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2020-11-23 13:57:43
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2017-12-25 03:41:10
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2022-09-14 22:41:53
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FUMBBL League News 15 September 2022
2022 09 15
All the league news fit to print and then some!

Compiled from across FUMBBL, this is all the league news that's come to my little furry ears. If you know more that is going on, please let razmus know so he can add it to the next edition, which should be the end of September.
This month, Metagroups have been added to the list.
The following leagues should have space/recruiting right now: WIL (two UK coaches), Le Laboratoire (French), Cyberpunk Draft League, XXXL, NWBL (Americas), SIoMT, and Secret Resurrection 2020.

Timezone/RegionWorld, but focused on Coaches new to Bloodbowl or new to Fumbbl
Current statusA new Autumn tournament has started, but appropriate folks south of the equator where it's headed into Spring are welcome too! Only a handful of games have been played, and the environment is active.
There's also a 145 Sprint available for 145 teams so inclined.
Next stepsIf you're new to Blood Bowl or new to FUMBBL, this is the group to help you get oriented! Join the discord, join the tournament.
To contactkoadah's blog for more info, and 145 Club Discord

RulesBB2020, divisions with promotion/relegation
Current statusEnd of season cup tournament is planned to start this weekend (10-11 September).
Next stepsSeason 26. New season communication is ongoing. Contact Badoek to be added.
To contactContact eldritchfox for more information and join them on the HUBBA Discord. If you're interested in HUBBA, this would be the perfect time to jump in.

Timezone/RegionEurope but with coaches from everywhere. Large, fluff heavy league.
RulesBB2020 with modified Secret League, and customized BB2016 skill progression. Only one team per roster.
Current statusYear 10 Winter Friendlies are underway.
Next stepsYear 10 Spring Regionals, when the mean old established teams beat up on the younger and softer teams.
To contactNew teams either enter a Youngbloods tournament or the general mix depending on timing, and with a league this large they're almost always recruiting. Contact C0ddlefish and/or join them on the SL Discord in their own section. (Be aware that starting a team in when CIBBL is heading into Spring regionals is hard-mode. If one is considering joining CIBBL, one might be well advised to wait until the Spring regionals have begun and the team can start in a Youngbloods tournament to start and then into a more balanced special Summer Tournament. YMMV.)

RulesBB2020, but someone has to wield the axe...
Current statusSeason 3 is underway.
Next stepsSeason 3 playoffs at the end of November, early December.
To contactMisterA
, and check out their discord

Timezone/RegionItalian Language/Italy
Current statusThe second half of Season 31 is progressing.
Next stepsPlayoffs
To contactAle_Kubbo

Timezone/RegionGerman Language/Central Europe TZ
RulesBB2020, with building and league modes
Current statusSeason 13 playoffs are complete!
Next stepsEnd of Season 13 redraft/team changes, then Season 14 -- If you're interested in joining them, this is just about the best time to express interest.
To contactjurisch and join them on Discord.

Timezone/RegionFrench Language/France
RulesSecret League 2020, with customizations - now also with custom star players!
Current statusSeason four has begun!
Next stepsLooking for two more coaches to join with rookie teams to start a small championship before being added to the pool.
To contactContact Diablange for more information and join them on their Discord (ask Diablange for a invitation if interested).

Current statusSeason 64 has begun, but has continued to have some coach turnover. A couple new coaches can still have their team subbed right in, unfortunately it is too late into the season for one of the new teams to be promoted.
Next stepsSeason 65 - tentatively late October, early November.
To contactA whole host of active commissioners to contact on the group page, or talk to them on the WIL Discord. Coaches interested in playing in WIL may be added to a waiting list at this time.

Timezone/RegionFrench Language/Europe TZ
RulesBB2020, with promotion and relegation, and roster rotation. (It appears that teams can be relegated right out of existence.)
Current statusSeason 30 and the first round is complete.
Next stepsSeason 30 playoffs
To contactSharkrudi, Thoriin, Darkvatar, or Phags or visit their Discord

Timezone/RegionEurope, with two week rounds.
RulesBB2020 limited to a single team per roster. Invitational. With FLUFF!
Current statusSeason Two is at the half way point and is on schedule
Next stepsSeason Two Classic Bowl and Mud Cup
To contactSee Lasgalen, datom, or det about an invitation. New teams to a wait list.

RulesBB2020 rules with BB2016 skill progression, w/player drafts. Limited to 32 Team Franchises. With FLUFF!
Current statusThe first part of Season 13 still underway.
Next stepsThe first Division vs Division competitions for Season 13.
To contactSpelledaren is in charge of the waitlist.

RulesCRP (BB2016) with several house rules and drafting, but converting to BB2020! Two week rounds.
Current statusConverting to BB2020, and recruiting for additional coaches/teams.
Next stepsLap 7.
To contactContact Hovring for more information and join.

Timezone/RegionFrench Language/Central Europe TZ
RulesBB2020, with custom rosters, limit two teams per roster.
Current statusOn hold pending coach recruitment, but actively recruiting for one more coach!
Next stepsOld teams limited to 1300 TV, new teams enter with a couple free skills. Season 5 will be an open round robin for July and August : players arrange games between them up to 5 or 6 (to be confirmed). 2 teams allowed per coach, specific bonus points given per different coach and different roster played
To contactDiablange

Timezone/RegionEurope maybe, please don't let the goblins across the pond.
RulesBB2020, with custom goblin themed rosters. With rulz (HA!) written by and for goblins.
Current statusThey've finished the elimination tournaments, but there is evidence that some goblins survived the experience.
Next stepsOnly Nuffle knows, and she ain't talking. There's also an association with XXL -- talk to mekutara, they seem to understand what's going on. Actively recruiting as they are between seasons -- Go play with them and keep the goblins busy, so they can't torment ME! (Seriously though, if you enjoy the chaos that is stunties... cranked up to eleven and a fair amount of what appears to be fun fluff... get in touch with mekutata. Between seasons is usually the best time to jump in, and I'm certain they have some more mischief planned to start soon.)
To contactmekutata apparently translates goblin and might be able to help you.

Timezone/RegionMainly Europe but Coaches in North and South America, Canada too. 14 day turns!
RulesBB20 Draft League, Human rosters, custom seasons and re-draft. Custom Icons and Team logo's.
Current statusClosing in on the end of Season 1 division play.
Next stepsSeason 1 playoffs. Contact to be put on the wait list in case they have a coach drop out.
To contactThe_Murker (Owner), det, darkwing2k6, and misterlonestar

Timezone/RegionEurope and Americas
RulesBB2020, with random players and lots and lots of extra dice rolling just to satisfy Nuffle's whims
Current statusSeason 3 is complete. Nuffle is determining the composition of Season 4 teams now... there's been lots of dice rolling lately! If you were interested in Nuffle league -- let Foremole know now!
Next stepsFirst half of Season 4 will be starting soon
To contactForemole on site NUFFLE League Discord channel to roll up your random team. They're always recruiting new teams, and can run new blood type tournaments when there is enough new blood to justify.

RulesBB2020 with player draft, drawn from NCBB amongst other places
Current statusFirst half of Season 29 has just a couple rounds left.
Next stepsSeason 29 playoffs, probably in October.
To contactTo be put on the waiting list for an invitation, contact Bazakastine or dashergeaux and join them on the NBFL Discord.

RulesBB2020, with custom seasons
Current statusCoaches poll concluded. Now the horde of unpaid interns coordinate and determine which team goes to which bowl game.
Next stepsThe Season 40 Bowl games are played, a few weeks for graduation/recruiting/and non-AQ teams getting slotted into their conferences, then Season 41.
To contactex-convict or Nelphine on site, or NCBB Discord

Current statusSeason Two Season 2 FA Cup has just its final to be played!
Next stepsRedraft for Season Three. Actively recruiting new teams now to fill the Bronze Division, and if enough teams are available, to fill another division as well.
To contactWaagh and ryanfitz on site or the NWBL Discord.

RulesSL2020 (Secret League 2020)
Current statusPlayer awards were just handed out and Season Two playoffs have begun.
Next stepsRedraft and recruiting for Season Three. (Recruiting will really start when I return from sailing around the Atlantic in October!)
To contactrazmus on site, or Secret League Discord, and watch for recruiting forum post in October.

Timezone/RegionChilean/Spanish Language
Current statusIt's the quiet before Season Five
Next stepsSeason Five (I think) Between seasons, as they are, if you are in the target demographic, now would likely be the best time to express interest!
To contactVaradal

Timezone/RegionOceania (GMT +7 to +12)
Current statusSeason 93 has begun.
Next stepsCurrent season should take them well into Spring/mid-October. Then another Trial of Blood!.
To contactTalk to Wozzaa about getting started or join them on the SWL Discord and 'ask to be drafted and hazed.' New teams need a little time to draft and get 'some blooding games' played before they're fed to the le... err... before they start.

Timezone/RegionNew Zealand/Australian time zone preference With a bit of a lean towards NZ
RulesSL2020, each roster can only be represented once, with two week rounds.
Current statusSeason Nine moving along nicely, just two to three rounds left.
Next stepsEnd of season tournaments. Probably not to early to put your name in if you wanted to participate in Season Ten!
To contactPM Trickey on FUMBBL or get in touch on their channel on the SWL Discord.

Timezone/RegionNew ZealandEstablished 6th March 2015
RulesBB2020. Equivalent pools with tiered postseason playoffs to decide champion.
No redrafting or TV caps. Expensive mistakes and Spiraling expenses both active.
Older players may pickup a niggle between seasons (aging)
Current statusSeason 31 division play has recently started.
Next stepsPlayoff tournaments, likely running thru November.
To contactContact ramchop or jump into SWL discord and skip over to the #dibblkiwis channel.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 21 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling
RulesBB2016: experienced, orphaned teams -- Will now be importing teams into the league, as the BB2016 open environment has been declared dead.
Current statusSeason 10 advancing at a glacial rate appropriate to the geriatric nature of the teams.
Next stepsPlayoffs in November and December. Will push to recruit the final folks interested in playing BB2016 with their old teams.
To contactContact razmus and join the IoMT Discord Channel.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 14 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling
RulesSL16 Open Environment teams
Current statusSeason 6 Champion has been crowned. Just waiting for the Charity Invitational Playoff final game.
Next stepsRecruiting for Season 7. If you have SL2016 teams you'd like to play in an organized matter, get in touch with razmus! If critical mass isn't reached, the stadia will close.
To contactContact razmus and join the IoMT Discord Channel.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 14 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling
RulesBB2020 resurrection/non-progression with promotion and relegation
Current statusSeason Zero, round six of six!
Next stepsCoaches allocated to divisions in a pyramid structure, and then Season One begins likely in late September. If you were considering jumping into a HUGE resurrection league -- well this is it, and soon is when to get in touch with TheFear.
To contactContact TheFear.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 14 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling
RulesSL2020 resurrection/non-progression, with some additional rosters and customization.
Current statusSeason Four to start this month. Still actively recruiting.
Next stepsProbably more bloodshed. (tbd)
To contactContact Java.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, some schedule... Nuffle isn't picky
RulesBB2020 with a single custom Nuffle roster, no retirements, no stars, no outside games, spiked balls.
Current statusPlaying it's first season.
Next stepsProbably more bloodshed. (tbd)
To contactContact ben_awesome or Happy_Amateur.

Open Play Environments

RulesBB2020 with custom rosters. Updates to the rosters are anticipated.
ActivityModerate to low activity - nearly completely stalled out after Garion started modifying the SL20 rosters, then got busy with real life again.
To playMake a team from the group above and put them in Gamefinder or seek games on the Secret League Discord
ActivitiesOld World Rookie Rumble for new teams.
Old World Brawl for any team.
[SL]2020 Slam are Slam type instant tournaments for groups of four teams. (just needs for interested coaches)
Other tournaments to start when Seasons enabled on FUMBBL.

RulesBB2016 with custom rosters.
To playMake a team from the group above and put them in Gamefinder or seek games on the Secret League Discord
ActivitiesSecret 2016 [SL]am Series are Slam type instant tournaments for groups of four teams. (just needs four interested coaches)
[SL]UMBBL Shield - Minor's like tournament for SL2016 teams.
SLUMBBL CUP - Annual all comers tournament.
[SL16] Grand Championship Two part tournament run multiple times per year.
Secret Stunty Cup Annual Stunty Team tournament. (Underway! Currently in playoffs.)

RulesBB2016, with imported League, Ranked, or Box teams, including SL16 teams.
To playClone teams into the league to bring new life to them to play.
ActivitiesO[L]C Classic - No limit KO tournaments
O[L]C Open League play - Currently active Open Round Robin Tournament for old teams.
Open [L]eague Cup - No limit, KO tournament, Official 2016 + [SL16] teams
O[L]C 2016 Championship - TV limited, KO tournaments, up to eight(8) official 2016 + [SL16] teams
Open [L]eague Challenge 2020 - TV limited, KO tournaments, up to eight(8) official 2020 + [SL20] teams

Active Metagroups
Metagroups play in other open environments, against teams which aren't necessarily part of the metagroup for thier own goals

EnvironmentCompetitive (Blackbox Scheduler only)
SynopsisFUMBBL's only officially supported metagroup. Build one or more squads of four teams, and amass points by winning and tying after randomly matching other teams.

SynopsisStunty teams across the FUMBBL-verse attempting to beat, kill and maim everyone else... but mostly kill. Accumulate points for building up the biggest stack of corpses, with dwarves counting double. And of course, being stunties... the bodies accumulated from fouls certainly add to the official tally.

EnvironmentCompetitive (SL20 to be added later)
SynopsisA reboot of the original E.L.F. group, Elf teams accumulate points for playing (and more for winning) against a variety of different rosters. Additional awards for filling your dance card, and a special award for taking more casualties than anyone else.

Borg Invasion
SynopsisChaos Renegades teams as Borg collective. Start vanilla and play against other teams... and as you kill your opponent's players, you add their unique biological signature to the Borg. It was challenging under the BB2016 rules, and I suspect it's even harder now.
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Posted by mekutata on 2022-09-15 13:25:53
XXXL.... we are now between two seasons ;)

So Goblin fans come and join us!
Posted by razmus on 2022-09-15 13:34:55
(Updated to add Nuffle's Rejects, and to denote that XXXL is actively recruiting.)
I heartily encourage folks to play XXXL, because more goblins on the field means more squished goblins, more crushed goblins, more goblins eaten in a stew! THAT means, fewer goblins in my office!
Posted by Diablange on 2022-09-15 14:59:56
For LE LABORATOIRE, I have at the moment 7 players only, but with just one more, I can launch a championship, 7 games to discover totally exclusive rosters. Any volunteer ? :)
Posted by kozak on 2022-09-15 18:59:18
Nuffle's Rejects and XXXL are both great! The First one that I've mentioned is particulary silly but in a good way! Join Us )
Posted by Ernedar on 2022-09-16 14:59:02
CIBBL have wrong Discord link I guess? It leads to NBFL discord. Some links to discord have invalid invites.
Posted by razmus on 2022-09-16 15:24:27
Thank you Ernedar. I've fixed the CIBBL discord link, and you're right, it looks like Chill Axe invite expired -- which is now hidden. I couldn't find any other broken links, but I'm already joined to most of the servers, and I'm not convinced it doesn't ignore expired invites when I'm already a member. If you spot anything else here that can be improved, please let me know.