coach about the strong frontline of the lizzardz, adoring them and being honest... but this he could never had expected! After the game, Jonas Joda and The Apple, the teams two most important players, were ambushed when they made their way to the brothel (which was worldfamous by the way in Kzhiezzah, the lizardtown). 25 lizzards blocked their path in every direction and it was a miracle they came out of there alive. But both had been badly beaten up and the lizzards had stung them with some sort of sharp horn which would haunt the elves as long as they lived. The wizard was now really worried, would he sack his best player, and how could he, The Apple was famous for his leader-abilities and beautiful touchdowns. Did he even dare to confront the The Apple? He decided to go to a milkbar in the next town they came to and get enormously wasted..."

2006-10-18 after a win against Mictlans Warriors

"The Apple suddenly stepped up to the old wizard. I´m out. I´m done. The wizard looked like someone who had seen the ocean for the first time. The graces had played superbly against a horde of chaosbeasts, their largest win ever. And The Apple felt that this was the time. To leave. But the official version that came out was that he had found a woman in the lizzardtown. Love is sacred. Only the wizard knew the true version, and only explained it to one being in his long lasting life. The Apple knew he was a burden to the team, and the new witch looked really promising. He also agreed to help the wizard in some matters, but very secretly. The team was so happy by the huge win, that The Time For Sorrow only lasted a full week!"

2006-10-19 after 5-0 against Kom kom till Klondike

"What a coffee! The team was addicted, mostly because of all influences from the world they now travelled. But THIS COFFEE!!! Oh my God, the old wizard was so upset with them. Believing he had half his team injured he left the court, amazed that they had won. That hockey-blitzer had ruled the field, it almost felt like the players had gone down too easily. But he scrugged it of, it could not be... And then he entered the lockerroom, and what a touch in the air. There they all sat, confused and embarrased that the wizard came down. He shouted and threw fireballs here and there, but everyone just laughed. They had won, right... 15 minutes later no-one praised the coffee like the coach... What a coffee!!!"

2006-11-10 after 3-2 versus Stone Man Doctrine

"Atfter 35 games with other teams, the wizard had finally told the old favouriteteam to play again. They hardly believed him. Would he do the same again? Would he lie and then do the opposite? Well, they had a very amusing smack towards a brave orcteam, who thought they would smack some elves. But no. The elves stood back, hit hard and the coaches felt happy for the other coach successes. A great game. And Wendel Watos were back on track. A bit more careful now, having learned some tricks from watching others."

2006-12-28 after 2-0 versus Hooligans of Gorg

"The team was happy. Regarding the long travel, no sleep and a game in the middle of the night (yes, we see in the dark...) they made a tie. They hadnt played in a long time and felt confused, and no tactics were used. Coach wasnt even upset, he was probably most confused. Very Dark Elves had two past players on 14 games, Wendel Watos doubled that amount in a game, so bashing some darkies and acclaiming a tree was a nice trophy. But we were slow, and feel sorry for the other team. Hope it was not too bad. We had fun even when it was an awful start. Even then!!! ;-D"

2007-01-13 after 2-2 versus Very Dark Elves

"No swirling wine, no berrydrugs, not even a taste of Xzvuoy´s (their lizzard driver) sparkling secret-recipe-water! And TFS (time for sorrow) for Vaektmaestaren was only two days, TWO DAYS! Coach immediately set out spys to the other games. None had really believed in victory, after their big break, but coach had pushed them further. And they had no time to rest. Nothing would be decided by destiny (yeah right, coach...) but by faith and belief. They were even forced to go to the sacred scrine the next morning. It was a good game despite the injuries. Coach was thinking if he should fire Krister Kern, or not... He had a pipe, and delayed the decision a while... just a while... it had been a sweet game... and a great coach on the other bench!"

2007-01-16 after 3-0 in Warpstone Open Q12 versus Gotheburg Gore

"After light pows from the ones who never sleeps (not us, the creatures...) and a nice first half with 1-0, we recieved at halftime. Pythrr had a couple of guys out (me not) and so 2-0 came up after like 3 rounds. A wiz, some dodges and two guys got new skills. Had a great game. It is a pleasure to play elves when nuffle is on your side. Pythrr had a harder time, and none of the hardhitters did their job this evening. We bow for a noble and fun coach!"

2007-01-23 after 3-0 in Warpstone Open Q12 round 2 versus Sticks n´ Stones

Lost in semi in Warpstone Q12, dont want to write about it. (Weeps)

In turn 15 Tony Bobadill was killed by his own fans, they being angry that Watos didnt do a TD in the first half. The rest of the team got really scared, and made a very focused turn (read lucky) and won the game. Watos punished the small skinks, but they will be back, and mad!

2007-05-29 after 1-0 versus Sea Serpent Grotto Gators

"Dare you" was too strong and my boys and girls didnt really want to play. They wanted to have a rest and go straight to GLT, but coach was dying for some action. And, of course, the players were right. A nice witch died, the apo werent even there to help, and miracooulouousouoly we made a draw. But it costed. A lot. And now GLT seems very far away, which means more games. More death and glory. Halleluja!!!

2007-05-30 after 1-1 versus Dare you

They stinkin woodies did 0-3 on me the first 5 turns. Never happend before. The nice lovely woodies got Get the Ref at the start of half two, and didnt foul once. I put Slim1 on Whitelist for that. And, yes, I deserved to loose. And Nuffle is my smaller brother who punishes me in secret, putting those skulls at perfect hellish position, if you get it. But my pows ere good, and my mother is nice. And I Love bloodbowl. Hail!

2007-05-30 after 2-3 versus Silithus

One dead upcoming lino (I was secretly in love with her). And the other witch niggled, the first got killed last game, failed apo. Ingela was first killed by a MB-darkie, and apo worked, and then niggled on the foul 15 seconds after. That sucked! So this averagly skilled team wont be playing GLT, it would just be painful. Damn! I suck at tourneys... even getting there. ;-D Not knowing when to stop playing before the tourney starts. Now THAT sucks! Greed, greed, my painful friend. Oh well, what the heck. I had a great game with 3-0 very quickly. And then my spirit fell... true nature of elves... powerful and unstoppable if we are in mood, and really suck if we dont. LOL. Its true when it comes to me. So, no GLT as I said. Nah, pain is not something I want to expose myself for, at this beautiful site. Has to be fun. Did anyone read to this point? Who am I writing for? haha... alright folks, see yaa.

2007-05-31 after 3-1 versus some bloody darkies.... grrrr........

29 active skills
1 doubles
1 agility

Krister Kern did the magic trick. Doubleskulled on a dodge, was killed on the trip and apo failed! Bom! I love those deaths. Quick and brutal!
And then SFC and birthday-guy does the exact same thing two turns later!!!!!
Two great deaths. A pity the team I despise the most of my teams, have to players unhurt over 76 spp. That makes them hard to retire... hmm... what to do...
It was a great game, and we fought all the way to the end. But the fans didnt like the deaths, so they stole the cash from the wine that we sold on the black market during the game. Pity. Now we have tr 214 and 9 players and 0 cash... (shivers)

2007-06-18 after 110 minutes and 3-3 vs poloq7´s Dragon Ball Heroes
Nov 2013 - FUMBBL Minor TW2000 - Lost in 2nd round vs Cavetroll´s dorfs. Horrible game dice-wise.

Beat rafadavila´s very strong darkies Magerit Revengers with tons of ss and blodge and everything else, in XFL VIII first round. Had early luck with cas but did actually also play pretty good. It was a great game I was sure I would loose before we played.

Lost in 2nd round vs tauro. Played poorly on offence, gave away a pretty easy 1dice on the ball. Bribe failed completely, was sent off directly, had to use wiz on offence and it didnt help. Poor luck and some poor rounds from me, and it didnt help that I played the rest really well.

2007-jan/feb Lost in the semi of Warpstone Open Q12
Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
6 3 5 7
Shadowing, Stab
  2 0 2 0 0 0 6/16 130k
6 3 4 8
  9 0 1 0 2 0 7/16 90k
6 3 4 8
Kick, Dodge, Block, Fend
  58 12 7 0 3 5 64/76 150k
8 3 4 7
Sure Hands, +MA, Pass
  19 18 4 0 0 1 35/51 150k
6 3 5 8
Block, Dodge, Guard, +AG, Mighty Blow
  79 12 13 0 12 6 105/176 210k
6 3 4 8
Block, Dodge, Diving Tackle, Side Step, Tackle
  81 5 13 0 11 3 81/176 170k
5 3 4 8
Dirty Player, Dodge
-ma 46 7 3 0 1 2 28/31 110k
6 3 4 9
  7 1 3 0 0 0 10/16 100k
7 3 4 8
Dodge, Tackle
  4 1 2 0 0 2 17/31 140k
7 3 4 8
  1 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 100k
7 3 4 7
Dodge, Tackle, Strip Ball, Side Step, Dauntless
-av 64 7 17 0 10 4 98/176 200k
Witch Elf
7 3 4 7
Dodge, Frenzy, Jump Up
Wrestle, Leap
  15 0 3 0 1 3 26/31 150k
12 players  
Coach: Dhaktokh Re-Rolls (100k): 3  
Race: Dark Elf Fan Factor: 14  
Current Team Value: 2040k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 70k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 2040k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:82 (49/12/21) |TD Diff:65 (167 - 102) |Cas Diff:-27 (73/54/20 - 94/59/21)
Last Opponent: Sons of Naggaroth83

  For   Against  
Opponent Race TV SPP Cas Gold Score TV SPP Cas Gold Gate
TopuominiSkaven1000k110/1/070k1 - 31000k171/0/070k40k
Merchants of DeathChaos Dwarf1090k200/1/050k3 - 21260k112/0/060k51k
We Barsh GudOgre1180k171/0/1100k3 - 21280k182/1/050k61k
DrveniChaos1320k132/1/140k1 - 11700k111/0/050k65k
Redshirtin' BrowntrouzasOrc1400k170/1/070k3 - 01300k152/1/050k49k
ice cubesNorse1450k140/0/090k1 - 01350k00/0/00k48k
VolsungaNorse1530k162/0/070k1 - 01610k70/1/050k80k
Hells RangersDark Elf1640k232/3/020k2 - 31850k221/2/040k54k
nordicos goticosNorse1710k201/0/180k3 - 11350k130/2/150k79k
Musta ilmestysChaos Chosen1750k161/0/080k2 - 21430k131/0/090k82k
North Tribe NigglazOrc1870k130/0/030k2 - 11830k80/0/050k75k
Assassin NationDark Elf1940k273/2/060k3 - 11880k150/0/210k76k
Brown BunniesNurgle1960k314/0/050k5 - 02140k131/3/060k88k
Green GruntsOrc2080k191/1/060k3 - 22010k212/2/010k91k
New Baby DollzAmazon2090k10/0/00k0 - 12010k140/0/2110k84k
Street Stars BBOrc1860k201/2/070k2 - 01910k40/1/00k65k
Enough with NuffleChaos1980k160/0/060k3 - 11850k223/1/270k87k
DoomwheelsSkaven1830k242/1/030k4 - 11660k150/3/060k91k
Freedom AgentsSkaven1900k263/1/140k3 - 31660k272/1/160k107k
Mictlans WarriorsLizardmen1860k181/0/160k3 - 11730k121/1/040k87k
kom kom til KlondikeChaos1960k231/0/070k5 - 01970k50/0/040k66k
Clan Ventrue of the CamarillaDark Elf1870k91/0/040k0 - 21810k183/0/040k90k
Dungeons and Drag QueensVampire1930k173/0/030k2 - 12060k80/0/010k68k
Campioni del MondoHuman1990k121/0/070k1 - 02040k50/0/030k97k
Khorne's ScornChaos Chosen2090k110/1/040k1 - 12850k161/1/130k93k
KreidezeitLizardmen2010k160/0/080k3 - 11970k161/2/190k126k
Kislevian HammersHuman1950k140/0/070k2 - 11850k120/0/120k93k
BIF LegendsElf2060k160/1/130k1 - 22220k180/1/040k116k
MoonrageDark Elf2000k181/0/040k3 - 12020k150/1/130k88k
FavouritesOrc1990k111/0/080k2 - 12100k111/0/030k115k
Rhimstown WarthogsDark Elf2090k70/0/130k0 - 22090k162/0/070k110k
Sinister MinistersDark Elf2140k201/2/070k3 - 32330k241/1/060k103k
Stony Man DoctrineElven Union2260k170/0/040k3 - 22410k223/1/070k127k
Great OrcsOrc2330k181/1/0120k1 - 02170k11/0/00k104k
Hooligans of GorgOrc2440k212/1/260k2 - 02470k114/1/060k133k
Very Dark ElvesDark Elf2540k170/2/00k2 - 22330k141/0/160k114k
Gothenburg GoreShambling Undead2570k242/2/140k3 - 01880k112/1/180k102k
Sticks n' StonesShambling Undead2530k222/1/080k3 - 02360k70/0/040k152k
Cloak and DaggerElven Union2620k110/0/010k1 - 22570k182/1/010k117k
Wharger MenOgre2590k140/0/010k2 - 02780k92/0/00k120k
Rhazgul's JudgementChaos Chosen2560k230/1/340k5 - 02680k82/2/010k135k
Da Kave KillazOrc2640k130/2/050k1 - 12360k161/1/040k117k
A Fumbbl.itaDark Elf2510k140/1/160k1 - 22510k171/0/030k132k
Khornes KripplasChaos2590k261/1/040k5 - 02320k80/1/030k93k
LegionasHuman2680k202/1/030k3 - 02950k100/0/130k118k
Sea Serpent Grotto GatorsLizardmen2750k130/4/060k1 - 02610k145/2/00k119k
Rats MenentSkaven2670k122/0/040k1 - 42360k193/1/070k134k
Khorne's ScornChaos Chosen2620k151/1/10k2 - 22670k152/0/00k96k
Dare YouOrc2660k110/0/00k1 - 12470k151/1/10k99k
SilithusWood Elf2490k221/2/020k2 - 32090k190/0/070k124k
City of Blinding LightsDark Elf2560k190/0/040k3 - 12510k181/1/240k142k
Danes of NurgleNurgle's Rotters2250k120/1/060k1 - 22040k120/0/070k140k
sangria don simonVampire2320k282/1/050k4 - 12550k131/0/00k98k
Nasty, Brutish n ShortDwarf2430k90/0/020k1 - 22880k203/1/050k130k
Milwaukee GreenskinsOrc2450k121/0/060k2 - 12220k90/0/020k92k
Jemaline ConcordiumChaos Dwarf2550k111/0/00k1 - 22490k150/2/050k89k
Milwaukee GreenskinsOrc2570k100/1/00k1 - 12190k121/1/060k98k
Sleekit RadgersLizardmen2580k171/2/010k2 - 12360k172/3/110k91k
Growing InsanityHigh Elf2510k170/1/130k1 - 42420k270/1/070k122k
Tree's a crowdWood Elf2330k100/0/060k1 - 32240k171/0/040k110k
Dragon Ball HeroesHigh Elf2360k190/2/00k3 - 32180k243/1/060k96k
Boys in the HoodsHuman1960k100/1/050k0 - 21960k172/1/070k48k
slindrili dildiElven Union1820k181/0/060k3 - 01820k60/0/030k39k
Hope[R]Slann1910k90/0/020k1 - 21740k152/0/050k41k
Corinth Rock RaidersOrc1900k232/2/080k2 - 01780k70/1/010k40k
Kiss of the Hag QueenDark Elf1800k100/1/070k1 - 01690k60/0/050k43k
Nightmares of KhaosDark Elf1930k60/0/020k0 - 21500k161/2/130k43k
themnusHuman1680k161/0/070k2 - 11550k162/0/160k36k
Nunja NinjasDark Elf1940k161/0/080k2 - 11990k173/1/030k37k
Magerit RevengersDark Elf1960k182/1/050k2 - 12390k100/0/020k39k
Battle Royale!Dark Elf2070k190/0/170k3 - 42350k281/1/070k41k
Sinister RoutineDark Elf1990k132/0/040k1 - 11760k151/0/040k35k
Last KingdomNecromantic Horror1990k183/0/080k2 - 11910k152/1/030k34k
Crumbling PinnaclesDark Elf1930k173/1/060k2 - 11510k90/0/050k42k
Ura Tool Founding FathersDwarf1950k71/0/060k0 - 21690k151/1/070k42k
Scrummaging SquatsDwarf1830k211/0/260k3 - 02000k61/0/010k39k
CromanyistesHuman1880k141/0/040k2 - 01850k112/0/010k36k
MatanzasChaos Chosen1890k130/1/030k2 - 12290k213/2/040k41k
ApartaPapa QueTeEmpapa LaPapaDwarf1860k80/0/060k1 - 22080k172/2/070k41k
Be[R]tsOrc1680k90/0/060k1 - 01560k71/0/050k39k
Pit stopDwarf1860k191/0/060k4 - 01870k60/0/030k32k
Sons of Naggaroth83Dark Elf1980k212/1/170k3 - 11930k100/0/060k41k