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Last seen 11 years ago
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Eevil Edshrinkaz Express Orc 10k 98/57/121 2090k    
Stunty Leeg
  Deadly Demolition Derby Skryre Slaves 90k 11/3/68 1875k    
  Dellusion Isle Duncecaps Gnoblar 0 11/3/2 1620k    
  Macho Faeries From Hell Albion Fae 30k 23/9/19 2080k    
  Sensationally Scary Snortlings Snotling 10k 38/10/35 2055k    
  Bunibonibee Cree Leaping Lions Slann 10k 2/0/1 1270k    
  Parravon Parasites Vampire 60k 17/8/14 1610k    
  Snakes and Ladders Lizardmen 0 29/4/1 990k    
  Patriot City Freedom Force Human 50k 3/6/0 1490k    
  Cocky Lustful Weightwatchers Ogre 10k 3/4/5 1180k    
  Ochness Dynamic Discordians Chaos Renegade 80k 5/4/9 1540k    
  Toronto OgreNots Ogre 390k 2/3/8 710k    
Transfer division 2
  C.H.A.O.S. Pact Chaos Pact 50k 29/12/18 2800k    
  Hair To The Throne IV Goblin 170k 8/3/1 1940k    
  Imposing Illegal Infractions Dwarf 20k 30/13/14 2950k    
  Inn'eddabble Illitteratorz Goblin 175k 28/3/4 2390k    
  Monsters of the Midway Chaos 230k 26/12/21 2580k    
  Noble Anarchists of Hoeth High Elf 65k 128/33/55 2080k    
  Odd'a'Waaagh Renegades Goblin 90k 7/4/5 1400k    
  Radical Science Fiction Wood Elf 50k 22/2/1 2670k    
  Slaanesh's Obscene Satyrists Chaos 140k 29/17/14 2090k    
  Terrifying Anarchists of Naggaroth Dark Elf 2120k 217/26/61 9260k    
FFB Test
  Odd'a'Waaagh Ruff Riders Goblin 20k 4/2/0 1140k    
  They Might Be Giantslayers Dwarf 60k 5/2/1 1420k    
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