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Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  All Greek To Me! Lizardmen 80k 144/37/29 2310k    
  Bong Bong Bong Bong Slann 20k 75/11/12 1820k    
  Colourful Characters Chaos Dwarf 100k 168/22/37 2080k    
  Fleetfoot's Revenge I Orc 150k 440/158/180 2080k    
  High And Mighty Low High Elf 130k 141/22/28 2330k    
  Hubble Bubble Dark Elf 130k 58/7/11 2540k    
  I Say You Fellows Dark Elf 60k 357/72/98 2190k    
  My Way IS The High Way High Elf 60k 42/14/6 2400k    
  One Turners And One Liners Wood Elf 180k 26/6/1 1610k    
  Replacement Bus Service Dark Elf 220k 51/7/11 2530k    
  Sherlock Shorts Nurgle 160k 35/7/12 2180k    
  Tha A-Team Slann 10k 21/0/5 1560k ±730  
  Up The Boro Lizardmen 20k 24/8/2 1680k    
  A Load Of Bulls Chaos Dwarf 280k 16/1/3 1730k ±610  
  BBT7 Dead Cool Tomb Kings 90k 3/0/0 1090k ±160  
  BBT7 Going Deeper Underground Underworld Denizens 35k 3/0/0 1015k ±150  
  BBT7 I'm Only Human Human 55k 2/0/1 1020k ±150  
  BBT7 Tashe And A Pipe Imperial Nobility 95k 4/1/0 1155k ±170  
  BT7 Back In The Game Snotling 95k 0/0/0 750k ±90  
  BT7 Big Lads Shambling Undead 380k 12/3/0 1465k ±370  
  BT7 Dodgers Dark Elf 215k 8/4/3 1480k ±370  
  BT7 Grinders Chaos Dwarf 305k 9/5/1 1220k ±310  
  BT7 Sprinters Lizardmen 215k 12/2/1 1370k ±350  
  Cragside Forged Dwarf 0 3/3/1 1125k ±260  
  Cragside Killers Underworld Denizens 210k 13/3/1 1450k ±420  
  Dead Savvy Shambling Undead 350k 9/2/1 1450k ±280  
  From Our Forefathers Tomb Kings 0 0/0/0 990k ±100  
  Gimme All The Toys Goblin 20k 5/0/1 1095k ±170  
  If It Is Broke Then Fix It Dwarf 215k 9/4/2 1490k ±370  
  Knock On Woodies Wood Elf 250k 12/3/0 1435k ±360  
  On The Throne Snotling 190k 18/1/2 935k ±400  
  On Your Cob Khorne 175k 7/3/3 1470k ±310  
  Orc Massif Orc 215k 25/5/4 1830k    
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
  Reporting For Duty Orc 160k 7/5/1 1435k ±300  
  Thugs And Finesse Black Orc 80k 20/3/4 1775k ±870  
  We Suck So Suck It Up Vampire 95k 5/1/1 1130k ±170  
League teams for NAF Live!
  [EU] We Got Us A Star Snotling 435k 2/2/0 660k    
  What's Not To Love Undead 140k 3/3/0 1100k    
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  [EU] Snot Much Chance Snotling 250k 4/1/0 830k    
  [EU] Snot Up To Much Snotling 480k 5/0/1 700k    
  [EU] York 2023 Snotling 250k 3/2/1 820k    
  Captain America! Snotling 230k 2/2/2 750k    
  Pack To The Future Underworld Denizens 105k 2/1/1 995k    
  Snot Much Chance Snotling 660k 4/0/2 700k    
  A Bit Previous Elven Union 80k 26/6/7 1360k    
  Antanaclasis Chaos Chosen 10k 21/6/6 1560k    
  Arrgh Me Hearties Skaven 20k 15/5/9 1440k    
  Box Trophy High Elves High Elf 100k 41/15/11 2260k    
  Box Trophy Khemri Tomb Kings 80k 31/18/7 1870k    
  Calm Down Dear Amazon 140k 19/2/4 1340k    
  Christie's Finest Nurgle 150k 67/28/22 1370k    
  Classic Insults Goblin 10k 12/10/9 1370k    
  Closing DownEverything Must Go Slann 40k 7/4/4 1370k    
  Countries I've Been To High Elf 70k 16/6/3 1660k    
  Detection Agency Dark Elf 120k 17/6/2 1950k    
  Dogsbodies Necromantic Horror 150k 18/8/1 1910k    
  Dont Look Back In Anger Chaos Dwarf 70k 16/7/2 1760k    
  EveryDayayayShouldBeAHoliday Chaos Chosen 220k 17/8/4 1920k    
  For Only The Lonely Old World Alliance 230k 11/3/1 1570k    
  Gift Of The Gab Nurgle 120k 98/27/19 2610k    
  Good Things In Tiny Packages Snotling 20k 15/9/8 1050k    
  Grammatical Piratical Orc 150k 20/5/1 1530k    
  Hell's Pavement Lizardmen 70k 91/28/20 2150k    
  Hey Loner Ooh Loner Old World Alliance 330k 9/4/2 1480k    
  I'm Going Deeper Underground Underworld Denizens 110k 11/3/1 1300k    
  If In Doubt, Go Pro Elven Union 60k 13/12/0 1810k    
  In At The Finish Vampire 30k 13/11/10 1490k    
  Join The Forlorn Hope Snotling 160k 43/17/19 1340k    
  Once More Unto The Breach! Dark Elf 80k 12/2/1 1800k    
  Rooms I've Been In Chaos Renegade 280k 18/3/4 1580k    
  Sidestepping Across T Universe Dark Elf 130k 11/3/1 1500k    
  Six Foot Underdeveloped Underworld Denizens 70k 18/9/1 1460k    
  Sophie And The Boys Dark Elf 50k 13/2/0 1540k    
  Squad Two Tomb Kings 70k 15/8/2 1690k    
  Things I've Done Orc 80k 19/3/3 1610k    
  Who Are Ya Slann 110k 15/6/5 1960k    
  Who's The Rogre Ogre 100k 9/6/0 1620k    
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