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Chaos Chosen
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Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
Stunty Leeg
  Fat of the Land Albion Fae 80k 16/2/3 2040k    
  Rack of Lamb Chaos Halfling 110k 14/1/3 1960k    
  Guild of Llamas High Elf 90k 26/6/2 3130k    
  It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin Chaos 80k 8/4/2 1980k    
  Submit To Darkness Dark Elf 30k 55/8/6 3050k    
Transfer division 2
  200lbs of Undead Flesh Vampire 40k 6/3/5 1600k    
  6 Lampshades Out Of Your Skin Chaos 110k 5/2/4 1340k    
  Behavior Therapy II Ogre 110k 35/7/12 2680k    
  Behold a Pale Horse Wood Elf 50k 23/5/3 2530k    
  Blunt Force Traumas Dwarf 50k 27/11/9 2220k    
  Body Cavity Search..16 Entries Goblin Cheaters 80k 7/0/0 1470k    
  Chaos Atari 2600 All-Stars II Chaos 200k 7/10/5 2330k    
  Clones of Sandler Chaos 30k 23/8/9 2210k    
  D.C. Everest Sucking Pros Squig Herders 0 2/1/0 1270k    
Scheduled against 5 possible opponents.
  D.C. Everest Track Team Wood Elf 80k 2/0/0 1140k    
Scheduled against 5 possible opponents.
  Death By Lawn Ornament Gnome 50k 7/1/2 1690k    
  Dumber Than We Look Skaven 70k 27/2/4 2400k    
  Falling Down (1993) Dwarf 40k 27/3/6 2400k    
  Hand of God Wood Elf 50k 20/3/6 2390k    
  HOUSTON COUGARatS Skaven 60k 14/1/3 2020k    
  InXs Lizardmen 20k 6/4/4 1860k    
  It's On Like Donkey Kong Necromantic 200k 12/0/0 1740k    
  Jack Russull Steeplechase Skaven 110k 11/2/1 2300k    
  Jackson's Submission Fighting Dark Elf 100k 21/3/3 2270k    
  Khorne Ultimatum Skaven 110k 8/2/2 1740k    
  Kramerica Wood Elf 130k 22/1/1 2500k    
  Kramerica Industries, LLC Human 70k 24/4/2 2010k    
  Malicious Scripts Khemri 85k 23/7/14 2350k    
  Marks of the Beast Nurgle's Rotters 100k 5/5/4 1720k    
  Memphis Grizz'LIES Chaos Dwarf 100k 6/2/2 1430k    
  Milwaukee Yucks Dark Elf 110k 8/1/3 1610k    
  Northern Wastes Jihad-Squad Wood Elf 100k 29/2/5 2580k    
  Not Another HacknSlash ChaosTm Chaos 180k 10/6/4 2310k    
  Oakland Gators Lizardmen 40k 12/4/6 2000k    
  Prison Pro Shop Human 150k 10/1/1 1710k    
  Psych Faculty Dark Elf 80k 19/6/8 3120k    
  Revelations Vampire 0 22/5/11 2180k    
  Sissy Boys Nurgle's Rotters 90k 15/0/7 2230k    
  Tampa Bay Pointyears High Elf 30k 29/5/3 2660k    
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