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FUMBBL League News 30 May 2023
2023 5 30
All the league news fit to print and then some!

Compiled from across FUMBBL, this is all the league news that's come to my little furry ears. If you know more that is going on, please let razmus know so he can add it to the next edition, which should be mid-June.

The census says that there are 977 distinct, active coaches on FUMBBL who play in leagues. Two numbers are given which the range of the league size, because there isn't a single good indicator of the league size. When the numbers are very different - the league may be in flux, have some deadwood teams/coaches in their locker rooms, or at the start or end of a cycle. Numbers very close together should be pretty close to the 'actual census' (whatever that means) for the group.

The following leagues are ACTIVELY recruiting afaik: SIoMT (SL16), DLE (BB20, draft, Europe, one slot), NBBFL (BB20 s, Americas slots). There are a bunch of leagues which are at the end of their regular seasons or in playoffs, so now would still be a good time to approach their commissioners if you were looking to join. (Don't be shy... league play is a fun aspect of the game on FUMBBL... and they let almost anyone in. I mean, some have even let ME play!) The open environments are always looking for more coaches as well, because they're... you know... open environments.

Remember to keep your dice where we can see them, and have fun.

Timezone/RegionWorld, but focused on Coaches new to Bloodbowl or new to Fumbbl
Current statusThe Dog Bowl is in the final few weeks, and the 145 KO Cup is active. 145 Sprints and the Spectacular Solstice Sprint of Slaughter will replace the Open Round Robins at the conclusion of the Dog Bowl.
Next stepsIf you're new to FUMBBL or Blood Bowl, jump in at your leisure. The experimental move to sprints rather than Open Round Robins should make it easier for folks to join with minimal wait and make it easier to find worthy opponents.
To contactdentface for more information, razmus's 145 FAQ might answer a few questions, and stop by the 145 Club Discord to chat with folks.

Timezone/RegionGlobal (but 90% Europe), 14 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling
RulesBB2020 resurrection/non-progression with promotion and relegation
Current statusSeason 2 has started, with a wait list to replace coaches who drop, and is now in round 4 of 7.
Next stepsPromotion, relegation and Season 3.
To contactContact Storr and/or join them on their own Super League Discord.

Timezone/RegionEurope but with coaches from everywhere. Large, fluff heavy league. (Effectively Global)
RulesBB2020 with modified Secret League, and customized BB2016 skill progression. Only one team per roster.
Current statusYear 11, Winter Friendlies. (Spoiler: They aren't.)
Next stepsSpring regionals, when the big team's coaches drift fondly towards smashing the little guys into the weeds.
To contactNew teams either enter a Youngbloods tournament or the general mix depending on timing, and with a league this large they're almost always recruiting. New teams starting just before spring regionals tends to be hard-mode. Contact C0ddlefish and/or join them on the SL Discord in their own section. (But be aware, a lot goes into the administration of this league, and they'll tend to only accept coaches who have something of a proven track record of reliability on FUMBBL.)

RulesBB2020, resurrection/ no progression. A "competitive competition with many high profile and exceptionally skilled coaches."
Current statusSeason 5 Playoffs are in the finals, where it's Bojo's UW vs Pilaf's Skaven.
Next stepsSeason 6.
To contactStrider84 on site. There is a wait list to join, but now would probably be a good time to express interest in joining if this is your jam.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, divided into Americas, European, and Oceania divisions
RulesBB2020, but all the players are ST 5+, high TV, two week rounds (17 games per season!). Emphasis on BASH.
Current statusIntra-conference play. Round 6 of 13. Recruiting two NA coaches to play, and I've not heard that they've been replaced.
Next stepsPlayoffs.
To contactknine on site or their Discord.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 14 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling
RulesSL2020 resurrection/non-progression, with some additional rosters and customization.
Current statusSeason 5 is complete, and fol82's elementals take the title!
Next stepsThe league shall be in hiatus until September. Contact Java to be put on the notification thread.
To contactContact Java.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, weekly, 4chan community
RulesBB2020, some house rules.
Current statusSeason 20 playoff complete. Tendril won.
Next stepsSeason 21. If you're in the target audience and not already playing, now would be a good time to check out the 4chan community feed for the next season.
To contactContact Wolbum.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 14 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling
RulesBB2020: experienced, orphaned teams
Current statusSeason 2, round 2 of 9.
Next stepsSeason 2 playoffs, anticipated in August.
To contactContact razmus and join the IoMTNG Discord Channel.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 21 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling (glacier mode engaged)
RulesBB2016: experienced, orphaned teams -- imported into the league.
Current statusSeason 11 ongoing, round 6 of 9. Since there will be dwarven artillery in EVERY GAME, long term team health is unlikely.
Next stepsPlayoffs/recruiting.
To contactContact razmus and join the IoMT Discord Channel.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 21 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling (glacier mode engaged)
RulesSL16 Open Environment teams
Current statusRecruiting for orphaned SL16 teams.
Next stepsSeason 8 will start on 2 June.
To contactContact razmus and join the IoMT Discord Channel.

RulesBB2020 with all Chaos Renegade rosters, two week rounds.
Current statusPart 1 of Season 1, as a proper Open Round Robin.
Next stepsPart 2 of Season 2...
To contactContact dieuraskel.

Timezone/RegionOceania (GMT +7 to +12)
RulesBB2020, possibly the original league on Fumbbl to implement seasons!
Current statusSeason 96, final round.
Next stepsTrial of Blood. Recruit/Redraft
To contactTalk to Wozzaa about getting started or join them on the SWL Discord and 'ask to be drafted and hazed.' New teams need a little time to draft and get 'some blooding games' played before they're fed to the le... err... before they start.

Timezone/RegionNew Zealand, one week roundsEstablished 6th March 2015
RulesBB2020. Equivalent pools with tiered postseason playoffs to decide champion. No redrafting or TV caps. Expensive mistakes and Spiraling expenses both active. Older players may pickup a niggle between seasons (aging)
Current statusSeason 33, final round.
Next stepsSeason 33 Playoffs!
To contactContact ramchop
or jump into DIBBL discord

Timezone/RegionNew Zealand/Australian time zone preference With a bit of a lean towards NZ
RulesSL2020, each roster can only be represented once, with two week rounds.
Current statusSeason 10, end of season Knock-Out tournaments. The Mullet (with Spiky Balls*) and The Wilkinson Sword still ongoing, while the Hector Eculid-Squid Bowl is complete.
*Ask your physician if Clotrimazole might be right for you.
Next stepsNo doubt someone getting smacked in the face with something. Probably some other events, and then Season 11.
To contactPM Trickey on FUMBBL
or get in touch on their channel on the DIBBL Discord

Timezone/RegionItalian Language/Italy
Current statusSeason 32, Second half, final round.
Next stepsSeason 32 Playoffs.
To contactAle_Kubbo

Timezone/RegionFrench Language/Europe TZ
RulesBB2020, with promotion and relegation, and roster rotation. (It appears that teams can be relegated right out of existence.)
Current statusSeason 31 playoffs, round 2 of 4, then post season/recruit/draft. Season recap.
Next stepsPost Season. Recruit. Draft teams/rosters. If you're interested, might be a good time to get in touch with them, so you can get into the Draft early.
Post Season. Recruit. Draft teams/rosters. If you're interested, might be a good time to get in touch with them, so you can get into the Draft early.
To contactSharkrudi, Thoriin, Darkvatar, or Phags or visit their Discord

RulesBB2020 rules with BB2016 skill progression, w/player drafts. Limited to 32 Team Franchises. With FLUFF!
Current statusSeason 14. Season pre-season overview. Recruiting for one replacement coach NOW!
Next stepsKeep an eye open for announcements in case a coach drops. Playoffs will be a while.
To contactBigF is in charge of the wait list.

Current statusSeason LXVII (67), Round 3 of 7.
Next stepsThe lower divisions will play a couple friendlies against each other. I believe they're still looking to infuse the league with new coaches, so if you're a UK coach which would like to experience one of the longest lived leagues on the Isle, you'd be well served to get in touch with DaCoach.
To contactA whole host of active commissioners to contact on the group page, but DaCoach would be the person who usually recruits, or talk to them on the WIL Discord.

Timezone/RegionFrench Language/France
RulesSecret League 2020, with customizations - with custom star players!
Current statusSeason 5 end of season playoff tournaments (phase two) into the finals. Friendlies in Round Robin format with new rosters have begun.
Next stepsPhase 3, FIFA rankings and invitations for next season. Season 6 will begin in September.
To contactContact Diablange for more information and join them on their Discord (ask Diablange for a invitation if interested).

Grand Est League (GEL)
Timezone/RegionFrance (French Language)
Current statusSeason 1 Playoffs, part two.
Next steps(not known at this time)
To contactContact LeonHart for more information, or better... talk to them on their Discord..

Timezone/RegionGerman Language/Central Europe TZ
RulesBB2020, with building and league modes
Current statusSeason 15, round 5 of 5/7.
Next stepsPlayoffs
To contactjurisch and join them on Discord.

Timezone/RegionEurope maybe, please don't let the goblins across the pond.
RulesBB2020, with custom goblin themed rosters. With rulz (HA!) written by and for goblins.
Current status(Real life intrudes.)
Next stepsGoblin mayham will return soon.
To contactmekutata apparently translates goblin and might be able to help you.

Timezone/RegionEurope (Spanish Language), but some non-European
Current statusSwitched to FUMBOWL League.
Next stepsSi usted es parte del público objetivo, ahora probablemente sea el momento perfecto para contactar a MrToyce. (When I know, you'll know.)
To contactContact MrToyce for more information and join.

Timezone/RegionEurope, with two week rounds.
RulesBB2020 limited to a single team per roster. Invitational. With FLUFF!
Current statusSeason 3, Spiked Bench challenge, final round.
Next stepsMore Season 3 zanniness.
To contactSee Lasgalen, datom, or det about an invitation.

Timezone/RegionUK, with ten day rounds
RulesBB2020, but someone has to wield the axe...
Current statusSeason 4, final round, but the Playoffs have already been completed. (Congrats Scooby Snax!) I suppose having a really cool axe lets one cut straight to the end of the playoffs before the regular season is done. That's just chill.
Next stepsMy crystal ball just shows blood. Blood and a very cold axe. If you're a UK coach with time on your hand, it might be worth getting in touch with MisterA to play, soon.
To contactMisterA
, and check out their discord.

Timezone/RegionEurope/Ukraine (Ukrainian Coaches)
Current statusTrident Bowl V has begun. North division is finished with their season and is into playoffs. South division has a single game remaining in the regular season.
Next stepsSeason 6 (?) If you're in the target audience, I'd recommend contacting Ulmar99 for more information.
To contactContact Ulmar99 for more information and join.

Nuffle's Will League - League for people with strong nerves
Timezone/RegionEurope/Poland (Polish Language)
RulesBB2020, without rerolls and random level ups. With custom Starplayer roster made out of players from past season.
Current statusSeason 3, final round.
Next stepsSeason 3 Playoffs
1. Recruting players for new season, 2. Team Creation, 3. Group Drafting, 4. Season games (round robin), 5. Play-offs, 6. New season starts

To contactContact Avreus or Jaskier for more information and join.

Liga Snota w Worku
(Snot League in the Bag)
Timezone/RegionEurope/Poland (Polish Language)
RulesSL2020, Randomly assigned SL20 rosters.
Current statusSeason 4.
Next stepsSeason 4 playoffs.
To contactContact Avreus for more information and to join.

RulesBB2020, divisions with promotion/relegation
Current statusIt's quiet.
Next stepsSeason 3 Playoff/Cup, then Season 4.
To contactContact eldritchfox for more information and join them on the HUBBA Discord.

Timezone/RegionFrench Language/Central Europe TZ
RulesBB2020, with custom rosters, limit two teams per roster.
Current statusSeason 5 Championship.
Next stepsSeason 5 Playoffs.
To contactDiablange

RulesBB2020 with several house rules and drafting. Two week rounds.
Current statusIt's quiet.
Next stepsDraft to prepare for Season 7. If you were interested in Cyberpunk Draft League, now would be the time to contact Hovring.
To contactContact Hovring for more information and join.

Timezone/RegionEurope and Americas
RulesBB2020, with random players and lots and lots of extra dice rolling just to satisfy Nuffle's whims
Current statusSeason 2, second half, round 7
Next stepsAnticipate June random, custom redraft occurs where everything is shook up. With all those dice, todays champions could well become tomorrows puppy chow.
To contactForemole on site NUFFLE League Discord channel to roll up your random team. They're always recruiting new teams, and can run new blood type tournaments when there is enough new blood to justify.

Timezone/RegionMainly Europe but Coaches in North and South America, Canada too. 14 day turns!
RulesBB20 Draft League, Human rosters, custom seasons and re-draft. Custom Icons and Team logo's.
Current statusSeason 3 - N vs S and E vs W. Round 2 of 9.
Next stepsPlayoff tournament and Jester's Cup.
To contactThe_Murker (Owner), det, darkwing2k6, and misterlonestar

RulesBB2020, with custom seasons
Current statusSeason 42 has begun... In Conference and vs another conference. Week 9 of 9.
Next stepsOne Out-of-Conference game for AQ teams, and makeup games. Then coaches poll and the traditional whining.
To contactex-convict or Nelphine on site, or NCBB Discord

RulesBB2020, limited number of teams from each roster so not everyone plays Goblins, Nurgle, and Chaos Renegades!
Current statusSeason π -- first round of end of season KO tournaments.
Next stepsSeason π, final knockout tournaments. Coaches are already shopping for replacement rosters. Redraft and recruiting for the subsequent season. Join the league now so there aren't more silver teams than bronze... There are still lots of good rosters available, with a limit of two instances of the roster in the league at the present time.
To contactWaagh and ryanfitz on site or the NWBL Discord.

RulesBB2020 with player draft, drawn from NCBB amongst other places
Current statusSeason 30, Conference playoffs.
Next stepsThe Superbowl.
To contactTo be put on the waiting list for an invitation, contact Bazakastine or dashergeaux and join them on the NBFL Discord.

Timezone/RegionOntario, Canada & Time Zone friends
RulesBB2020, roughly weekly rounds
Current statusSeason 7, second part of the season as swiss tournaments, currently in round 2.
Next stepsSeason 7 Playoofs!
To contactHammer16 or grant85 on site. (They aren't actively recruiting but would welcome additional friendly faces they know from the NAF table top and in-person leagues in the Ontario and Quebec area.)

Second Sons Blood Bowl League
Timezone/RegionAmericas TZ
RulesBB2020 with some initial boost to starting teams, roughly two week rounds
Current statusSeason 2, Playoffs in semi-finals.
Next stepsSeason 3
To contactHouseBlackfyre on site.

Timezone/RegionChilean, Americas timezone, Spanish Language
RulesBB2020/BB2020 Resurrection/BB2020 Stunty (League moves between groups/ruleset thru the year)
Current statusLiga Conferencia T5, round 12 of 15
Next stepsPlayoffs
To contactVaradal, primary communication via WhatsApp.

RulesSL2020 (Secret League 2020)
Current statusBoth lost treasures recovered. Season 4, veteran division sadly lost several coaches/teams but the lower division is chugging along.
Next stepsPlayoffs anticipated in September.
To contactrazmus on site, or SLA20 channel on the Secret League Discord.

Tilean Super League (TSL)
Major League Rugby (MLR)
RulesBB2020, (TSL) Draft League drawing from => (MLR) BB7s
Current statusTSL - Division Playoffs.
MLR - Second half of first season, round 6 of 7.
Next steps
To contactGridironman on site.

Open Play Environments

RulesBB2020 - using the latest rules available. Mega-star ban is in effect.
ActivityVery high activity. This is the primary activity on FUMBBL
To playMake a team from your Coaches page for the Competitive division and put them in Gamefinder, or activate teams in the Black Box (also now within gamefinder) or seek games on the FUMBBL Discord (the last is more popular with people seeking those last few games to fill a grid.)
ActivitiesRoyal Rookie Rumble for new teams.
Brawls for any team. Brackets break at 1400 and 1800.
Minors most recently completed 24 May. Stay alert for the next.
Six Major Tournaments spread out across the year, each with their own requirements and some with qualifier tournaments.

RulesBB2020 with custom rosters.
ActivitySome activity. Updated rosters are live (except for new, anticipated Vampire rosters/updates.)
To playMake a team from the group above (or from your coaches play in the League/Secret League 2020 division) and put them in Gamefinder or seek games on the Secret League Discord
ActivitiesOld World Rookie Rumble for new teams. Two Rumbles just finished. Need less than half a dozen more teams for the next Rumble!
Old World Brawl for any team... and again, while activity is slow, tournaments will still happen. Bracket breaks at 1000, 1300, 1600, and 2000.
[SL]2020 Slam are Slam type instant tournaments for groups of four teams. (just needs interested coaches)
[SL]2020 Open Sprint allows teams to compete on points earned in open play, leagues, and touranments. Current season runs from 1 May to 14 June.
Other tournaments to start when Seasons enabled on FUMBBL.

RulesBB2016, with imported League, Ranked, or Box teams, including SL16 teams.
To playClone teams into the league to bring new life to them to play.
ActivitiesO[L]C Classic - No limit KO tournaments
O[L]C Open League play - Now between seasons.
Open [L]eague Cup - No limit, Official 2016 + [SL16] teams. (Watch Koadah's Blog for the latest O[L]C news.)
O[L]C 2016 Championship - TV limited, KO tournaments, up to eight(8) official 2016 + [SL16] teams
Open [L]eague Challenge 2020 - TV limited, KO tournaments, up to eight(8) official 2020 + [SL20] teams
All Stars - Ever thought you didn't have enough star players? How about a tournament of ALL* STAR PLAYERS?
All teams seeded with one average joe.

Active Metagroups
Metagroups play in other open environments, against other teams in the environment which aren't necessarily part of the metagroup, for thier own goals

SeasonSeason 8: May-Aug 2023
EnvironmentCompetitive (Blackbox Scheduler only)
SynopsisFUMBBL's only officially supported metagroup. Build one or more squads of four teams, and amass points by winning and tying after randomly matching other teams. One team from each roster will have the opportunity to participate in the Steel Gauntlet, it's own special official [C]ompetitive Division tournament.

SeasonXXXVIII: May 1-31st. XXXIX: June 1-30th
SynopsisStunty teams across the FUMBBL-verse attempting to beat, kill and maim everyone else... but mostly kill. Accumulate points for building up the biggest stack of corpses, with dwarves counting double. And of course, being stunties... the bodies accumulately from fouls certainly add to the official tally.

SeasonLXXX: May 1st to June 30th.
EnvironmentCompetitive, Blackbox, and League (BB2020/SL2020).
SynopsisA reboot of the original E.L.F. group, Elf teams accumulate points for playing (and more for winning) against a variety of different rosters. Additional awards for filling your dance card, and a special award for taking more casualties than anyone else. (Discord Channel.)

Borg Invasion
SynopsisChaos Renegades teams as Borg collective. Start vanilla and play against other teams... and as you kill your opponent's players, you add their unique biological signature to the Borg. It was challenging under the BB2016 rules, and I suspect it's even harder now.

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