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Super Star
Win Percentage
Dark Elf
Dark Elf
Win Percentage
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Ain't no flies on us Nurgle 30k 18/17/28 1630k    
  Elfy Lifestyle Wood Elf 90k 13/4/3 1780k ±620  
  England IV Nations 18 Goblin 10k 5/2/13 1510k ±530  
  Evil twin town Orc 10k 12/7/9 1690k ±860  
  Gangstar Grotbags Orc 70k 5/1/1 1450k ±220  
  Middle Elves Elven Union 70k 14/9/8 2170k    
  My Wife Now Dave Necromantic Horror 50k 4/5/2 1630k ±280  
  Ni Nights Shambling Undead 210k 10/2/3 1480k ±370  
  Reservoir Fiction Orc 80k 6/8/4 1470k ±460  
  Right Bunch Dark Elf 0 33/8/17 2220k    
  Right Jokers Human 240k 17/6/11 1900k    
  Brawling Brutes Black Orc 0 0/0/0 1000k    
League teams for Blood Bowl 7s (BB7s)
  Renegades of Punk Chaos Renegades 7s 250k 3/0/3 690k    
Scheduled against 5 possible opponents.
  Secret Seven Underworld 7s 260k 38/12/24 1300k    
Scheduled against 3 possible opponents.
League teams for Cabalvision Super League
  Mr Slave and friends Kurgan 7s 330k 11/2/3 1190k    
League teams for Cabalvision Superstar Series
  Broken 7s Forest Goblin 7s 50k 4/2/1 910k    
  Neil's Seamen Black Ark 7s 120k 1/1/2 690k    
  Practice makes 7s Daemons of Malal 7s 60k 0/0/1 520k    
  Winning Seamen Black Ark 7s 110k 6/2/4 630k    
League teams for HUBBA
  Trainsporting Underworld Denizens 45k 0/0/0 935k    
Scheduled against rangey's Hubba Dorfs (Seen 12h ago).
League teams for HUBBA Combined Cup.
  One time jumpers Slann 40k 35/4/16 2150k    
League teams for Yorkie Highlanders
  Bootie Call Tomb Kings 40k 3/0/0 1180k    
Scheduled against mister__joshua's Fungiii (Seen 16m ago).
  B4 Humans Human 230k 7/2/6 1340k    
  B4 Norse Norse 90k 10/2/3 1360k    
  B5 Shrooms Wood Elf 170k 6/6/3 1620k    
  B5 Warps Underworld Denizens 30k 6/4/5 1230k    
  Beware the Miners Dwarf 250k 21/11/15 2130k    
  BT5 Goodbye Divers Goblin 270k 9/2/4 1480k    
  BT5 Wrecking team Dwarf 100k 10/4/1 1410k    
  Chaotic Chorfs Chaos Dwarf 180k 13/9/9 1630k    
  Chaotic Crazy Goblin 100k 11/5/17 1730k    
  Chaotic Islanders Norse 50k 12/4/14 1690k    
  Chaotic Leaders Chaos Chosen 130k 16/15/10 1900k    
  Chaotic Warps Underworld Denizens 60k 17/7/20 1550k    
  CICAD Pumas Underworld Denizens 270k 13/6/7 1330k    
  Dead Puma's Shambling Undead 260k 16/6/3 1740k    
  Eastern Wrecks Slann 150k 10/6/9 1460k    
  Fouling Machine Orc 90k 27/12/11 1810k    
  High-Landers High Elf 110k 3/3/0 1290k    
  Lone me one Old World Alliance 40k 3/0/2 1020k    
  Mad Hats and Baseball Bats Chaos Dwarf 290k 21/8/7 1840k    
  Mining Pumas Dwarf 290k 15/6/4 1770k    
  Murder Bear Club Snotling 30k 14/1/19 1040k    
  Murder Moots Halfling 10k 4/3/12 1030k    
  Mushroom Kings Wood Elf 20k 9/2/1 1620k    
  Northern Wrecks Dark Elf 100k 12/7/6 1880k    
  Puma’s 2019 World Cup Goblin 20k 8/6/11 1310k    
  Skankmen Skaven 60k 5/5/1 1310k    
  Slightly Peeved Newsreaders Tomb Kings 200k 28/11/15 2080k    
  Smashing Punkings Necromantic Horror 200k 6/6/6 1520k    
  Southern Wrecks Human 10k 16/8/6 1680k    
  To be converted Chaos Renegade 190k 11/10/6 1470k    
  To be tested Ogre 70k 31/17/15 1770k    
  Trophy Wreckers Dwarf 170k 7/0/2 1530k    
  Twi Bites Vampire 120k 7/7/9 1830k    
  Western Wrecks Elven Union 40k 8/5/8 1810k    
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