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2018-01-25 22:39:30
rating 4.8


2017-07-28 21:38:15
rating 5.8
2017-07-11 00:30:06
rating 4.6


2016-07-21 01:17:59
rating 3.9
2016-06-03 06:06:38
rating 3.5
2016-06-02 22:04:43
rating 5.7
2016-05-27 16:03:33
rating 2.2
2016-05-04 19:45:19
rating 4.3
2016-04-22 21:19:38
rating 3.8
2016-04-20 00:37:47
rating 5.7
2016-01-04 02:04:07
rating 4.3


2015-12-13 03:19:48
rating 4.4
2015-12-01 17:17:54
rating 4
2015-11-28 19:13:43
rating 4.3
2015-11-26 19:39:28
rating 4.3
2015-11-22 02:49:10
rating 5.7
2015-11-09 01:45:32
rating 5
2015-10-29 17:24:07
rating 4.3
2015-10-02 02:54:07
rating 6
2015-07-28 17:41:25
rating 6
2015-07-15 16:14:43
rating 5.8
2015-06-20 04:26:01
rating 6


2014-09-11 02:55:11
rating 5.4
2014-01-28 00:39:27
rating 3.3


2013-06-01 01:47:08
rating 5.8
2018-01-25 22:39:30
17 votes, rating 4.8
I Shall Return . . . Eventually.
Just a quick note, that I haven't disappeared. Just very busy, working, getting our lives back in order after the events of the last few years. Things are calmer, rebuilding is a long process, but the area is good. There are only two places in the world, I really could make my home, New Orleans, Louisiana and Olympia, Washington. New Orleans will always be my hometown, but Olympia (the area, Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater) works well with me.

I do plan on returning to Fumbbl, but, cards on the table, it won't be yet. In addition to the time, when it comes to stuff like this, I tend to go all in, and, let's be honest, Blood Bowl is a difficult, often frustrating, involving game. It's not an easy hobby we've picked here, and it takes some time and mental focus to do it well.

ANd right now my mental focus needs to be on getting things fixed IRL. I honestly thought for a while about not coming back, my two best teams were lost, and the game had stopped being fun. But that was also the fact that with the problems that were going on, the frustration of the Blood Bowl pitch piled on rather than distracted. When I come back, I want to bbe able to have the focus on the game, on my team design, to feel like fun again.

ANd when I can do that, I will be back. Until then, I'll hang around a bit, keep an eye on things, maybe play a game or two, thogh, honestly, when I get back on the pitch, it will probably be when I can dedicate the time an mental effort to it the game deserves.

Until then, y'all, keep rollin' pows.


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Posted by Rbthma on 2018-01-25 22:45:16
Good to hear you're doing well! I really want to cycle-tour out to Victoria then ferry over to Olympic National Park - looks nice. Also been camping around Mt. Rainier, beautiful area.
Posted by Gozer_the_Gozerian on 2018-01-25 23:25:31
Can I have all your old pows if you aren't using them any more?
Posted by awambawamb on 2018-01-26 00:42:14
glad to hear!
Posted by keggiemckill on 2018-01-26 02:27:00
glad for the update Pent!